Drum rolls please. Yes, thank you. LOL. I just thought that that would be funny. Anyway, I am a Rixton fan now. LOL. I mean like I have never and anything against them but I saw them on Ellen today and they did their cover of Ignition and I was like WTF because that was fucking awesome! My jaw dropped. Dayum! That is magic. I know that their name is Rixton but idk but since their username on social media sites is RixtonOfficial, I kind of think that is their name. Like when Ellen introduced them I was expecting to hear her say Rixton Official and not just Rixton. LOL. Scooter have tweeted about them too much. LOL.

Okay so I have decided to stick with the monologue that I chose yesterday. But like it's from a move that I haven't seen but really want to see. The weirdest thing is that neither Netflix or viaplay have it. Hmm. I'll guess that I just have to watch bunch of youtube clips then (hmm, I can't mind the monologue on youtube either but there is a bunch of clips from the movie).

your writer, Erika


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