Hi guys! I am here now, woken up from being cold. I mean I wasn't asleep. Okay maybe I like power napped during Welcome To Sweden. It was only because I laid down on the bed curled up under my duvet because I was freezing. It hasn't been very warm today.

I had fun today. I was only in two scenes. It was really fun and the location was just incredible. I have always said that it would be nice to have a house or an apartment on Djurgården because it's so beautiful but forget that Lidingö is the place to be. So beautiful! Or maybe, can I be greedy and have both? A house on Lidingö and an apartment on Djurgården. LOL. Anyway, amazing location. Glad I got to be there today. I have posted a few pictures on instagram but that's all you get. I think the sketch air in the episode that air next Sunday at 9 PM. So go to my instagram @eriikaworld to see what I have posted.

Tomorrow I am going shopping. I am going to use that 50 kr gift card I got at H&M last weekend. I have seen a dress that I am going to get. Otherwise I have nothing planned for tomorrow. Oh, I saw this add about this open casting on Sunday for a SVT show so I am going to that. That is petty much my weekend. Keep your finger crossed that I get a part.

Love you all, Bye, bye.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. Oh, yeah! hopefully I won't forget to post my monologue on Sunday :)


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