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There's No Place Like Home

Hi guys! How are you feeling tonight? I am good. So I finally did that monologue that I have been meaning to do ever since I got back from London. Seriously, I chose it before I went to London and I thought that I would post it the weekend after I got back but, IDK it never happened. Now I kinda had to slap myself in the face to do it. Woop woop. I mean it's not hard. I could actually do one monologue a day because it does not take that long to memorize something like that.

This monologue is from the movie The Wizard of OZ.

your writer, Erika


LOL, sorry for taking so long to start this post tonight. I was photoshopping. Check my twitter and you'll see my little work of art (@erikaworld). Anyway tonight I thought that we would honor the amazingly talented and beautiful Zendaya! She always look so fabulous whether it is on the red carpet or just out and about. She has an amazing style. And she's only 17 (, hmm we don't need to go back and check old posts from when I was 17 and was proud of my outfits. No need for that!). I love her, she's so cool!
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Let's just title this post "Outfits" because I am going to post pictures of my favorite outfits that I have worn in the last few months. Enjoy!

LOL, I found two outfits. Hahahaha. I mean, two outifts that make the cut as my favorites. Hahaha. Anyway, the first outfit I wore the day I met Ella Henderson. Jacket H&M. Scarf Lindex. Jeans American Eagle Outfitters. Shoes H&M.
The second outfit was my concert outfit to the Miley Cyrus concert in Stockholm. Crop top H&M DIVIDED. Leggings BIKBOK. Shoes CONVERSE. Hairband Accessorize.

your writer, Erika

Austin Mahone performing All of Me - B96 Summer Bash

The Fault In Our Stars

Yo what's up! I went and saw The Fault In Our Stars today and like I am not the type of person that cries during movies. I am really not that emotional at all but this movie, it made me cries and you could hear people in the movie theater sobbing. It's an emotional movie but the book is better. LOL. It's like in every "book-made-into-a-movie" movie, situations are occur differently and some are even removed, and new ones are added. You know. The movie was still good and it was still emotional.

It was really a good start to the weekend. I hope that the rest of the weekend will be as good. LOL, I believe if I you set your mind to have a good time you will. I mean last summer I set out to have the best summer ever, and I did have an amazing summer. So it's just like that. With a positive mind you will have a positive time. I really believe that.

your writer, Erika

Good News

Hi guys. I am kind of tired. I watched a movie. Iron Man 3. LOL I have been wanting to watch it ever since I saw Cody watching that movie with Robert Downey Jr. Not That he was watching Iron Man 3. It's just that it has been a while since I watched IM3. LOL, plus I have only seen it once before.

Wanna hear some great news? Well, it's great news for me, Ella Henderson is coming to Sommarkrysset next Saturday. Yeah! I have been waiting for a good artist to be on that show this summer. I mean okay, yes Kim Cesarion will be on the show later next month but that's not until another couple of weeks. I have heard rumors about a few other artists that's going to be on the show but I don't know what happened with that. Well well but there is still time for them to be on the show. I wonder if Ella will only be singing Ghost? Okay that's what's Sony said.

your writer, Erika


Hi guys how are you? I am still in chock of yesterday. I met Austin Mahone. It's like, he's real. He's taller than me. I mean like American celebrities seem to be kind of short, shorter than me. LOL. But Austin is at least 10 cm taller than me. I am, 171 cm, that what it says in my passport so I am going with that. Hahahaha.

I feel like I have nothing to say right now. LOL. You know what I am going to say this though, for all of those who know me or have ever talked to me. I tend about only one thing, (I mean) one topic. My idols. LOL. I am interested in that stuff. I mean that is why I started Have It Hollywood, which does not exists anymore (I started college in SB and IDK I had too much schoolwork and had long school days so I felt like and to prioritize. Now, well it's very time consuming having a blog like that because, I mean I updated HIH about 20 times a day and you always had to say on top of things. As I said it's time consuming.) because it interests me.…

R5 - (I Can't) Forget About You (Official Video)

Mahomies Go Hard

OMFG! I fucking met Austin Mahone today! It was so crazy. Like last night he tweeted "DO I HAVE ANY SWEDISH MAHOMIES?!?" I was like freaking out! Everyone was freaking out on facebook. Like we thought that he was going to come her in about a month or so and do a show. It was like after midnight and I just sat there waiting for him to tweet something else about when he was coming here. I mean you don't just tweet something like that for no reason, I mean of course he knows that he has fans here. Like don't tease us like that! Anyway, at round 1 AM Swedish time he tweeted "If you're from Sweden meet me at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm TOMORROW!!! I'll be there in the morning :)". Then I freaked out and checked all of the arrivals from London. The first flight was from London was at 10 AM. I was writing about the Cody concert. I was like, that shit will have to wait. LOL I would have finished it this morning if it wasn't for Austin. I went to be…

The Acoustic Sessions with Cody Simpson

So I met Cody Simpson last night. It was really a dream come true but now I miss him. I really shouldn't think like that. I mean I got to meet him an plenty of people would probably kill for that. (LOL, I have seen plenty of Directioners with signs saying that they would kill their families to meet the boys. Of course it's juts an expression, but still it's funny.)
Since I had meet and greet I didn't get to the venue super early. My friend Bella (she did not have meet and greet) got there around 9 AM. Okay that is not super early but still. She kept bugging me asking me when I was going to get there. LOL, I was just looking at the weather (it was raining) and thin not yet but I eventually got there around 1:15 PM. I got number 30 in the meet and greet line, which is pretty good. Plus you didn't have to wait outside the whole time. Like they called your name every 30 minutes , and if you weren't there they would remove you from the list so in between you could …