The Acoustic Sessions with Cody Simpson

So I met Cody Simpson last night. It was really a dream come true but now I miss him. I really shouldn't think like that. I mean I got to meet him an plenty of people would probably kill for that. (LOL, I have seen plenty of Directioners with signs saying that they would kill their families to meet the boys. Of course it's juts an expression, but still it's funny.)

Since I had meet and greet I didn't get to the venue super early. My friend Bella (she did not have meet and greet) got there around 9 AM. Okay that is not super early but still. She kept bugging me asking me when I was going to get there. LOL, I was just looking at the weather (it was raining) and thin not yet but I eventually got there around 1:15 PM. I got number 30 in the meet and greet line, which is pretty good. Plus you didn't have to wait outside the whole time. Like they called your name every 30 minutes , and if you weren't there they would remove you from the list so in between you could go inside. Charge your phone or whatever. LOL. So I waited inside with Bella and her friends. While they were charing there phones by the elevators this guy who works at Fryshuset. He asked us what we were doing and blablabla we told him about Cody. He asked who that was and gave him the meanest look. LOL. She Bella's friend Maja asked who you got to Klubben (the venue where Cody's concert was going to be held) and he said it was down stairs but you had to take the stairs. So Maja and decided to go and investigate to see if the doors were open and if you could just walk down stairs. You could. LOL. We saw Cody's friend Justin Stirling (who also happen to work for him) and some woman set up the merch stand. I totally freaked out when I saw Justin. I like waved crazy to him and he noticed me and smiled and waved back. It was amazing. Then we decided to further investigate and walk down the hallway but a security guard caught us and asked what we were doing. Maja told him the we were looking for the toilets.

The meet and greet and soundcheck was awesome. He sang Angel during soundcheck and answered people's questions. This one girl asked if he would marry her. He got a little blushed and sled if people do that in Sweden when they're that young (he's 17). Then he said that people don't in Australia and that he was too young for marriage but that he would go on a date with her! OMFG! I would have died if I was that girl. A girl from SWD asked if she could ride his surfboard? (LOL we all know what she meant by that even Cody.) Cody smiled and acted like he didn't know what she meant by that. So she answered back "your dick". That girl is not shy. After the Q&A if was time for the meet&greet photo session. I gave him my little "present" then. It was just some Swedish candy and a letter. When I gave it to him she kind of laughed and asked me what it was. I got a little shy and said that it was candy and a letter. He thanked me for it said that he would try it. Then we took the photo's. LOL. It was Cody's friend Justin who did that, with my phone. HE TOUCHED MY PHONE (he also touched my wrist when he put the meet and greet wrist band on, because he was the one who did that at the door)!! I hugged Cody in between there somewhere. LOL. After that I took this really sweet picture of Cody hugging this other girl who was standing behind me in the line. She and her friend were behind me in the meet and greet line so we kind of hung out all night.

Cody's friend Stirling :)

Cody during the M&G soundcheck <3 p="">

Our picture :)

This picture is so freaking sweet <3 p="">
The concert. OMG. It was incredible. He opened with Sinkin In! I freaking love the acoustic version of that song. LOL. Before he went on stage his manager Matt Graham introduced him (I have lil video of that) and he said that Cody's gandma is Swedish but then when I checked instagram he said the his grandma is Swedish, so I am confused. He was so amazing! I was standing right by the fence, front row baby. It was really a dream come true to see him live. Like I know he is real now. I still can't believe that I have met him and that I have seen him live. He was so amazing and so sweet. It was incredible. LOL. When Cody song Pretty Brown Eyes, right before he told everyone to be quiet. The he screamed "Go to sleep" and everyone screamed back "wake up, you're pretty with no make up". We know each other so well. He did a Justin Timberlake medley of Lovestoned and Señorita plus a non JT song. I filmed some of it but my phone stopped filming because I had no storage left. LOL, when he introduced his "band" (aka the two other guys that was on stage with him), when he introduced his guitarist Andrew Wells he was like "Ladies, he's single!" LOL. He ended the show with Iyiyi.

Look at Bella joining in on my selfie… LOL she's so cute :)

Look at the glow around him! He's a freaking angel <3 p="">

Cody performing Surfboard :)

After the show, I couldn't just go home so I stayed. I had to stay until the bus left, because I just had to. I am so glad I did. There was these girls who tried to climb the fence to get to the bus but it was too high. There was this door there so I just pulled the handle to see if it was open which it was. Then the girls was like laugh a because they didn't try that before they tried to climb the fence. So we snuck inside. Some people saw us and followed. We got to the bus and Andrew walked out of the bus. When he saw us he said that we would probably get in trouble if security found us. He wasn't mad or anything, he was really sweet. I got a picture with. It's blurry but still. I saw Khari (who plays percussion) sitting by the bus but I didn't ask for a picture because he was eating. It's just rude to disturb someone like that while they're eating. OMG then one of the security guards saw us and was not happy. Oooo. But it was all fun. He told us that we had to stand behind these ropes. So we did because he was watching us. Then when he left Khari was playing basketball all by himself. Since there were no security guard by the fence I snuck up to the fence and screamed Khari's name to get his attention. When he saw me I asked for a picture and he came up to me and I got a picture with him. He was so sweet. Of course everyone saw that so they also wanted a picture with Khari.

It was so cold outside. The security told us several times to go home and sleep. LOL, hell no. Plus they're not fangirls so they don't understand. I saw Matt once again. He was saying goodbye to someone. I yelled at him to come and take a picture and he yelled back that he would be bacon soon, but he never came back. Okay yeah so we (we were like maybe 50 fans or so, but not everyone stayed the whole time) who stood there waiting for Cody. It was cold. One of the security guards said that Cody didn't care about us. Like he knew that we were there and he had the free will to go outside and greet us (excuse me I know that he was busy with a post show meet and greet, LOL you could buy that for 600 kr at the merch stand. It was only 20 tickets.). Yeah so he said the Cody didn't care about us. DAFAQ is that shit. He was probably busy doing something else. Maybe he was eating or taking a shower (he got really sweating during the show, you could really see the sweat on his face). But he did come and greet us. The funny thing is that right before he came out and said hello and took some picture. I was talking with this girl some SWD and she was dying how Cody was like her Justin Bieber and that she would probably never ever going to meet him. Then boom, he came outside to greet us. LOL Justin was jumping up and down because he was freezing. Anyway that girl from SWD, she got two pictures with him. Never say never.

The tour t-shirt that I bought <3 p="">

After that most people left but I just had to see the bus leave to get some type of closure or something. There was two other girls who stayed but the left right before the bus left. There was this guy who worked there who opened the gates so the bus could leave. LOL. While he was standing there he started taking to me. He asks me what I was still doing there. I told him that I was leaving soon. He asked me how old I was, so I said 21. Then he asked me what I do. I told him the said truth that I don't do anything. Then he asked me if I wanted to go inside and grab a beer with him after the bus had left. I didn't really say anything (because I don't drink). When the bus left I waved at Khari and he waved back. I saw the back of Cody's head through the window. I also saw that they were watching a movie starring Robert Downey Jr (probably Iron Man, kind of looked like it). Then the bus left and it was officially over. I was just then dreaming about the warm bed side it was so freaking cold outside. All I wanted was to go home. I was freezing. Then the guy asked me again if I wanted to grab a beer with him. I truned him down. He said the would pay for me to take a cab home. It was sweet but I turned him down again. I told Bella about it and she was like "DO IT!" I had left by then and answered her that I would have if she would have still been there.

your writer, Erika


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