Hi guys. How are you? I am okay. I am just sitting here watching Get Smart on TV. I was going to watch 21 Jump Street on Netflix but then I saw that this movie was on TV so I was like "why not?!" right. How had everyone's day been so far? What have you al been up to? Me, nah I haven't done much.

I still haven't decided on an outfit for Saturday, meaning the One Direction concert in London. Hmmm. I have an idea. But I just have to check what I wore last year. Okay I remember that I wore the t-shirt that I brought at the 1D World Store in Stockholm but like I don't want to wear the same shirt to the Where We Are Tour. It's a little repetitive. I want to wear something new, though I will probably not buy anything new to wear. I could just wear jeans and buy a tour t-shirt (which I am going to do anyway) and wear that at the concert. What to do what to do. Hmmmm. I which had a t-shirt or a sweater that said "FANGIRL" but a little to late for that one. Hmmmm. Maybe I can go and check H&M because they always have cute stuff that are cheap (by cheap I mean under 100 kr). Gash, this is freaking me out because I am leaving for London on Friday and the concert is Saturday. Plus the weather app says it's going to rain on Saturday (in London).

your writer, Erika


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