Hi guys, how are you? I am good. Cody Simpson this Sunday. That is going to be freaking awesome! I have been a fan for like almost four years now and I am just as big of a fan as I was when I first discovered him. LOL. I remember that I thought we were the same age because I was 17 then and thought that that was just perfect. Then I found out that he was 13, which felt a little weird because I thought he was freaking eye candy. I mean I was 17 and he was 13, it felt a little strange.

LOL, I just heard Melodies by Madison Beer and I gotta say it ain't that bad. It's actually really good. Wow. LOL. Eight months later I get hooked on the trend. But HELLO if anyone would have told me that Justin is in the music video I would have had seen it when it came out. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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