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Never Say Never

Today the studying wasn't as boring as yesterday. I don't need coffe to survive the rest of the night as I did yesterday. Hehe.

I need coffe because I had been tierd all day (for some reason). When I came home I had to clean my room and the I hade to study for the SAT. There is other things you rather do on a Thursday.

But today is Friday. So today (I mean tonight, since it is almost 8 PM) I am going to watch Never Say Never on DVD. It came out on DVD two days ago so today I went to Barkarby and bought it on mediamarkt.

your writer, Erika

What Made Me Smile

I am so bored and energyless from all the SAT studying. Then I saw this video. Matthew Gray Gubler linked this video in a tweet.

your writer, Erika

A Beginning

Today I started my hardcore studying for the SAT's. I am following eight week prep plan. My plan is to stick to it (I have eyed through it and it seems good). That way I don't have to make my own study plan.

This week I am supposed to learn a 100 words (fingers crossed). So far so good. Some of them I have never heard of before.

your writer, Erika

Winter In July

Yep! I got new winter shoes today! Thank you mom so much (not that she read my blog)!
What do you think of them?

your writer, Erika

In a Dressing Room @ H&M

your writer, Erika

My Happy Ending

Yesterday I was listening to some music on my iPod. I was actully listening to MIKA, his debut ablum - Life In Cartoon Motion, to be more precise. I was listening to Erase and when the song was over I wanted to switch song (I forgot which song was next). When I heard the next song (My Happy Ending) I just.... I don't know. I forgot how amazing that song is. It brought me back (in my mind.... dauh!) to being fourteen.

Here is the music video:

your writer, Erika


Well, today I have not done much. I went to Stockholm (it feels weird to write that because I "live" in Stockholm - Stockholms län - but that is what I did. Visited this nation's great captial.).

I looked at shoes. What else should a girl do on a Saturday? LOL. Well, I need winter shoes. (Ok, ok I KNOW it is July - I am not stupid.) I found some really cute shoes at Skopunkten, DinSko and Nilsson. Damn! Now I just have to conivce my mom to get me a pair. (I am smart. I ask for a pair now and another pair in a few months. Everyone know that you don't eat the whole pie at once.)

I hope you have had a great weekend so far!

your writer, Erika

Thursdays Outfit

This is what I decided to wear today. Dress from Lindex, cardigan from Gina Tricot, belt (the same as yesterday) and necklace from Debenhams Stockholm (Debenhams STHLM do no longer exists).

I wore the cardigan with belt when I went outside to go shopping with my mom.

your writer, Erika

Today's Outfit

This is what I wore today. Dress from H&M DIVIDED and belt from H&M (came with a pair of pants from the kids department).

xoxo, Erika

I'm Beautiful

Apparently so!

Today when I was walking down the stairs to the platform at T-Centralen to take the train home a guy walking up the stairs said "You're beautiful" to me. I got chocked beacuse it was unexpected (and I don't know him). After he walked pasted me I turned my head around and looked at him and said "Thanks". I didn't know what else to say. I mean he was looking at me like he expected me to say something. Or maybe that was just how I inturperted it. Anyway a few hours has pasted and here I am telling you about the unexpected moment in my life.

Now I am going to make scones so, bye. I guess. At least for now. Never forever (and no Bieber, the words "never say never" don't apply here).

your writer, Erika

This Friday Night

"There's a strager in my bed. Glitter all over the room."

I am have no plans for tonight. So, the offer from last night still stands. You have my number, so what are you waiting for? Take this innocent beauty for a night on da town. LOL! JK!

Seriously. I think I am going to read a little bit in Shopaholic And a Baby later. I love that book. I started reading it five days ago and I am on page 322 (Swedish version) now. The book has 412 pages (incaes you were wondering). The book is so exciting. You should really read it if you are looking for a good book to read. I think you should the other books in the Shopaholic series. Especially the four books before this one. Not that you have to because everything gets explained in the book. I mean if something has happened in one of the previous books you get a breif recap.

What do you like to read?

your writer, Erika

All Good Things Come To An End


I went and saw The Deathly Hallows Part 2 yesterday. Damn! I mean... I don't really know how to describe how incredibly awesome it is. Towards the end of the movie I wanted to cry because it was so incredibly awesome. There is not enough word in any vocabulary to do this movie justice. DAMN!

Before yesterday The Prisoner From Azkaban were my favorite. Now I have changed my mind. Of course The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is my favorite Harry Potter movie. It is my favorite movie of the year. Aww, I want to see it again. Like right now. I am serious! Is there anyone out there who want to go with me? Anyone? In case just call or text me.

your writer, Erika

What The Future Holds

I got a pleasant e-mail this morning. I don't have to take any of the SAT Subject tests because UCLA do no longer require freshmans to take any of the SAT Subject test starting 2012 fall admissions. Isn't that great. In the e-mail it also said the I don't have to take the TOEFL test. Weird. I will anyway, just to be on the safe side and other univeristies require international students to take it.

I am happy that I don't have to take any of the SAT Subject test. Wanna know why?  Because that means that I don't have to be at a test center  at 7.45 in the morning. It already sucks that I have to be at the test center that early when I am going to take the SAT Reasoning test. I just have to keep my mind focused on that it is for a good thing.

I wonder of the TOEFL test is hard? If it is all in english like the SAT Reasoning test? Or if it is in both Swedish and English? I wonder, I wonder.

your writer, Erika

UCLA - LA Candy

Damn! I just finished reading a bounch of stuff about different programs for UCLA School of Theater, Film & Televison. It basicly said the same thing on all of them.

I got nervous watching Hellcats earlier. Dan has to make a film in order to get into Lancer's Film School. I got nervous because I thought " What if I had to make a movie?". Then I was like "About what?". I could make short. No the point.

A few weeks ago I saw this thing about prospective students on UCLA's homepage. So I clicked my way over to UCLA School of Theater, Film & Televison. There is where I saw which programs that they have. I ment to read it they day after (don't get the idea that I am lazy - U´R lazy). I didn't, obviously. I read about the programs just a few minutes.

Talking about LA. I just finished reading LA Candy by Lauren Conrad last night. DAMN! That gurl has got some serious writing skills (I am thinking about talking a creative writing class in college/ un…

Don't Dwell On Something

When  I am down or had a bad day I always tell myself: "Don't focus on what has happened. That is just going to make you depressed. Tomorrow is a new day. Focus how you can make tomorrow a better day." What I mean is don't go and dwell on something. Just a little tip.

I don't mean that you should push your feelings so far down that they will blow up several months later in front of a complete starger. Then you are just going to humiliate yourself or just seem crazy (depending on what you put this innocent starger thourgh). Never good.

What do I know? Maybe that is how some people process their bad day, horrible experince or wharever they are trying to forget. Maybe, I don't know. Some people need to talk about something to process what they have been through. Some people may have another way. I can't tell you what or how to handle something bad/horrible because I am not a psychologist (I don't intend to either).

your writer, Erika

"Ain't Nothing Like The Summertime"

Ture. And here I am, looking at the pages of ellos fall and winter catalog, trying to decide which winter shoes I should get. (Oh, there is a jacket, and pants, and some other thing I don't really need - to be honest. A true shopaholic can't differentiate between what she wants from what she needs. To her it's the same thing. Sometimes I have that problem, but I am NO shopaholic.)

Well, today I have been to the beach with my mom. I wore my awesome H&M bathing suit (not that that has anything to do with... anything - anyway). I took a dip in the lake (I guess it's a lake - I am not really sure.) We went to Norrviken. We were there for about two hours (maybe not so interesting - why am I typing this? Who want to read this? LOL).

You now, I am on the verge of crying. Something very very sad is about to happen. Doomsday is on Wednesday. I am going to cry then. I mean it is the end of something great. Something that has been... I mean inspiered so many people for the te…

"Carrot have you met zucchini?"

New day. New cupcakes. Same cookbook. (More baking to come.)

Yep I baked today too. What else am I supossed to do with my day? I know, I know - there is plenty of other things for me to do. It is summer. No school (translation no imagination.)
Ok, that is so not true. I could write a whole book full of my crazy thoughts. Entertaining crazy thoughts that will say. I am NOT crazy (if that is what you think).

Anyway (I have been using that word alot lately).

So, I made carrot and zucchini cupcakes. I have not tasted them yet but I can tell you this much that the batter... OH, heaven yum. Maybe I was egasterting a little there. But is tasted good. I guess that the cupcakes are amazing too. My mom loves (of course I do too, duh) the ham and mushroom cupcakes. You have to try them sometime. Go to the Hummingbird Bakery or just buy the cookbook.

Here is a picture of todays creation:

your writer, Erika

Academic Writing

Oh boy!

There is so much about college I don't know (how am I ever going to make it?).

I saw this book called Academic Writing For Graduate Students at Akademibokhandeln yesterday. I was looking among the books that is on sale and there is was. What caugth my eye was the word writing. Anyway. I picked it up with my hands and started flipping through the pages. It seemed ok.

I didn't buy it because I don't buy books like that. I am a fiction kind of gal. I love to read fiction. Right now I am reading L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad. When the book first came out I was like "I am never going to read one of her books. Never!". Here I am. Anyway. It is actully a good book. When it came I out thought it was going to be about her life or something. It is actully a real book (I found out about that when I watched The Tyra Banks Show one day).

I am going off-topic.

So I think I might need to buy one of those books. About academic writing if you didn't get that. Yeah, I kno…

Erika's Kitchen

Like my new facebookpage, Erika's Kitchen :)

your writer, Erika

Ham & Mushroom Cupcakes

They're done! I hope that they taste delicious :)

your writer, Erika


Hola a todos!

Yeah, I am sitter here listening to Gossip Girl (the tv is on) and ocassionally taking a peek. Not that I like GG but lately... yeah lately. Anway.

Today I have not done much. I mean I went to Sollentuna Centrum to buy some groceries. I just made some ham and mushroom cupcakes. Yeah it sound weird but it's from The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. The Hummingbird Bakery is a (I mean two) very famous bakeries in London. Apperently Gwyneth Paltrow LOVES them. Anyway. I have been eyeing the cookbook for the last few months everytime I have walked in to a store that has it. So last week I came to my senses and finally bought it.

It got here last Friday. I looked at every single recipe in the book and than I saw the ham and mushroom cupcakes recipe. It said that the cupcakes are very popular among the custumers at the bakery. It also said that they were good for a hearty breakfast.

So, I was like "Hey, why not make those cupcakes instead of a lof of bread.". The dou…

My Moms' Birthday

This is what I baked for my moms' birthday :)

A crumble cake with raspberry filling
Black and white cupcakes
Swiss roll with jam and white chocolate mousse
Custard and chocolate sauce for the pie

your writer, Erika