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Fall Break

Woho! Finally! Fall break! This week I have fall break. It´s so nice to be away from school. So I think that I am going to see 1408 this week. Oh, a funny thing; this weekend when I watched Heroes I saw that the number on Peter´s door was 1407! Haha, me and my mom reacted at the same time when we saw it. I just screamed 1407. My mom was like; Why couldn't it be 1408! Haha, whole thing was so funny!!!
OK, the worst thing with this week is that none of my friends are home. Madde is in Egypt this week (OK, she lives "far away" from me but anyway), Hilda is in Aruba this week and the next one (compared to Madde she lives "far far away"), Towe is going to visit her friend, Elin lives almost next to Denmark and Agnes and Maja I don´t know where they are going to be. The only I know about Maja is that she may become a "Hede människa". Towe trys to bring everybody down. Those I mentioned now is my closest friends! OK, maybe not Elin, but the others are.

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Today me and my friend, Towe, got to hold a PE class for some kids. The kids were about 4 years younger then us. It was really fun and the kids said the they had fun. Hope we get to do it again soon! Wish us good luck!
Right now I am doing homework and I am listening to Nicole Scherzinger song Baby Love. Oh, I wanted to post a picture if Shia LaBeouf that I have but then I remembered that I said to my self that I wouldn´t post any pictures or videos until the page is only filled with text! But I will keep it!! You will see that I will. Sorry that I didn´t wrote so much this time, but I have to go!

LP baby from your writer Erika *puss på er allihoppa*

Josh Duhamel and Shia LaBeouf are H-O-T, HOT!!!!

Her Name Is Erika

Hello my fellow readers! What's up? Well, I am listening to songs and writing this. I am listening to S.O.S with the Jonas Brothers and some of Nicole Scherzinger songs. Do you know that at first I hated Nicole´s song Baby Love but now I love it! It´s always like that, at first I really hate a song and then after a while I love it. It´s strange! Or maybe it´s not. Not for me.
Here is a list of the song I am listening to right now:
Whatever You Like - Nicole Scherzinger
Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger
Love Story - Katharine McPhee
Not Like That - Ashley Tisdale
Whine Up - Kat DeLuna ft. Elephant Man
Umbrella - Rhianna ft. Jay-Z
He Said She Said - Ashley Tisdale
Big Girls Don´t Cry - Fergie
Try - Hayden Panettiare
Come Back To Me - Vanessa Hudgens
Long Way To Go - Cassie

LOL, as I wrote the list it came to me that all the singers were girls. What a strange coincidence!

LP from your writer Erika <3 Älskar er alla/Love you all

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Stardust & MTV CHORUS

WOW, today I saw Stardust with my mom. I loved the movie! It´s great just like Shire said. I think that you should really go and see it if you haven´t done it yet! Tristan he looks so hot when he has long hair!! Robert De Niro is so funny in the movie "We always knew you where a fag, captain" LOL! The whole movie was a blast! You should really go and see it.
Oh, thank you Shire for showing Never Before Scene: Stardust on Chorus tonight. You rock!!! WOW you have really lighten up MTV since it became Swedish here in Sweden! And Ola (Svensson) looked so cute on chorus. Oh, if you want to hear some good songs then listen Ola´s song SOS.
It´s great and I love it!

LP baby from your writer Erika!

A typical friday/ My weekend

Finally FRIDAY! I have been waiting for it the whole week. I just ate dinner with my mom and then I watched A Cinderella Story on DVD. Right now I am writing this and listen to music (singing along :). Soon I am going to watch TV again. WOW, I am getting really busy at singing along to the songs. It so fun. I just want to say that Shia LaBeouf is H-O-T! HOT! Don´t mind that. Oh, soon it´s eight o'clock. So I better hurry up! Tomorrow a am going to see a movie, a new one. Not on DVD or VHS. And on Sunday I am going to try on some dresses for the Nobel prom. That´s kind of my weekend, so far. I may tell you the more about my weekend an other day!

LP from your writer Erika XD

quick update

Today nothing special has happened. Just the normal basic stuff, like waking up, school and watch TV. Quite boring. Don´t you think. Nothing happens in my life or I think so. I don´t know what you think.

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So what do I have to say today? I don´t know, but just read on and you´ll see :)! Yesterday I made a video with only pictures in it and I posted it on YouTube. The video is about Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia. I think that they truly Hollywood's hottest couple right now!!! Don´t you? I only mean if they are, but it seems like it :D!
Here is the video:

Listen to the song (My Hero Is You sang by Hayden Panettiere), dosn´t it just give you hope? Hope about everything or yeah it gives you a feeling. It feels like that to me when I listen to it!
When you think about that word "hope" it feels like it´s kind of powerful. I mean that if you really really really want all the wars in the world to end you can´t just say "Hope is all you need". I mean if you hope that all the wars will end dosn´t mean that they will! Do you get my point?
There were something I was supposed to tell you about but i think I forgot it. So I will just write along and see if it comes to me.…

My life

WOW, so 4 days ago, the 10th, I saw Gwen Stefani live in Stockholm. It was amazing!!!! The concert only last one hour and 30 minutes. A bit short I think, but my mom says that that is normal. It was so cool because in the middle of the song cool she just started walking around in the audience. I just wish that she could have past by me =)! That would have been fun. Oh, at the concert I got an necklace, you know the one she wears on the album cover (The Sweet Escape). Cool, uh!!! I love it.
Look at Justin (Timberlake)------------>
and at the necklace I made for my mom!!!
Dosen´t J.T look cute?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think so.
Ha, do you know what I´ve heard!!!! That Hayden Penettiere and Milo Ventimiglia is dating!! Match make in haven!! OK, maybe not but they look cute together. Even if there is 12 years between them, who cares!! They already got a name "Halo". Like that game. Halo 3.

LP from your writer Erika XD peace out V

Love Stroy

Hi everybody! So sorry I´m that I haven´t posted anything since Monday! What Do you think about the picture of me? I like it though! but I want to know what you guys think! So please tell me!!! So the reason that I haven´t posted any post this week (except for today and Monday) is that I had tests in school and much homework :( ! Homework sucks!!! But the rest of the week has been quite good. Today I went to "Naturhistoriska muséet". It was not like really fun but it´s better then sitting home and doing homework.

LP from your writer Erika XD<3

Just an other day

Here in Sweden MTV is on swedish and TRL is only on saturdays and sundays X( ! I love TRL! it´s one of my favorite shows on TV.Ok, we are gonna have a thing called Nobel in school. It´s almost like the Nobel Price. On that "party" the girls have to wear dresses that goes under the knee. I´m not gonna get a new dress, I just know that. Because my mom thinks that all the dresses that i tried on cost to much and then today I tried on some of my friends dresses. I liked the dresses but it´s just that I want my own and a new dress. Is that so hard for everybody to understand?!?!?! I could totally pay for a dress that I tried on. But my moms friend thinks that I should spend my money on something less expensive. But I really really really want a new dress.If you want to see the other videos click on this video LP from your writer Erika XD