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A Little Fall Cleaning

Hi guys! Waddup? How are you guys? I am pretty good! I re-did my profile on statist and I am ind of satisfied with it. I had a bunch of unnecessary things on my resume and it just looked messy. Plus I deleted some things because it doesn't look good to have them on your resume, I mean if you want to come off as serious. Idk. Plus I had one entry for each episode of a TV series that I had been an extra in. It just looked a little much, so I did some cleaning. I kind of need some new picture on there too and I would like to upload some pictures in a gallery. LOL, I don't know which ones. I'll get into that tomorrow.

LOL, lately I have been updating my instagram more often. It's mostly Alena stuff. Idk, but I don't feel like my life is interesting and that is why I really don't update it. I have had so much fun on the set of Alena that I want to tell people about it, plus we are allowed post pictures from the set. So why not right? I check the hashtag myself every…

Nico & Vinz - In Your Arms [Official Music Video]

Last Goodbye

Hi guys! So today was the last day. I just felt weird but I am glad that I got to be a part of it, even if it was just as an extra. I feel like I have learn a lot. This is the first time that I feel like I have done anything that feels really professional. Yes, I have done things before as an extra but idk, this just felt more pro and more real. It was a lot of fun and I am very thankful. Before I left today I said goodbye to everyone and wished the good luck with the rest of the filming.

You should check out the hashtag #alenathemovie on instagram and their facebook page

your writer, Erika

The End

You guys I am sad! Heartbroken! Maybe that is over exaggerating but I am a little sad because tomorrow is the last day on Alena. Well at least for me and the other extras (I think). The production just started so they still have a few of weeks left that, but it's the last time for me and most of the extras. I think that they will use other extras for some of the other scenes where they need extras. Idk, one of the extras said that earlier today. It's sad because we (the extras) have hung out so closely this past week and now we have to part just like that. LOL. We'll probably see each other again soon.

your writer, Erika

A Good Start of The Week

Waddup, waddup? How are you all today? I am good. I had a good day on the set of Alena The Movie today. It was a short day. We (the extras) got to go home at about 2:30 PM, instead of our usual 5 PM. Woop woop! Plus this week we are actually in Stockholm so it doesn't take us over an hour to get to location. Another big plus is that we are shooting inside this week, but the school that we are at is like super cold. Maybe the heat is turned off since it fall break all in Stockholm right now. Idk. (If it is because of that it's good to know that they are environmental, or maybe their are just being economical.)

I hope that you all have had a good start of the week. I have. I'll talk to guys some more tomorrow if I have time.

your writer, Erika

Thoughts At The End Of The Week

Hi mi amigos! What's going on in your part of the world? Me, I am fine. I was watching Sunday Football earlier but I got to admit that I don't understand a thing about that sport. Okay, I wasn't paying much attention while I was watching either. And paying attention is a key point to understanding something. But I was blowdrying my leggings that I need for next week. Yeah, I was literally sitting there with a blowdryer trying to dry my leggings. LOL.

So has everyone had a good weekend? I have. Kind of chill but tomorrow it's back to work. Aww, it's gonna be sad because Wednesday is my last day on Alena. It feel like I have been working on it for months. LOL, I guess it's because the days are so long. Well well it's been fun anyway. I have some other things lined up and somethings that I really need to get to. So it's gonna be in a way nice to focus a little more on that. LOL, idk but it's funny because I could have had done them like before Alena. S…

One Direction - Steal My Girl

Extra Hard Work

Ugh. I am so tired. It's hitting me now, after having been working for seven days straight. Yes I am tired so tomorrow I am just gonna chill. Well I have a few things that I have to do but I am not gonna go further than the grocery store. LOL. Hahahaha. I want to watch Wild Child for one simple reason, that might not make sense to any of you but when you have had the week that I have had it makes sense. LOL. They play lacrosse in the movie and in Alena The Movie (this movie that I am an extra in an have been shooting and have been shooting scenes for all week) we play lacrosse as well. Hahaha. So that's what I am going to do tomorrow, watch Wild Child. Plus I kind of need to rest because I got the call times for next week and no surprise but they're early. But this location is not as far away as the one last week. Yeah! (Yeah because I don't have to get up as early which means that the 6:30 AM call time doesn't scare me as much.) But really, even though the call ti…


Hi guys! How are you all this fine Thursday? I am good. Starting to feel a bit tired. Just a bit. Hahaha. But I have gonna stay up a little but longer because I want to watch The Originals. Plus I can't sleep anyway. So it doesn't really matters. I have to be up at six tomorrow. Plus I am thinking that maybe if I tire myself out maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight. Idk.

I am an extra in this upcoming movie based on Kim W. Andersson's graphic novel Alena. You should like Alena The Movie's facebook page and check out the hashtag #alenathemovie on instagram. This movie is going to be sick! I really can't wait to see it.

your writer, Erika

An Extra Day

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. Just a teeny tiny bit stressed. Otherwise I am good. I have had so much fun today. I am an extra in this upcoming movie called Alena. It's based on a graphic novel by Kim W. Andersson. There was a copy of the novel in the extras room and seems pretty cool. Google it.

OMG! I am so happy because tomorrow we (all of the extras) has to be on set like extremely early and like an hours ago I got a text saying that there has been a change in the schedule. So now we have to be on set an half hour later! Hallelujah! I am so thankful! There is a God!

Also I feel like mentioning this! Today's rose goes to the SJ man who let me take the train from Bålsta to Stockholm for free. 'Cause I didn't want to pay extra to take the commuter train. Because idk apparently it costs extra to take the commuter train from Bålsta since it's not in Stockholm. I was like "I ain't paying for that." So I called Åsa but she couldn't pick me up but …

A Positive Mind Creates a Positive Vibe

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. I have been really buys today trying to sort out my schedule for this week. It's so embarrassing, because I double booked myself for this Friday, but I haven't got my schedule for Friday yet. I mean so maybe there is still time for my other thing. Idk. But I don't want to call and cancel anything until I know for sure but if I don't get my schedule tomorrow for Friday, maybe I will because I also don't want to call and cancel last minute when I knew in before hand that I was going to be busy. Right?! I mean that is just unprofessional. I'll just reschedule for next week, it's probably no problem (I hope).

Even though that little scheduling problem I feel like this week is going to be great. I mean why not? Why wouldn't it be great? I feel like if you decided that everything is great (I mean going in with an open and positive mind) that it will be. Just don't be to set in how it should be/ how you pictured it to be in…

Swedes Loves SB

Hi guys! How are you this lovely Sunday evening? Are you alright? I am okay I guess. I mean I am okay. I am fine.

So this weekend I have met two people who have lived in Santa Barbara! What's with that city and Swedes?! Hahahaha. I mean I know. California sunshine. I mean - personally - I am sick and tired of this weather that we have in this country. I am seriously craving warmer weather and sunshine. Please, is that too much to ask for. But still, there is LA and a bunch of there cities in southern California. And warmer states for that matter! Why Santa Barbara? I mean it wasn't even my first choice, it's what I had to settle with. I ended up liking it, but that's not the answer to my question.

your writer, Erika

Here's To Trying New Things

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. Goodie good good. Hahahaha. Nah, but I am good. I tried something new today, lacrosse. It wasn't as bad I dreaded it to be. Well well, but that also doesn't mean that I am overly excited to play some more. Though I don't think that it will be as tough. I am not the outdoorsy type, or the sports gal. I mean playing sports. I can enjoy watching it but that's an other thing. Just because I am not the type also doesn't mean that I won't have fun while trying it at least once. It just mean that I probably, most likely won't do it twice. If I work out, I am more the going to the gym kind of gal. Hahaha.

OMG there is going to be a country music festival in Stockholm in February next year! OMG. This is really cool! Not that I am the biggest country music fan but still it would be pretty sick to go. So far Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Brandy Clark, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert and Kip Moore have been announced…

How I Almost (no I didn't) Met Ariana Grande - but I met her crew anyway :p

Hi guys! (Sorry for being absent for two days.) So if you're Swedish or an Arianator you know that Ariana Grande is in Sweden atm because she is performing on the Swedish Idol tonight. Yeah, I am super duper excited.

Last night I was at Arlanda with a couple of there fangirls hoping to meet Ari. I am going to spoil the story for you guys and say it was kind of fail but keep reading because it wasn't a complete fail, even though we never met Ariana.

Okay, so I got to the airport at around 16:30 or so. There were already two girls there. Then my friend came and all of us started to hang out there together because like why not? I mean we were all there for the same thing. Why not waste time together? LOL. Plus I know who the others two girls were. So we hung together, walking between terminals because we didn't know which airline she was flying with (well, we knew for sure that is wasn't Norwegian). LOL, we had so much fun (or at least I had fun anyway).

When there was ju…

Shorty Shorty

Hi guys! I guess that it is that time of the day, for me to write something here. LOL. You know what, I finally updated to iOS 8. iOS 8.0.2 to be exact. I had to delete about 1 200 pictures and videos on my phone in-oder to make some room for the update. LOL, but I have a lot of useless pictures and screenshots on my phone. Plus I like rarely delete a picture on my phone (don't ask me why because idk). These new apps though? Are they any good. I don't get them. Hehehehe, I have only had the update for like, what less than two hours. Eh, I'll explore them some more tomorrow.

LOL, this was a short one. I'll talk to you some more tomorrow!

your writer, Erika


Hi guys, how have you all been today? My day has been great, or I have been in a good mood and that is why I consider it great! Waddupp, LOL! (IDK.)

So I have been following this artist, Olivia Somerlyn, on facebook for a few years now. I also follow her on instagram. Anyway, in the beginning of the summer she released this song called Parachute and idk why but now I decided to listen to it. It is really good! I have heard her singing before, and I have one of her song in my phone. I guess I just expected the song to be different. Every time that I listen to it I feel like getting up on my feet and dance around the apartment. It's a really good song! So I tweeted my excitement about the song and Olivia tweeted me back! WHAAAT?! How cool isn't that! Aaaaa! Thank you Olivia! If you haven't heard Parachute, you should really listen (I posted an audio video below)!

your writer, Erika

Sunday Chill Day

Hi guys! What have you done this fine Sunday? Me, I have just been at home all day. Not doing much, folding the laundry (not that that was like necessary information to you but anyway), watching a movie on Netflix and basically just been listening to Ella Henderson's debut album Chapter One. It's freaking amazing! Her voice like WOW! I hope that she comes back to Sweden soon, 'cause I really like to meet her again. The last time that she was here I didn't get a chance because I was busy with something else. Sad, that didn't get to meet her.

Hmm. Well, maybe not like that because Ariana Grande is coming to Sweden on Friday. She is performing on Idol. I know two people who works there, so I am really jealous of both of them at the moment. Maybe more jealous of them because 1D is coming to the Idol finale in December. Well, well. No time to be a Negative Nelly. I know that Scooter is with Ari in London right now, so I wonder if her will come with her to Sweden. Scoote…

Where I Am

Hi guys! OMG it happened again! WTF it's past 11 PM! How did that happened? I am just here like watching a movie on TV and boom time decides to pass and suddenly it's past 11 PM. Idl but sometimes it feels like the time just flies by. BTW, how are you all today? I am good. I went and saw the Where We Are movie. Yeah! It was like being back at the Where We Are Tour. Awww, I miss it so damn much! I love them for doing this.

You know what I tried a winged eyeliner today and I think that it turned out pretty good. Okay, yeah so I googled how to it. I mean I just wanted to get it right. Hahaha, but I gotta say that I am pretty pleased with the result. Well, you can see for yourself!

your writer, Erika

Here I Am Tonight

Wait what happened to the time? Like, a few minutes ago it was 8 PM and then I decide to watch The Vampire Diaries and NTL Coriolanus, and woops it's past 11 PM. SMH, hahaha. LOL.

Do you know what tomorrow is? Of course you do. It's the premiere of Where We Are! Aaaah! I am so excited to see it. Hmmm, but there is just one problem thought - I don't know what to wear. Hmmm. That is a huge problem. Maybe if I had that skirt that I blogged about last night (you see, I told you that my life would be so much better if I had it! It would even solve a krises, the one that I am having right now about not knowing what to wear tomorrow when I am going to the movies #firstworldproblems). I'll figure something out.

You know that I have been posting monologues on youtube (yeah I know that they are terrible!). I want to redo them because I know that I can to do better than that. I posted a little preview on keek of one of the monologues that I have been working. I'll post the fu…

Erika Apparel

I am in love… with a skirt. I saw this skirt earlier this evening and I just fell in love with, plus the skirt looks super cute on. I want it so bad. It's from American Apparel. It's just gorge. It's absolutely gorge! I need this skirt in my closet. I need it, I just know how much my life will improve if I aide this skirt. LOL. You may laugh at me, but just look at the gorgeousness of this skirt and I know you will agree. I just keep imagine me walking around sassy and pushing my hair from side to side (in this scenario I am long hair). Plus I have a lolly pop in my hand, just to add some playful sassiness.
(picture source/ credit to:

your writer, Erika

Becky G.-"You Love It" (Acoustic)

It's Advanced

Hi guys! How are you all this fine evening? What have you all done today? I have just been doing my usual. Living the glamours life as an extra. LOL. There is absolutely nothing glamours about being an extra on TV of in movies. Well, if there is I must have missed that part or maybe I am not just at the level since I have only been doing this for almost two years. Like maybe it's something that you work you way up to. Something you have to earn through years of hard work and dedication. Hahaha.

I just read this article about the term "advanced extra". It's something that I do see often. (From what I understood) It's a made up title by production companies/ people in the business so that they are able to go around contracts saying how much they actually have pay an actor for their job. It sounds fancy because it has the word "advanced" but that's far from reality. The term is not covered by (caution: a bunch of swedish words are coming!) teaterförbun…

Jessie J - Burnin' Up ft. 2 Chainz

Throwback Outfit

Hi guys! How are you guys? I am good. LOL. I was looking through old pictures from when I lived in Santa Barbara because I want a new cover picture for twitter but I could find a picture that I was thinking of. Anyway I came across this picture of me wearing this see-through lace top. It was a really nice outfit, but I am kind of bummed out because I don't have that top anymore. Awwww (sad puppy face).  I need a new see-through lace top. Black, preferably. I mean I can't really picture a see-through lace top in like pink, blue, orange or like yellow actually being a good look. Um, no thank you. But if you see one in any of those colors that does look good you can send me a picture of. But preferably in black.

This is the outfit that I am talking about (plus a little bonus selfie):

your writer, Erika

Chapter One

Hi guys! How are you today? You know what I have this feeling like I have forgotten to share something with you. The strange thing is that I can't remember what it is. I guess that is is not that important that. Plus it's not that you need to know everything about me and I assume that you also don't want to. LOL.

I am sitting here listening to Ella Henderson's album, Chapter One. Well the songs that have been released so far. The album doesn't really/ fully get realized until next Monday (I can't wait). Tought I haven't been a fan of her for the actual begging of her career (meaning since the X Factor days), I am really glad that I discover her early on. I love seeing artist progress, flourish and take over the world (hahaha). I feel like sense of pride for them, like when a single or an album certifies Gold or Platinum (or whatever) I feel happy for them that I got to be apart of that. Yeah I know that me personally buying a copy doesn't mean that it w…


Hi guys! What's up? I am good. I am just sitting here in my bed watching Flight (one of my absolute favorite movies) on TV. (Gosh, I gotta get the movie on blu-ray. - OMG! I just check cdon and they have it for only 49 kr on blu-ray! That's freaking cheap!) What are you doing?

You know what. I have always wanted to work with movies or television. Both actually. But sometimes I feel like maybe I can't do it. Not that I don't want to do it, because I really do. It's just that sometimes I feel like I can't do it because I feel like maybe I don't have the skills for it or the creative mind to work in that business. Maybe I am meant for something else? Maybe. But then I watch a really good movie like Flight and I get all hyped and I remember why I want to do it. I want it because of that feeling, I want to experience that magic first hand. I know that all the magic is all special effects. But still that is what makes it so cool. That all that can be faked! I mea…

Jessie J at the 2014 iTunes Festival

Sweet Talker feat. Tinie Tempah

Who You Are

Burnin' Up

Ain't Been Done

How Was Your Day?

OMG, hi guys! How are you? I am good. Been baking all day. Well, most of the day anyway. Cinnamon buns, because it's the Cinnamon Bun Day and regular bread. LOL. Baker Babe, that's me. Hahahahaha.

I told you guys that it was going to be a good weekend! Like today I have been baking all day. Fun fun (also a little bit exhausting). And tomorrow I am going to be an extra in this cute cool little film. It's not going to be shown in the theaters. It's just a film for educational purposes. I don't know how to put it really, but it's an informational educational film. (LOL that sounds weird, like I just made up my own word. Hahahaha.) That's going to be fun. It's going to be a long day, but I my call time isn't until 10:45 AM which mean I don't have to be up super early. LOL. I wouldn't be up now if I had to be up super early tomorrow morning.

I was watching TV earlier and I saw that Flight on TV tomorrow. I got so excited that I screamed! I love t…

A New Season

Hi boys and girls! How are you this fine evening? I am good! I just spent the last couple of hours catching up on all the shows that have started a new season. The Vampire Diaries, New Girl and ANTM. Okay, ANTM premiered back in August but I haven't gotten around to watch it. But now I have - seen the first episode. LOL. Schhhh! Don't spoil! LOL.

I am so glad that the TV season is starting again! Finally something good to watch on TV. I mean instead of reruns of a show that you totally love but still, (you're craving some TVD, Grey's, New Girls and OUAT) you have seen it a million times. This is gonna be a good weekend because I am going to continue to watch more of my favorite shows tomorrow and bake. ALOT. Hahahaha. That seems to be all I am doing. Baking, but who cares, right. 'Cause honest the truth is that I own it. I am freaking amazing baker. (I am good cook as well!) Give any recipe any time of the day and I'll make it happen! BOOM! (Okay the last bit m…

Party with Veronica Maggio

Hi guys! The other day I was in a sketch on Partaj. It was a sketch parody of a Swedish singer, Veronica Maggio. Below are a few screen shots from the sketch and here is a link to the episode!/play/program/230064/video/2153752219. Fast forward to about  34:35 if you just want to see the sketch. 
I am sorry that I can't blog more right now but I have got go because I am going to be an extra in 112 Aina again today. I tell you about it more later.

your writer, Erika