Throwback Outfit

Hi guys! How are you guys? I am good. LOL. I was looking through old pictures from when I lived in Santa Barbara because I want a new cover picture for twitter but I could find a picture that I was thinking of. Anyway I came across this picture of me wearing this see-through lace top. It was a really nice outfit, but I am kind of bummed out because I don't have that top anymore. Awwww (sad puppy face).  I need a new see-through lace top. Black, preferably. I mean I can't really picture a see-through lace top in like pink, blue, orange or like yellow actually being a good look. Um, no thank you. But if you see one in any of those colors that does look good you can send me a picture of. But preferably in black.

This is the outfit that I am talking about (plus a little bonus selfie):

your writer, Erika


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