A New Season

Hi boys and girls! How are you this fine evening? I am good! I just spent the last couple of hours catching up on all the shows that have started a new season. The Vampire Diaries, New Girl and ANTM. Okay, ANTM premiered back in August but I haven't gotten around to watch it. But now I have - seen the first episode. LOL. Schhhh! Don't spoil! LOL.

I am so glad that the TV season is starting again! Finally something good to watch on TV. I mean instead of reruns of a show that you totally love but still, (you're craving some TVD, Grey's, New Girls and OUAT) you have seen it a million times. This is gonna be a good weekend because I am going to continue to watch more of my favorite shows tomorrow and bake. ALOT. Hahahaha. That seems to be all I am doing. Baking, but who cares, right. 'Cause honest the truth is that I own it. I am freaking amazing baker. (I am good cook as well!) Give any recipe any time of the day and I'll make it happen! BOOM! (Okay the last bit might have been a slight over exaggeration but I know what I am doing and I always like a challenge. Learning is fun kids! STAY IN SCHOOL!)

your writer, Erika


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