A Good Start of The Week

Waddup, waddup? How are you all today? I am good. I had a good day on the set of Alena The Movie today. It was a short day. We (the extras) got to go home at about 2:30 PM, instead of our usual 5 PM. Woop woop! Plus this week we are actually in Stockholm so it doesn't take us over an hour to get to location. Another big plus is that we are shooting inside this week, but the school that we are at is like super cold. Maybe the heat is turned off since it fall break all in Stockholm right now. Idk. (If it is because of that it's good to know that they are environmental, or maybe their are just being economical.)

I hope that you all have had a good start of the week. I have. I'll talk to guys some more tomorrow if I have time.

your writer, Erika


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