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Graduation Dresses

Hi guys! Today I thought that I would blog about graduation dresses. In Sweden we have this tradition that your graduation dress is supposed to be white. When you graduate from high school anyway. I don't know about university. And in 9th grade people just wear whichever color they want on their dress, that's if they wear a dress. I don't even remember what I wore for my 9th grade graduation but I still have the dress from my high school graduation.

This is the best picture that I could find of myself I in my graduation dress. BTW, the red head gal is my friend Linda.

Since the tradition is white I found three white dress from and H&M. Three very different dresses. But that's what you need if you're going to do a post like this. I mean diversity between the dresses. Or maybe not, but now it is.

Okay so this first dress is from H&M. A cute little white dress. I really like the flounce, that is what makes this dress special.

picture source/ credit to…


Hi guys! I had a thought that I should/wanted to blog about my Ariana Grande outfit. I mean, I wanted to take a picture of me wearing the Ari outfit. But that also means I have to do my hair and eh, I don't feel like that right now and my hair is kind of in point today. So you now I kind of don't want to ruin it. You know girl problems. Buuuut, I'll will take a picture and probably instagram it on Thursday and blog about it this weekend.

I have kind of been prepping all day for the concert. I have been listening to her music on spotify. I really can't wait until Thursday. I just as excited for the concert as I am about wearing my outfit. It is kind of hoelicious. LOL. I mean Ari didn't look like a hoe in it but it is just me. I mean I don't usually wear short skirts and crop tops and when you add the knee socks and those pumps it is kind of hoe but in a good way. Thereof hoelicious. Plus I'll be wearing a headband with cat ears you know like Ari always wear…

Trey Songz - Touchin, Lovin ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Video


Let This Be a Lesson

Hi guys! Sorry for the poor updating this week. I have just not been in the mood to write anything. My mind has been a little bit disoriented. But I am here now! And I can tell you about what I have been up to this week, which is not much. A little bit of working almost getting killed by an iPhone. No that is an exaggeration but still it landed like 1,5m in front of me. Poor person whoever phone that was. Completely destroyed! People this is a lesson for you all!

Okay so this is what happened. I was at Gröna Lund because they were having a "kick off" for all of their artists (as cute as they like to call it). All the cafés and restaurants that was open was free, all the food, all, everything was free (!). Which was awesome. Some rides were open. Plus everyone got dived into teams and we had to play these games and at the end of the night one team won a lot of candy and something else. Anyway, so my team wanted to ride Insane, which is an insane roller coaster. No way in hell…

Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko - Post To Be (Official Video)


Grönan Live

Hi guys! I seriously just laid on the floor for like a hour singing and listening to music. LOL. For someone who can't sing I think that I sounded alright. That's why I laid there for an hour and not like 10 or 15 minutes. Als I couldn't decide which movie to watch. But I went for Iron Man because you know it's a good movie (plus it was a long time since I last watched it) and Robert Downey Jr is kind of cute. Kind of cute? He is hot!

I went and saw Zara Larsson at Gröna Lund last night. She was fucking amazing! That woman has an incredible voice! I mean WOW! I mean I might not be the biggest Zara fan but damn that woman can sing! LOL, I have kind of become obsessed with a few of her songs since last night and I have basically only been listning to her music on Spotify today.

your writer, Erika

Stamp of Approval

Hi guys, how are you? My life is not interesting tonight. I am actually kind of tired. LOL. I am always tired. Alway tired or hungry. Always tired, hungry or nauseous. Hahaha. No but tired and hungry. But when you're nauseous it feels like it fucking all of the time. Okay, that's enough talk about nausea. Yuck.

As I said my night is really not that interesting tonight. I am just sitting here watching TV and listening to music. A typical life of a 22 year old woman (Yes I am 22 even though some times people think that I might be 14, which I take as an insult). O, I am also looking at shoes and bikinis and other stuff on Which is where I bought my Steve Madden pumps for my Ariana Grande outfit. They have great stuff and are really easy to shop from (THEY HAVE WORLDEWIDE FREE SHIPPING). You guys should really check them out! got my stamp of approval.

Have to say Goodnight to you all now because I have to get ready for bed. Yeah, gotta be up early tomorrow. *yaw…

Creating a Little Magic

YO! A second post tonight. LOL. Yeah because I kind of like my magic with my scarf (have you seen it on my instagram?) this morning so I just wanted to blog about it here bit not in the same post as the Ari outfit post. I didn't sleep at home last night and this morning after I showered I didn't want to wear the same top as I wore yesterday so I just tied my scarf around my chest as a top. I think that it turned out pretty amazing. Hehehe. Well, it is actually a sarong and not a scarf (according to H&M anyway).

Here is my little magic with the scarf:

Here is what I wore yesterday. You can't really see the top that I am wearing but you see my scarf, how I usually wear it. Sometimes I wrap it around.

Here is an extra picture just because I think that I look good. LOL. Hahahaha.

your writer, Erika

My Ariana Grande Concert Outfit

Well hello hello hello. How are you? I am good. Really good. So I promised you guys that I would blog about my Ariana Grande concert outfit. Yeah, today is the day... because I finally have all of my stuff. Hmmm, I am kind of realising that I will look slightly hoe-ish in that outfit but too little too late. I AM WEARING IT. LOL. I gonna look hot. I hope that I will look good hot and not "hoe hot". Anyway so that Ari outfit that I am trying to copy is the one that she wore while performing at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in September last year. The only two differences between her outfit and mine is the skirt because I could find a skirt like that and the shoes because I wanted black pumps and not nude.

Ariana Grande's outfit
(picture source/ credit to:
My pieces
Crop top from H&M DIVIDED
Skirt from MONKI
Knee-socks from FYNDIQ
Pumps from Steve Madden, bought at…

Stereotypical Girl Stuff

Hola amigos! How are you all this weekend? Any special plans? Me? If you know me you know that I have no plans. Correction, I had no plans until this morning when I noticed that Netflix had added new episodes of Teen Wolf. So imma get that done. LOL. Nah, I am not that boring. I probably am. Or, eh whatever. I went shopping today, stereotypical girl stuff. I didn't buy a lot of things. Just a face mask and nipple covers because some tops are just a little bit too see-through. LOL, and I don't like wearing a bra underneath every top that I have. Well basically bra straps showing ain't very classy or even fashionable. It is NOT a good look! Let that be a few educational words. Just saying. The face mask that I bought is amazing, let that be another lesson. At least for my skin, plus it smells good. You should try it it is FORMULA 10.0.6 PORES BE PURE SKIN-CLARYFING MUD MASK.

your writer, Erika