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The Three Day Vacation: Day Two

Today has been good. I got a text though this morning, from my boss asking me if I could work today but I said no. You know because of the three day vacation. LOL. Then she said that I could have some other day off if that was the case. I didn't reply to that because I feel like I made my case when I said no the first time. Plus I already had "plans". LOL. I just need to go to Sephora to buy some waterproof eye makeup remover plus some eye liners. LOL. Big plans I know, right. Anyway.

I like to take pictures of my food but I rarely post them anywhere. I just end up deleting them after a while because they take up space in my phone and on my computer. I took pictures of my lunch and dinner today. I looked really nice on the plate so I just wanted to capture that.

I have been thinking of stuff to do for the blog today but I won't tell you yet. I need to figure these things out first. Like how I want to do them. I mean I also want to come up with a few ideas and introdu…

The Three Day Vacation: Day One

LOL. I am not really on a vacation, I am just not scheduled to work until Wednesday. Which means that I have three days off from work. Today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Yeah! Do you understand how happy I am? Well, I am really happy! Hallelujah! I am not going to do much. Or we'll see, it's just day one so far. LOL.

I started my "vacation" pretty easy. A slow start. I went to Hemmakväll with my mom and rented some movies. I have been wanting to to that for weeks now but I have been so busy, always working, that I have never had the time. I might have had the time to go and rent the movies but I would have had the time to watch them. But now I do. Three days baby! It really feel like a vacation! Hallelujah! Hahaha. Okay yeah so I rented some movies. I rented five, if the amount is important to you. Among the movies I rented Think Like A Man and I have been wanting to see that movie since I lived in the United States. That's a long time. Over two whole years! I did actu…

Cher Lloyd - Dirty Love (audio)

Our Moment

Hi guys! Yeah! So you know what! I have finally found someone who's willing to take my shift on m,y birthday! Yeah! Instead I just have to take her shift this Thursday. I guess that's okay. I mean it is okay if it means I don't have to work on my birthday, plus the good thing about that shift is that not as long as the shift on my birthday. It's only from 4 PM to 8 PM. That bad thing about that is that I will miss The Originals which airs on Thursdays at 9 PM and I won't make it home before 9. I will miss like half the episode but I can just watch it on the internet instead.

I finally have One Direction's Our Moment! Yeah! It arrived in the mail yesterday! I finally have perfume. I haven't had one in a few months. It was so cheap too! I box set with a 50 ml perfume and 150 ml body lotion for only 339 kr! I mean seriously only the perfume at Kicks costs more than that.

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Thank You 4 the Past 7 Years

So seven years, yeah! Seven years! Today is the seventh anniversary of "Erika's World". Hmm, I feel bad because I don't have anything special planned for today. I feel like I should, mean it has after all been seven years. Hahaha. I will hide behind that I am saving my energy for the 10 anniversary! seriously then, yeah then we need a big party. LOL. It will probably just be me, a cupcake and an empty room. Nah. I am not a depressing person. I don't do depressed.

Hmm, feels awkward that I don't have much to say today. Hmm, awkward is the word but I thought that I would give you the links to my most read posts on this blog. The top five that will be. I don't know but I though it would be fun. 1) Kevin & Danielle Jonas, 2) A Mayniacs Paradise, 3) 1D Bracelets, 4) Birthday Wishlist & 5) The Veronicas covering JBs Burning Up. Those are the top five. Which is your favorite post out of all the posts on this blog?
I love you all goodnight!

your writer, E…

Kim Cesarion - I Love This Life

It's That Time of The Year

Urgh! I am so tired. I want to go to bed. You know what, I actually thought of not blogging tonight 'cause I really don't have to blog every day. There is no laws that says so. But you know what? I like blogging. I really do. Seven years strong! Oh, fuck! Realized that tomorrow (March 26th) I have had thin blog for seven years! Seven years! Wow, can you imagine that! Maybe I should do something special tomorrow, that needs to be celebrated! Dayuum! Hahahaha. But what I was going to say before I realized that it has been seven years is that if I think that I don't have to blog tonight just because I am tired it going to start a vicious cycle. And then it has been two months and I am like "Oh, crap!" Hahaha. That's the truth so it's just get off my tired lazy ass and start writing. Yup!

Tomorrow if I see my boss I really have to talk to her and beg her, yes beg her, if she can let me have the day off on my birthday. OMG, 'cause I haven't really real…

Amber Riley


Jessie J

Today we honor the amazing woman Jessie J. Truly a great talent and a kind soul!

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Today at Work

Hi guys! It's past 11 PM so I thought that it would be a good idea to start another blog. LOL. How are you all today? I am good. This really weird thing happened at work today. I was in charge of wiping off trays and going out with food. That was all I did. Plus keeping an eye on so that the garbage bins didn't become overfull. One time they did become very full so I emptied them and threw away the full garbage bags. That's all I did at work today. At on time I had to run out with food a lot because there was a lot of special orders.

Anyway. So I was like minding my own business and doing what I was supposed to do and this girls who was in charge of the lobby comes up to me and asks me where I have been. I was like WTF (?!). I mean of course I didn't say that out loud. I told her that I had been there wiping of trays the whole time, which was the truth. I wondered why she was asking me that. Then she told me that she had been looking for me. Again WTF (?!). I said that…

Spring Fresh

You know that I am all about fashion and looking good at all times. You also know that I L-O-V-E H&M! I just thought that I would share some of my favorites from H&M's spring collection. That way you can look fresh and awesome at all times, LOL.

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OMG, so last night. No just no! It was so annoying, like I don't even - #1stworldprolems. Hahahaha! This is a thing only Stockholm people will get. Snow & public transportation, like who the f*** thought that that was a good combination.  And that's nor even a question. Like what the fudge?! SERIOUSLY?! Kudjo is right, nothing pisses people off more than public transportation, especially in the winter. Dear SL we're in Sweden, one would think that you should know that the snow comes every winter. Hmmmm. Or maybe we're not in the same country? Would explain a lot. Like seriously, yesterday I got off work at 8 PM, my bus was supposed to leave at 8:23 PM but the bus never showed. At 8:45 PM some other bus driver told everyone who was waiting for the bus I was waiting for that that bus was going to come. Nice SL, good job on informing about that (?!). So the I look up when the metro was going to leave. Okay now I am kind of sitting here laughing at myself but still. I …

Social Media

Seriously that #SELFIE song is so bad that it's actually good. I can't stop listening to it. The lyrics are so bad but the music is good. I mean it's that type of song you play really loud at a party. LOL. So what have you all been doing all day? I actually haven't done much, like most of my days off. I mean like I mostly have days off in the middle of the week and then there isn't much to do. Plus The Ellen DeGeneres Show is on in the middle of the day here so like there is no chance on hell I'll miss that. LOL. No but, I like to relax at home. I mean I like to catch up on the TV shows that I miss because I don't work normal business hours. I am TV and movie kind of gal. That is my life, what I life for.

OMG, like I really need to find something good to blog about because like this is just boring. I started this blog a few hours ago, wrote the first part and then just surfed the web because IDK, I could't thin of anything goose to write. IDK, tomorrow …


Hi guys! I actually wrote a post last night but IDK something happened and it didn't save so. Um yeah, but I am here now. Ahhh, I just saw my schedule for the week of my birthday and I have to work on my birthday. But there is no way in hell that is happening. I am going to get out of that. I am going to talk to my boss, try to see if anyone can take my shift that day. Like okay I get it I mean if my birthday would have had been in the middle of the week I wouldn't really have said much about working on my birthday but now my birthday is on a Sunday and therefore I am not so happy about it. Plus it's a long shift fro noon until 9 PM. No. Just no. That is not going to work for me. Okay maybe if it had been a few hours, maybe. I'll have to talk to her because I have plans that day. We are gonna have a real problem if she schedules me the day of the Miley Cyrus concert and when One Direction comes here in June. Hmmm. I'll have to bring that up as well. OMG, feel like …

That Fangirl Life

Hi guys! How are you? I am good I am just sitting here listening to music, watching some movie with Kevin James on TV plus and trying to get Swedish radio stations to notice Conor Maynard and Union J. I really want them to come to Sweden and they only way to get them to come here is if they get noticed more here so that is what I am trying to do. Trying to get their songs played on the radio. LOL. Like I know I can not single handedly do this but I can at least try, plus I asked some other fangirls to do the same. I don't do the every single day. But when I do request music I go crazy. LOL. I write to every single radio station that play that type of music and beg them to play their music. Hopefully they do. I mean it weird that do I request their music since I never listen to the radio myself but still I do whatever I can so get them noticed by more people.

George Shelley from Union J tweeted earlier tonight that he can'r wait to see fans from all over the world this year. OM…

Tell 'Em That It's My Birthday

Hi guys! Happy Friday! Yeah! My boss asked me if I could work a few hours tonight but I wasn't really feeling it. Like I wanted my Friday night off. Not that I had anything special planned I just wanted to not have to do something. It's Friday. I just wanted to chill, right. I am entitled to that. LOL. Tomorrow I am going to a birthday party, for a five year old kid I might add. He's a sweetheart so it's all fun, the it's back to work on Sunday. Hmm, I bought him a card today but I have no idea where it is. I have to ask mom, if she can't find it it's lost forever. LOL. That's what they say.

Talking about birthdays, my birthday is almost here! It's three weeks left on Sunday. I think I know what I want to do for my birthday. I've already told you guys that I have to have dinner at some restaurant and I have decided that it would be fun if I could get a table at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. That's what I want to do for my birthday. I have…


Hola mi amigos! How are y'all tonight? I am good! I am really loving Miley Cyrus Bangerz! yeah, I haven't listened to all of the sings before until now. Like I never listen full album until I buy the album. I only listen to the single. Yup. I mean like if you listen to the whole album before you buy, I mean it won't be as exciting when you finally buy it. At least not to me. Not gonna get into to this. Anyways I am loving Bangerz. Awesome! Like before she released We Can't Stop I was really afraid that he new music would be to different and that I wouldn't like it. That would have been heartbreaking for me since she has been such a huge part of my life for so long. Then when the first single was finally released, OH MY GOD I don't think you can understand my relief! It was totally the song of there summer and Bangerz is one of the best albums! This woman is incredible! I am glad that I have been a fan for so long because I feel like I get to grow with her and e…


Hi guys! And girls! How are y'all doing? I am good. Goodie good good. LOL. Can't come up with anything better to say than that. LOL. I went to the grocery store earlier just because I needed some vegetables and milk. So I went to the grocery story but I found some other magical things there. OMG! They have finally gotten Ben & Jerry greek frozen yoghurt! Hallelujah, my prayers have been answered! But they didn't have my favorite flavor (actually the only Ben & Jerry greek frozen yoghurt that I have tasted, but whatever) blueberry graham. They also had something else that was amazing! They had Miley Cyrus album Bangerz for only 59 kr, so of course I bought it since I don't have. I mean you can't pass on a deal like that. LOL. Yeah, my fun trip to the grocery story (imagine that in an ironic voice).

 your writer, Erika


Oh hey! Sorry for last night! I mean of course that I didn't blog but I had to work. Well I worked from - what? - 12 PM to 9 PM, so I wasn't home until like 10:30 PM and then I had to get ready for today. But I am here now! That counts for something at least. Yeah yeah. Tomorrow I have the day off and I think that I am going to catch up with some household work. Since mom is not home and doesn't come home until Saturday I have to do everything myself. Since I was sick last week and I work so much some days I have been getting a little behind. The dishes to say. Yeah, just the dish. Everything is up to date, so thumbs up for that.

You know that I was sick last week. Okay, yeah so isa sic for like on day but still. I was mega super duper sick for one day. Now, well I feel like I am coming down with a cold because my throat hurts just like it does before I usually get a cold. OMG! This can not be happening! FML! Thankfully I have the day off tomorrow which means I can stay ho…


Hi guys! Any Mello kids? I mean any Swedish people out there who watch the finale of Melodifestivalen tonight? What's your opinion of it all? Was Sanna the right winner? I mean she may not have been my favorite not that I really had a favorite this year, it's still fun to watch. I think that Sanna deserved to win. She is an extremely talented woman and this was her seventh time competing in Melodifestivalen so it was about time for her to win.

So except for Mello how have your Saturday been? Hmm, I kind of forgot that it was Saturday today since I had to work. I have to work again tomorrow too. Except from that I had to work my day was okay. Work wasn't that exhausting. I mean if you don't count that I had to walk up down stairs all the time. It's not exhausting, more annoying. LOL. It's just annoying noir enough to give me a bad mood. The weather was too good today to put a frown on my face. Yup. The sun was shining. It was even shining so much that I could fe…

This Weekend

Friday night. I have no life. Well, well. I feel like I have no life. I am so bored. I am just sitting here and waiting for Modern Family, 'cause as usual there is nothing good on TV. Oh my god, I just realized that it got to seem like all I do is watch TV, besides working at McDonalds. Yeah, what an exciting life I do have. LOLL. It's not as boring as it's sounds when you put it like that. I enjoy watching TV. Hahahaha, yeah, I mean like that's the reason most people who watch TV so yeah I need to find a better argument. LOL. I feel like that is a lot of me, like TV and movie. I have always been interested in that. Instead now I am "stuck" working at McDonalds. I used the "" to slightly ironic, I am not stuck working there, I choose to take that job. Anyway. Like sometimes I feel like I want a job with more regular and "normal" (meaning like from 8 AM to 4 PM) hours. I mean McDonalds are a little more here and there, you never work true s…


Hi guys. Sorry for being MIA yesterday but I was very very sick. But I survived and here I am. Alive and awake. I have just been home resting all day. Well I went to the grocery store, to buy some friendly food. Otherwise I have just been home. My mom is not home and just not coming home for a few days, so I am also all alone. Which sometimes has it's advantage and sometimes it does not. Like I was going to watch a movie earlier but the I realized that that is no fun to do when you're by all by yourself. But now at least The Originals is on TV so I have something good on TV. LOL, I am also having this discussion with some Swedish JCats about who of the boys will be the first one to get married. Someone said JJ and I just got this idea in my head of Princeton as a cute little toddler running around being the ring bearer. No, OMG not this is too much for my weak fangirl heart! Too many feels! That would be way to cute, way too adorable! Remember Mason at Kim Kardashian's wed…

5 Seconds Of Summer - She Looks So Perfect

In a Positive Mood

Today has been a good day. Except from the two hours I was in-charge of the fries, but yeah today has been a fairly good day. I apologized to my boss today. The main boss man was there today aka the guy the own the restaurant he was there while I apologized he said that I did not need to apologize for that. To me, yeah I felt like I needed to do that. I mean, if it was a friend and I didn't see a text until like a few days after, like I wouldn't care so much about but like this is my job. Where I spend my days, like I just want to keep it a nice environment. No, I just don't want them to think that I am rude or anything. Okay, yeah so um, yeah she hadn't said anything about it and when I brought it up she barley seemed to be knowing what I was talking about. Well, I said it. It's done. My conscience is clear.

I made it home in time for Mom, my new favorite sitcom. It's really good and we all know that Anna Faris is funny. We learned that a long time ago. I rea…

ICA Commercial for Paralympics 2014

ICA! The ICA commercial that I am an extra in will air all week long on TV. LOL. The commercial is funny but not as funny as it was that day on set. That, my friends, was freaking hilarious. Let's see if you can spot me. I am wearing a red jacket and white sweater from Abcrombie and Fitch.

I took a few pictures on set that day and I thought that I would share them with you now that the commercial is finally airing. I have been waiting so long for you too see it and mostly just to see it myself. I mean like when you have a good time you want to share it with people.

A ICA sign outside the studio :)

your writer, Erika

To Do

Oh my God so I just started at my nails, which reminded me that I need to fix them before I go to bed. Gosh! Well well. I feel so bad because like today on my way home from  work I saw that I had got a text from my boss this Friday asking me if I could work a few hours. I mean I probably would have said no but I mean like it just feel rude that I didn't answer. I'll apologize to her the next time I see her a work. I mean it's just bad manners to not answer like that, I mean especially when it is your boss. Last week, Thursday, I really didn't want to work. I just wanted the day to be over so that I could go home. Then, she who was in-charge that shift told me that I could leave early, and this was like a few house earlier and I just "Nah." and said that it was okay if she asked someone else. I really just wanted the day to be over so that my weekend could start already but the opportunity came I just decided to pull through the hours of torture that was left.…

Justin's 20th Birthday

So apparently I was just on the 10 o'clock news. I have no idea why or what is was about. LOL. A girl on facebook just messaged me saying that I was on the news and when I switched over it was over and time for the weather. Damn it! So now I am trying to find out what it was about. LOL. I am guess that it's from the Justin Bieber party earlier today. Yeah, I am cool like that I went to a Justin Bieber birthday party, for Beliebers and Justin was NOT there. Unfortunately. Some dancers from Scandinavian Dance Academy where there and try to teach us the dance from Beauty and a Beat. It was fun but hard. I am watching the 7 PM news right now and trying to see if I am on there too, because they're basically airing the same news at 7 PM and 10 PM. Plus they haven't put up the 10 o'clock news yet. C'mon, hurry up! I want to see it plugs I have to go to bed soon since I have to work tomorrow. Bummer. Can they just get to the Bieber stuff already!!! Or can they put up t…