Hi guys! Any Mello kids? I mean any Swedish people out there who watch the finale of Melodifestivalen tonight? What's your opinion of it all? Was Sanna the right winner? I mean she may not have been my favorite not that I really had a favorite this year, it's still fun to watch. I think that Sanna deserved to win. She is an extremely talented woman and this was her seventh time competing in Melodifestivalen so it was about time for her to win.

So except for Mello how have your Saturday been? Hmm, I kind of forgot that it was Saturday today since I had to work. I have to work again tomorrow too. Except from that I had to work my day was okay. Work wasn't that exhausting. I mean if you don't count that I had to walk up down stairs all the time. It's not exhausting, more annoying. LOL. It's just annoying noir enough to give me a bad mood. The weather was too good today to put a frown on my face. Yup. The sun was shining. It was even shining so much that I could feel the warmth from it. Nice. That's what's you call spring. LOL.

Ahhh. Today was a good day I guess. Now I am just sitting here listening to music, writing this blog for all of you guys, playing some Farm Hero Saga while waiting for SNL to see if it's worth watching tonight. See if anyone I like is on. IDK. Gonna go to bed soon since I have to work tomorrow. Yeah I don't start work until noon but still, I want my eight hours of sleep and not have to stress in the morning.

your writer, Erika


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