Oh hey! Sorry for last night! I mean of course that I didn't blog but I had to work. Well I worked from - what? - 12 PM to 9 PM, so I wasn't home until like 10:30 PM and then I had to get ready for today. But I am here now! That counts for something at least. Yeah yeah. Tomorrow I have the day off and I think that I am going to catch up with some household work. Since mom is not home and doesn't come home until Saturday I have to do everything myself. Since I was sick last week and I work so much some days I have been getting a little behind. The dishes to say. Yeah, just the dish. Everything is up to date, so thumbs up for that.

You know that I was sick last week. Okay, yeah so isa sic for like on day but still. I was mega super duper sick for one day. Now, well I feel like I am coming down with a cold because my throat hurts just like it does before I usually get a cold. OMG! This can not be happening! FML! Thankfully I have the day off tomorrow which means I can stay home and try to recover all day. I have to do all of that household shit but yeah yeah. But that is all good too, I mean it'c nice when it's clean. It's nice when everything looks good and is in it's place.

your writer, Erika


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