Justin's 20th Birthday

So apparently I was just on the 10 o'clock news. I have no idea why or what is was about. LOL. A girl on facebook just messaged me saying that I was on the news and when I switched over it was over and time for the weather. Damn it! So now I am trying to find out what it was about. LOL. I am guess that it's from the Justin Bieber party earlier today. Yeah, I am cool like that I went to a Justin Bieber birthday party, for Beliebers and Justin was NOT there. Unfortunately. Some dancers from Scandinavian Dance Academy where there and try to teach us the dance from Beauty and a Beat. It was fun but hard. I am watching the 7 PM news right now and trying to see if I am on there too, because they're basically airing the same news at 7 PM and 10 PM. Plus they haven't put up the 10 o'clock news yet. C'mon, hurry up! I want to see it plugs I have to go to bed soon since I have to work tomorrow. Bummer. Can they just get to the Bieber stuff already!!! Or can they put up the 10 o'clock new online. I am guessing I am on the new because of Bieber. Like why the fuck else would I be on? I am not that interesting. Maybe they'll air it on the 8 AM new tomorrow. Okay it's Bieber. Someone just said that. Oh and they finally got to the Bieber part on the 7 PM new which I just watch online. LOL.

OMG! Like I was on a few seconds. Like I was taking selfless with a Justin cardboard cutout like I saw that there was camera in the coroner filming but I thought that it was Fryshuset filming something to put up on their website not that TV4 Nyheterna was there. Oh my God! Hahaha. I took a few screen shots for your enjoyment.

Here is one of the selfie's that I took. Well two selfless but with different's cardboard cutouts!

your writer, Erika


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