It's That Time of The Year

Urgh! I am so tired. I want to go to bed. You know what, I actually thought of not blogging tonight 'cause I really don't have to blog every day. There is no laws that says so. But you know what? I like blogging. I really do. Seven years strong! Oh, fuck! Realized that tomorrow (March 26th) I have had thin blog for seven years! Seven years! Wow, can you imagine that! Maybe I should do something special tomorrow, that needs to be celebrated! Dayuum! Hahahaha. But what I was going to say before I realized that it has been seven years is that if I think that I don't have to blog tonight just because I am tired it going to start a vicious cycle. And then it has been two months and I am like "Oh, crap!" Hahaha. That's the truth so it's just get off my tired lazy ass and start writing. Yup!

Tomorrow if I see my boss I really have to talk to her and beg her, yes beg her, if she can let me have the day off on my birthday. OMG, 'cause I haven't really really booked anything. My mom know what I want to do. I feel like it's a little late to ask people if they want to come with. I mean I'll ask them but if they don't want to come then that is it. I mean I am not going to do anything else for my birthday. Hopefully someone else other than my mom wants to come. Of course I really want my mom to come but I also want a few other people. Hmmm. We'll see we'll see. Even though I don't want a party at home I am still going to make myself a birthday cake 'cause it's after all my birthday and it would be sad if I din't have cake.

your writer, Erika


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