The Three Day Vacation: Day Two

Today has been good. I got a text though this morning, from my boss asking me if I could work today but I said no. You know because of the three day vacation. LOL. Then she said that I could have some other day off if that was the case. I didn't reply to that because I feel like I made my case when I said no the first time. Plus I already had "plans". LOL. I just need to go to Sephora to buy some waterproof eye makeup remover plus some eye liners. LOL. Big plans I know, right. Anyway.

I like to take pictures of my food but I rarely post them anywhere. I just end up deleting them after a while because they take up space in my phone and on my computer. I took pictures of my lunch and dinner today. I looked really nice on the plate so I just wanted to capture that.

I have been thinking of stuff to do for the blog today but I won't tell you yet. I need to figure these things out first. Like how I want to do them. I mean I also want to come up with a few ideas and introduce them all at once. IDK we'll see.

your writer, Erika


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