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Hi guys! How are you? I am good. I have become slightly obsessed with Maroon 5's new single Sugar which has led me to listening to them a lot more the last few days. Okay, mostly it is Sugar on repeat. Hahaha. That is what I typically do when I like a song. Listen to it on repeat until it makes me gag.

Awww, now (in this writing moment) I am listening to Hunter Hayes on youtube since all of his songs are not available on Swedish Spotify. Like please can they just put them up there! And Taylor Swift please WE want you back on Spotify! Pretty please with a cherry on top! I love Hunter Hayes, and Taylor as well. Her last album is amazing (the songs that I have heard anyway).

Taking about country music there is this country music festival in Stockholm next month that I really want to go to. But unfortunately I can't because of reasons. Well, I am prioritising other things at the moment. I kind of have to and I am happy to do so but I still want to go, you know because Luke Bryan. …

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Update About Today

Hiiiii guys! How is everyone today? I am good! I had the first class meeting of one my courses today! Yeah. It was okay. It was little fun and weird to be back in school. But I am not really back for real. Or yeah in a way... hmmm this is a hard question to answer. Anyway I am just taking a couple of courses right now. I mean I am doing it for the simple reason that I am bored and felt like I should do something. Plus college guys are fucking hot!

your writer, Erika

Not So Prepped

Damn! I have been a pretty busy little bee lately. But I am here now, but tomorrow school starts. So um yeah, that is going to be exciting. LOL. Hopefully I will do well. I still feel like I am not 100% ready for it to start because I haven't fixed everything yet. LOL, I stil need a notebook so that I can take note for class. And the actual textbook. Oops! Super irresponsible. Well well. I guess that I have to swing by the campus bookstore tomorrow before class.

I really want get a sweatshirt with the schools name on it. That would be really cool. I am going to ask tomorrow at the student center if they sell that on campus or if it is only online. Idk because haven't seen a store like that at campus. LOL, I have been on that campus like twice in my life time. Once in high school when we got a campus tour and once last week. I can't remember that I have been there other than that.

your writer, Erika

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Official Video)

'Cause You Know I'm All About Those A's

Wow! I am really bad at updating lately! But it is just because I am working so much that I never have time and I always get home so late that I am too tired to blog. Sorry, and I can't promise that it won't happen again. 'Cause chances are that it most likely will. Thank God for the weekend! LOL because I may just be swept away to work. I never know when I am needed. My boss just texts or calls me whenever he needs me. Like last night. OMG, what are the odds that I am at home cleaning and my boss texts me to see if I can come over and clean? I was kind of laughing at the situation. But I did go over to his place after I finished cleaning my own apartment.

I went to SU main campus yesterday because I had missed the group registration for the two courses that I am taking this semester. Again, work is keeping my mind elsewhere. Anyway, what I want to say is that I feel like I missed - It's not that I feel like I missed, I actually missed the whole orientation week for ne…

Zara Larsson - Uncover

Nr 6

Hi! OMG sorry for not posting anything the past few days but I have been busy working and doing other stuff. But I am here now and that is that important thing. Hahaha. So how are you all? Good I hope! I am good anyway.

I have had the worst luck with my phone this weekend. The touch function stopped working! Hmmm. And now it seems to be working whenever it wants too. This is now funny! It is forcing me to buy a new phone. I mean I probably could get it fixed but why do that when there is a newer version of iPhone out. iPhone 6 here I come. LOL. We'll see. My phone might b working right now but I need one like asap!

your writer, Erika

Oscar Nominations

OMG have you read the Oscars nominations yet!? I just did and booooy (LOL, that makes me sound like an old lady) am I excited! After seeing Interstellar I was like this movie need like a gazillion Oscars but then I changed my mind, or I am mean that my fave shifted to The Imitation Game. Actually I have three fave movies. The Imitation Game, Interstellar and Gone Girl. But only The Imitation Game is nominated for Best Picture. Okay, that makes it easier for me for and say that that is my fave for Best Picture. For Best Actor I am really hoping and pray that Benedict Cumberbatch wins that award. For Best Actress I am hoping and praying for Rosamund Pike because that woman be craaaaazy good as Amy in Gone Girl! Those are the only BIG faves that I have. Okay, that Graham Moore wins Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game. Just really in general the The Imitation Game and Interstellar are the big winners of the night since they have eight and five nominations respectively. Well wel…

Katharine McPhee - Love Story

Starbucks Loving Fangirl

Shoo! How is everyone? I am good now. I was out with a cold yesterday so that is why I didn't post anything. I just layed in bed and cuddled with Merlin and watched TV. Just the typical being in sick things. LOL. I make it sound like I was out with a fever too. Hmm. Or maybe not but in my own head is sounds like I am trying to make it like that.

Okay so Etsy is killing me right now! Gash! It is not good to go on Esty if your a Starbucks loving fangirl! OMG! I have seen so many things that I #NEED right now in the span of less than a second. Uhuh! I need them now! OMG!

You can buy the book here :)
If you buy this candle before me tell me how it smells! Buy here :)
Cool t-shirt huh! BUY IT NOW!

your writer, Erika

The Only Ten I See

I hate those nights (like tonight), when I don't know what to write. Gash, 'cause I kind of want to do something. Hmmm. I kind of need your help though. I want to read something by Tennessee Williams, post 1950. Which is basically most of his work, but still something post 1950. I have actually read one of his plays before. A Streetcar Named Desire. Twice. Once in college and a few months ago.  I just felt like I needed to re-read it. Which I am thankful that did because I don't think that I got it the first time. It's really good. I need to see the movie now. LOL, I have only seen clips from it.

Talking about Tennessee. You know that pick-up line "Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only tenn-e-ssee (ten I see)!" First time I heard it was when Oliver said it on Hannah Montana. And I didn't get it then because I then it was "You are the only tenn I see!" I was like totally confused! What is so special about tenn that you want to be compa…

New Year Cleaning

Oh, it is past 11 PM so maybe it is time for me to write something for you guys before I get too tired. LOL. So what have you all done today? I went and saw Taken 3. It was good and you should definitely see it if you have seen the other two. So yeah, I do recommend it! Out of the three movies the first one is the best, then the third one and last the second one.

Aaaah! Tomorrow I am going to try to be more honest with myself and go thorough my closet. I need some new year cleaning. I just need to g through my closet and get rid of stuff period! Gash. That is hard! Because getting rid of a t-shirt is like giving away one of you children. Not that I have kids but I am imagining that is what it feels like. I know that I have a few things that I haven't used in a while. Hmm. Well. We'll see how honest I will really be with myself.

your writer, Erika

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Being A Fangirl

Hello my darlings! How are you all this fine Friday evening? LOL, I just did the same old same old thing. You know, watching a movie on viaplay. In the era of netflix and viaplay and web-TV, how else should a woman in her 20's spend a Friday night? Let me rephrase that, who else should a fangirl in her 20's spend a Friday night? Hahaha. Actually if I am really a fangirl I should spend all day every day watching videos on youtube and stalking my fave online. But I don't stalk, that is too deep for my taste. (Let's all pretend that I was serious about that last sentence.)

your writer, Erika


Idk, guys. So I have started to get like eczema around my eyes. They itch and when I wake up in the morning they are kind of swollen and a little bit red. Plus I think that it looks like I have gotten dark circles under my eyes. Like a little bit more than before. Or idk. Everything just feels worse because the skin around the eyes is tense because it's dry and a little swollen. So like I don't feel like my normal beautiful self. All I can think of is like concealer to hide that they are red and the dark circles.

Anyways, what I am trying to say about me wanting concealer to hide the hideousness that has suddenly appeared on my face is probably all in my head. Yes, people have commented on my eczema (when I have mentioned it to them). But today when I hung out with a friend she told me that I looked really fresh, awake and happy. Exactly not how feel. Happy maybe but not fresh and maybe not awake (I kind of feel like I look like a dead zombie). Then when I went to Sephora beca…

Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart


Hi guys! How are you tonight? Good? I am good anyway. LOL. I am always in a good mood. I mean like why waste feelings on things that make you feel not good. Sometimes that might be in inevitable.

Today I went to w a little fashion show show for a brand called 5 PRE VIE W. It was fun and the clothes were kind of cool. Plus you got a little goodie bag with some clothes from the brand (but they were not part of the collection). I love the t-shirt, too bad that it's two sizes too big. Well, well I'll find a way to make it fit me. Because I like it. I like the print.

your writer, Erika Eklund

Love Cove

Hi guys! I have been looking on Etsy for a "PROFESSIONAL FANGIRL" sweatshirt. And I found this British brand called Love Cove Apparel. They has this really cute t-shirts and sweaters with cute quotes or sayings on them. Gaaaah! I really want one! Especially a "PROFESSIONAL FANGIRL" sweater. But they also have a "PROFESSIONAL FANGIRL" crop top and now I am on the fence of which one that I want. but they are not the expensive so I could buy them both. Hopefully I don't have pay custom fees since it's from a european country. Both Sweden and the UK are in the EU.

Check out Love Cove Apparel on Etsy!

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(picture source/ credit to:…

The 5th

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. I thought that I was too tired to blog tonight but I am here so obviously I am not. LOL. I am getting old. LOL. I remember (I have probably mentioned this like a million times before) that when I first started this blog eight years ago my goal was to blog every single day. I kept that promise... for a few days. So then I told myself that is was okay not to blog every single day. Then I blogged a few times a week and then I stopped for a month. LOL. But even though I haven't blogged every single day since I started the blog I am still here eight years later. I have learned a lot by having this blog.

I freaked myself out for a moment! And got very bad at math. I counted nine years but it has been eight years. Can you believe it?! That I have had this blog for eight years. That is pretty cool! I wonder if I'll still be here in eight years? I guess only time will tell.

Is 2015 going good for ya so far? I feel like people put too much pressure on th…

The Finest Things

Hi guys! How are you all today? I am good. My sleeping pattern is still a little fucked up but I am good. I have been home all day long doing none of the things I feel like I should have had done. But the day isn't over yet. There is still time to get things done. But not right now because I am watching War Horse on TV and that means Benedict Cumberbatch AND Tom Hiddleston at the same time [heart eyed cat emoji]. LOL.

I am sitting here looking at bags online because I want a new one. The handles on mine are looking a bit broken. The rest of the bag is fine but it is the handles. If I knew a good way to replace just them that I would do that. Oh, I just thought of a thing. I gotta go to Panduro some day and see what they have! I am a genius. But I still want a new bag though.

your writer, Erika

Messed Up Sleeping Pattern

Hi guys how are you all? Sorry for not posting anything last night but my sleeping pattern is still was still a little fucked up from New Years for being up in until like 7:30 AM. I think that is the longest I am ever been up. 23 hours. Don't go and think now that I slept until like sometime in the afternoon. Oh, NO! I woke up at like somewhere between 10 AM and 10:30 AM and couldn't sleep. Then Fanny kept texting me and I couldn't sleep because of that. But I didn't get out of bed until after like 11 AM because I thought that I should give sleeping another try. But nah, it didn't work out that way. It doesn't help that I stayed up late again because of work and then had to get up "early" (good thing that I had set my alarm) because I had to do laundry.

I really didn't do much yesterday. I mean I did laundry and cleaned my own apartment. And I also went to ÖoB sometime during the day. I remember that I called Fanny to see if she wanted to hang out…

It's a New Year

OMG! I am so sorry! I have done it again - not blogged for several days! Ooops! LOL. But Happy New Year everyone! Did you have a good night last night or this morning or however/ whenever you celebrated? I did! I had a fantastic time. I made other plans and spent New Years with friends and I don't want to kiss and tell but lets just say that it was pretty eventful. Or maybe lets just put it as that way I experienced it.

I am excited for the year to come! 2014 was an funny year, especially the last few months! I have had a lot of fun and got to do things that I have dreamt of my whole life. Plus I have made some really great friends. I really love the chance I got of begin an extra in Alena - a movie that I am really excited to see! When I know more about the release date of the movie I will tell you. I hope that I will get more chances like that in 2015!

your writer, Erika