Idk, guys. So I have started to get like eczema around my eyes. They itch and when I wake up in the morning they are kind of swollen and a little bit red. Plus I think that it looks like I have gotten dark circles under my eyes. Like a little bit more than before. Or idk. Everything just feels worse because the skin around the eyes is tense because it's dry and a little swollen. So like I don't feel like my normal beautiful self. All I can think of is like concealer to hide that they are red and the dark circles.

Anyways, what I am trying to say about me wanting concealer to hide the hideousness that has suddenly appeared on my face is probably all in my head. Yes, people have commented on my eczema (when I have mentioned it to them). But today when I hung out with a friend she told me that I looked really fresh, awake and happy. Exactly not how feel. Happy maybe but not fresh and maybe not awake (I kind of feel like I look like a dead zombie). Then when I went to Sephora because I want a concealer and I told the woman at the benefit counter that I wanted to cover the dark circles she just looked at me with a weird face. Then I said that it is/ that I feel like it is worse than it normally is, then she seemed to understand. She told me that she didn't see anything.

Okay, here is my point. (I am the worst person at explaining things.) My point is that idk but we put ourselves down way more than we should. We too often create things that aren't there. The eczemas are real because I can feel them (because they itch, duh - and the tense skin). Maybe I should give myself a little slack and realise I am good looking either way? Or pile on a bunch of makeup because true beauty was a concept made up by people before we had makeup that makes us way more beautiful? Or again just diss makeup for a while so that my face can rest (I actually do that sometimes!). My point again: Is that people are to hard on themselves! Yes YOU ARE beautiful without makeup! We love you for you! #daretobeyou

your writer, Erika


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