Starbucks Loving Fangirl

Shoo! How is everyone? I am good now. I was out with a cold yesterday so that is why I didn't post anything. I just layed in bed and cuddled with Merlin and watched TV. Just the typical being in sick things. LOL. I make it sound like I was out with a fever too. Hmm. Or maybe not but in my own head is sounds like I am trying to make it like that.

Okay so Etsy is killing me right now! Gash! It is not good to go on Esty if your a Starbucks loving fangirl! OMG! I have seen so many things that I #NEED right now in the span of less than a second. Uhuh! I need them now! OMG!

You can buy the book here :)

If you buy this candle before me tell me how it smells! Buy here :)

Cool t-shirt huh! BUY IT NOW!

your writer, Erika


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