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I´m Sorry

I´m so sorry that I haven´t written since wednesday! But sometimes I´m just so tired. But enough about that. Next friday it´s my birthday. If you don´t I´m turning 14. A big day! I wonder what I get and if I´ll get anything from my wish list. I hope so, because if I don´t it´s not gonna be a happy moment. It will be but I will not be happy. I mean birthdays are really special. They are for me! Really, really, really special. On your birthday you are suppose to be happy or you should. Don´t let your mom, dad and siblings get in your my on your birthday. It´s your day. I hope that my mom dosn´t destroy my birthday!!!! It a day I should be happy. I´m happy other days of the year but this one is the one I really, really, really should be happy. And if my mom planed anything without me that I don´t know about and I got other plans she can´t make me go on with her plans. I mean she didn´t tell me about it so she can´t make me.

The Perfect Spring Jacket

Today me and my mom went to "Kista Galleria" (Kista mall) to shop me a new spring jacket. We went from store to store to find the perfect jacket and didn´t found anything. But when I finaly found a jacket I wanted it was to small. I almost cried. No, I didn´t but I really liked that jacket.
But tomorrow my mom are going to an other
KappAhl store (KappAhl is the name of the store) to find the jacket in the right size. I really hope she does find it in´the right size.
Oh, one more thing I can´t go to the concert. My mom she said that is was because I had to sand up the whole concert. Come on I´m 13 years old (14 next friday), I can take that. It´s not like I´m 3 and cry everytime someone touch me!! I can just see what happens, maydy she has alredy bought ticets.

Good Charlotte

I so want to go to Good Charlotte's concert on Anexet, Stockholm! But I don´t think my mom will let me. Me and my friend Malin want to go the concert together. Malins mom let her go. Why can´t my mom let me go?!?! I know that I probably have to pay the ticket my self but any way. I so want to go!!!! Malin told me that she baked her mom a cake and that I should do that too. Maybe that's a good idea. After school tomorrow I will try that if she´s not home. I got this free movie tickets from this radio station. It just two tickets so one I gave to my mom and on her birthday last year I gave her Red Hot Chili Peppers CD Stadium Arcadium and some spa stuff. So i think that she should give something back to me or she give me stuff like all the time. But I asked her a few minutes ago and she said that she will think about it until tomorrow. Thank god for that. Hope she decide to let me go. The concert is on a school night but all the concerts is on a school night or all most every c…

A Day in This World

Today I went to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I went do this new mini mall called Souk on Drottninggatan. Souk re-placed Debenhams. I like Debenhams and Souk. Souk got 16 different brands. In Souk it’s a mess! I mean it’s not dirt everywhere but it’s clothes, shoes and sunglasses everywhere. I love all those stuff but it starts to look like my room. In my room it’s clothes on the floor. It’s not like that in Souk. You get my point, don’t ya!! But I like the way it is in there. I bought two t-shirts on edc by esprit. I love them. Visit Souks wedpage!!! One more thing today when I come home I rented a movie called Monster House. Everyone who is reading this sould see that movie. I loved it.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are two very cool twins. They know how to make money and they can act. Through the years they have made CD:s, books, clothes, magazines and many other stuff. The list goes on and on and on. These girls are idols for many girls and probably boys. They are fashion icons , they have a cool style and they are really cool models. I think that even after they die people will talk about them and have them as idols. These girls have made it to the top!! So here is a few pictures of the twins and a video mad by me to enjoy!!!!!