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Hard Worker

Hi guys! What's up y'all? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Are you enjoying Black Friday? Stupid question! It's Black Friday so of course you are enjoying it. Hahaha, apparently Black Friday has sneaked it way in to the Swedish market. Yeah yeah! I worked all day so I didn't really look into that. Well, my work day actually started at 6:30 AM this morning and ended at 2 PM. Hahaha, this meant that I went up at 5 AM. Oh, yeah that's right 5 fucking AM. It's inhuman and I don't know why I am doing this to myself, huge question make there. Plus I am doing it three days next week and the two following weeks after that. But then it is just four hours from 7 AM to 11 AM but I still have to get up at 5 AM. Plus there is an another torture factor there, it's right next to Globen (or Ericsson Globe as it is called now a days)! Oh, yeah I mean all of you regular people might not get that, it's the arena where Justin Bieber had a concert three days in a row i…


Today is a joyous day! Today really is thanksgiving! So much to be happy and thankful for. Today JJ Hamblett from Union J became a dad to a beautiful 6 lb baby boy named Princeton J. Alexander. Today I got my copy of Midnight Memories in the mail. Plus, like this year I have done so many things that I never thought that I would never be able to do. I mean I have got the chance to be on TV. I mean, yeah just as an extra but you got to start somewhere.

Look at those adorable little feet! So cute!
When I was looking at my camera roll that I haven't posted any pictures from Sunday's episode of Partaj! Sorry but I thought that I would do that now. Did anyone watch Partaj last Sunday? Hahaha. Sorry about the pictures, I mean if you were expecting more than just selfless. I know, I know I take an incredible lot of selfies. Like, I mean this is true, I even have file on my computer called selfless. Hahaha! The last picture is taken inside the bus. We didn't shoot any scenes there …

ICA Erika

Today I was an extra in an ICA commercial. It was so much fun! I mean the ICA commercial are the best commercial for any Swedish product. For y'all who don't know what ICA is, let me explain. ICA, is a grocery store, well, it's a grocery store chain. Yeah, they have supermarkets called ICA MAXI. Anyway, the ICA commercials are very famous in Sweden. Sadly I am not allowed to post any pictures but since the commercial it's not supposed to air until week 10 next year and that's like three months away so nothing about the commercial can get out. I mean what fun would that be for the production company and for ICA who has ordered this commercial? All that hard work for nothing. Maybe if I remember it when the commercial airs, I'll post some pictures.

Like I love being in front of the camera but it is also super awkward at times. I mean, like this is what I know how to do but like when you have to walk right in front of the camera with the camera moving right behind…

Fallin' For You

Hi so it's an early one, an early post. I mean I have to got to bed "early" tonight because I have to get up at 5 AM tomorrow because I shooting this commercial tomorrow and it takes about, well a little over an hour to get there. So yeah. Hahaha, yesterday I wasn't sure where I had put my passport but I no worries I found it. Thankfully, seriously I don't know what I would have done if I had lost it. Anyway, yeah so luckily I found it but today I lost my keys. Like I had no idea where I put them. I was going mad. Well, no I have taught myself not to like over react in those situations. If something is lost it's lost deal with it, it's a material thing that you can easily replace. Plus you just get worked up for no reason, and I feel that if you stay calm you'll find what you need easier and faster. So just stay calm and clear your mind and everything will work out. Luckily I found my keys in my jacket. But not that jacket that I last wore last, aka n…

Midnight Memories Ice-Skating Release Party

So I am home after a cold but very awesome night (I have been home for a while, I didn't just come home). Where have I been you ask? I went to the Midnight Memories ice-skating release party in Kungsträdgården. It was so much fun! Cold but fun. Have you seen my keeks and my instagrams? Well, anyway follow me on keek at (wait, just have to check what my username is, hihihi oooops) erikaworld and instagram @erikaworld. The release party was between 6 PM and 9 PM but I didn't stay there until 9 PM because it was cold and the ice got really rough so you couldn't skate smoothly anymore. You could buy the album for only 99 kr and you got a poster. Plus they had free hot chocolate. It was the new choco latte from Marabou. Yum! You got a goodie bag from Marabou.

They had cardboard cut out of the boys. It was so weird because they had the new cut outs of the boys except Liam. It was the old Liam cut out. Though agree with his mom, his hair looks amazing but why was he the only &quo…

1D Day Live - Best Moments

Anyone else? I mean anyone else besides me who is like almost dead right now?  I am so tired right. Well, I am not really tired right now. At like 7:30 PM earlier tonight I felt like going to bed. 1D Day really took all of my energy. No but it was fun! I really loved it. I mean (get ready for caps lock) I MEAN OH MY FREAKING MOTHER LOVING GOD I CAN'T GET OVER HOW FREAKING HOT LIAM LOOKED! I mean he is always hot, but I mean if there was a risk that my computer would have been moisture damaged, I would have licked the screen as soon as Liam appeared on the screen. Like I am dead serious over her! Oh my damn lord he is unbelievable. Like I can't handle this anymore, I am crying myself to sleep over his perfection. Hahaha. I loved it when Piers Morgan asked them questions from the fans and the question to Liam was something about why he was so sexy. Hahaha. I mean 'cause lord.

My favorite parts from the live stream was probably the google hangout with the two girls who didn&#…

1D Day

So okay only Directioners will get this next thing. Tonigth we will be up all night, have midnight memories because we danced all night to the best song ever. Okay let me correct that, I mean european Directioners will only get that and the asian Directioners I guess. Hahaha. 1D day! Yup, the seven hour live chat. Here, in Sweden it will be on from 8 PM to 3 AM. Yep, I will be tired tomorrow. Eeh, it's One Direction and I'll do anything to those boys.

It is less than 50 minutes left until it starts so I thought that it might be a good idea to blog now because there is no chance in hell that I will blog during the live chat and after I'll be too tired! So there is no time like the present. Yup yup! Hahaha. I see everyone in SWD gearing up with pizza, candy, doritos, chips, soda, coffee and just everything. Someone even had marshmallows. Not that's weird, it's just, I just thought that I would mention that. Hehehe. Me, well I have my coffee. I am going to make a larg…

Own It

Movie night! I mean I have already had my movie night and tonights' movie was Wreck-It Ralph. I love that movie! Like oh my God when I first saw it in the theaters last fall I thought it was sad and I felt with Vanellope. I mean, poor little girl! They make her out to be something close to the grinch when she's really not. All she wants to do is to race. Her dream is to be a racer, which in the end turns out that she already is plus she also their princess. Yeah, how of an ending isn't that! Disney always keep a smile on your face.

Oh my God I just saw something on the official ANTM facebook page. OMG! Will there seriously be guys in cycle 21?! Oh my God! I hope so! They should do a guys only cycle! Yeah! I mean, it fun for a change! I love the show either way but it has been on for what, like 10 years now and it would be fun to do a guys only cycle. I mean I am just throwing it out there. I don't now what's up with cycle 21 I could have miss read the post, but let…

The Great and Powerful

Hi guys! How are you all tonight? I am good, just finished watching Oz: The Great and Powerful. There was nothing good on TV tonight so I decided to put on a DVD and Oz it was. Well, actually I was deciding between Oz: The Great and Powerful and Wreck-It Ralph. I couldn't decide so I asked the nice people in SWD about which movie to watch and they all said Oz. Hehehe and Oz I watched. Plus I thought it might be a good idea to watch that movie since the last time (also known as the first time that I watched it) I was so tired because I had been at Gröna Lund all day so I kind of power napped (or whatever) here and there during the movie. Now, I have seen the whole movie from start to finish without falling asleep. Yeah!

This weekend I really need to make a list of everyone that I am sending Christmas cards too and who I am mailing gifts to because the last day to send mailed internationally, to none EU countries is December 2nd and that is a week and a half away. Hmm, there are a f…

We Own The Night

So right now I am a little tired. I have been catching up on a few TV series tonight since I have been kind of busy this week. Do you have any favorite TV series that you just have to watch? I mean I don't know if I have anything that I am like addicted to but I really like How I Met Your Mother. That's definitely one of my favorite series, I am so sad that this is the last season. Like when the show first started back in 2005 I hated it. Like every time the it was on TV I was "Urgh, not that again" and *click* changing the channel. Now, well it's one of my favorite show. Hmmm but kind of like with most things I like. I mean first I don't like them but then I hate them so hard that I actually start to like them. So like I know that if I really hate something I know that I am going to end up liking it. Annoying, I know.

Guys! It's Christmas soon! Y'all haven't forgotten that right? Hahaha. You're getting me a good present!! RIGHT?! Na, JK but a…

Notice Me

Hi guys! So this won't be something long and meaningful, not that what I post is long and meaningful. Well whatever, I am blogging now instead of later because I have a job interview later tonight, it's between 8 PM and 9:30 PM. To make it sound even weirder it's a group interview. Hahaha. I mean, I guess that it must sound weird. I mean a group interview for a job at 8 PM. I don't know what it sound like to you but if a friend told me this I would be like "What hell kind of job is this?! U Crazy?". Hahaha no. It's nothing weird, I assure you. You don't have to worry. Plus I have another job interview tomorrow morning. Thankfully it's at 10 AM so I don't have to get up that early since I'll be home late tonight. I am not really not like super excited for the job interview tonight but if I get it it will just be something to do while time passes by, until something better comes along.

So has any of you purchased Alli Simpson's new singl…

Big Fat Close Up

Oh my God, hi guys! Sorry that I didn't post anything last night but I was really tired plus I didn't feel well. So I went to bed early. Hahaha, early um yeah I went to bed at 10:30 PM. That's early to me because I usually go to bed somewhere between 12 AM and 1 AM. Hahaha. Yeah yeah! Like I was so tired that I forgot that there was a new episode of Solsidan, so I had to watch it on TV4 Play today and I fell asleep during Partaj! I saw parts of it but I missed most of it. Hmmm, well thank God I guess for Kanal5 Play. Hahaha, I mean so that I could watch it today so that I could see Høllefjord.

Hmm, so I am looking picture from the Høllefjord sketch that aired in last nights' episode of Partaj but I can't find any. Hmmm, weird! I don't know why, maybe I didn't take any. I mean there were just hallway scenes so, um yeah nothing special except for the fact that the cops looked really funny. I mean how normal is it for a a cop to wear skis? Hahaha. And those ha…


Hi hi hi! How are you? I am good. I have had a good day. I bought a dress for Christmas today. Yeah, early I know but I couldn't just pass on the opportunity of buying it when BIKBOK had 40% off in the entire store. I mean right?! A sale! Only a dummy would ignore that. Hahaha. No, but y'all know that I have been wanting this dress for a while (yeah it's the red dress that kind of looks like the red lace dress from the Kardashian Kollection that I blogged about about two weeks ago). I mean I wasn't sure if I was going to get it or not but when I saw the sale today I thought why not, I mean 40% off, right?! Hahaha.

So anyway the rest of my day has been good too. I bought delicatobollar because there was this cafe where we shot Høllefjord yesterday and they sold delicatobollar and I was so tempted to buy one there but I thought why not buy a six pack at the grocery store instead. I got six for the same price as two at cafe. Hahaha, I am smart cookie. Ah, so I watched the…

Awkwardly Funny

So yeah weekend after a long day, afternoon/ evening. Whatever you like too call it. I shot some sense for Høllefjord High today. It was fun and it fun that there were some familiar faces there too. I mean the people that have been in every Hølle sketch this season. OMG, I am such a dork. Now but it was just awkward (well, it felt so anyway from my perspective) when I say bye to the crew after the shoot today (okay so I am going to say this in swedish, you are free to use google translate but it probably won't make much sense). So yeah I thanked them for today and then I was like "God helg" (I was wishing them a good weekend, you don't say "god helg" it's "trevlig helg") so yeah then Kristin answered, "Trevlig helg" and I was like "a juste, trevlig helg" (a juste = oh yeah). It wasn't like an awkward situation just that, IDK, I just, I mean as soon as I said "god helg" I knew it wasn't right. Oh my God, my…

Dry Land

So yeah! Found my transcripts! I don't need to spend 1495 kr on that. BTW, I would never had used that website since my gut was telling me that it wasn't legit. I didn't call skolverket, I didn't need too since I found my grades but I think that I'll might just call them anyway. Maybe tomorrow in-between takes. Hahaha. I mean I just want to know, I mean since my high school doesn't exist anymore what do I do if I want my grades/ need them? I mean if I need another copy of them.

Seriously my mind is really dry tonight. Like what do you want me to tell you? Yeah, I am shooting another sketch for Høllefjord High tomorrow. I don't feel like I can keep telling you guys that same old story over and over again. Like even I am tired. I kind of feel like I am bragging. No, what I mean is. IDK what I mean. But seriously if I want to tell you about that I will tell you about that. It's my madda fucking blog!

So, um yeah this was short. I just don't know what t…

Official official

You know that saying "My room is either the gates of hell or the temperature of antarctica, well step into my room and welcome to antarctica. Seriously this is not normal. I mean, they can't be serious. No, I mean. I don't know what I mean but any way, I just, it's fucking cold that's my point. Like, I am wearing three pairs of socks and my toes are still ice cubes. I am wearing sweatpants, still cold. The ventilation don't close all the way either. OMG. If I get sick and die because of this someone is getting sue. Hmm, that might be hard because I would be dead then so I guess I just come back and haunt someone. But I promise you that if this was America someone would be getting served. So fucking cold. I just want to crawl up underneath my covers and just lay there but blogging is more fun and it keeps my mind distracted from the fact that my toes are ice cubes right now.

Never happy. Well, IDK but there is like never the perfect temperature. Your either too…

Super Woman

Hi. Hmm for a second I was like, "what did I do today?" then I remembered. I mean that is kind of one of the things that I do when I open a blank post. I think about what I have done all day. that will say if I don't have any clear idea of what I am going to blog about. Yeah, here I am not a thought in my head about what to tell you. Though my mind if running around in circles trying to juggle everything.

So I found a topic, aaah you kan always rely on SWD to keep you entertained. Hahaha. Anyway so right now we are kind of having a discussions about how long it takes for everyone to get ready for school/ work in the morning. Like, I need two hours before I have to leave the house so that I don't have to stress. I mean getting ready takes time. Plus I don't want to stress, I want to do everything in peace and quiet. I shower, I eat breakfast, do my hair, brush my teeth and do my makeup. Doing my makeup is the last thing that I do. It's not something that I pri…

Luck @ Random

Oh em gee guys! I have become like obsessed with Hot Chelle Rae's Recklessly! Like dayum! They are so good. I love their music and everything and they just blow my kind with every new song that they put out! I hope that they come to Sweden next year. Plus, like I have always had a crush on Ryan! Like c'mon he's fucking hot! I just love him! I mean I love them all, they are super cool and talented musicians IDK I am kind of slightly more drawn to Ryan. He's hot. Hahaha. Watch their live music video of Recklessly in my last post. I am sure that you will be just as obsessed as I am.

You wanna know a great thing? I am going to tell you anyway so stop reading if you don't want to know (please continue reading). Alli Simpson followed me on twitter today! Yeah. I chocked when I saw it. I was like WHAAAAT?! Now both Cody and Alli follows me! Like this is too amazing! I admire them so much. I know that they are a few years younger than me but it is so cool that they follow …

Hot Chelle Rae - Recklessly (Live)


Almost 00:00. Sorry that I am late! I have been on twitter spammin with the hashtag #voteaustinmahone. It's been an up and down battle against Ariana Grande. Yeah, I think that she has an amazing voice and is one of the best singers out there but I am a bigger fan of Austin so, um yeah. Austin for president! LOL, no but Austin for MTV EMA Artist On The Rise! Yeah! I really hope that he wins this. I got a tweet limit for God's sake. I have never had one before. I got tweet limits on my phone and on regular twitter. That is frustrating! In this writing moment Austin is ahead of Ari with almost 30,000 votes. But as I have learned tonight, that can change very very quickly! Too quickly! All the love for Austin!

So did anyone watch tonight's episode of Partaj? I know that I keep nagging this but, the Hølle sketch that was in tonight's episode was really weird to shoot. My reaction she I walked on set that day was "WTF?!". I mean because when you see a classroom an…


So today has been a mellow day. I feel like it has been easy. I mean that I have taken things easy. Like I haven't been stressed or whatever. Hahaha. I bought me second Christmas present today. I was like why not when I bought it. I mean the person that it's for have mentioned that he/ she wants this particular thing and so when I bought it I just thought that it was perfect and that why not buy it. I just wanted to clarify that I didn't mean "why not" as is in something random. It was not random, because I walked in to the particular store looking for that particular thing. Sorry that I am being all cryptic about what I bought and who it is for but whoever I bought it for might be reading this so I can't say what I bought and who it is for. I mean I want it to be a surprise. What fun is it if you know what you're getting for Christmas? So this is all hush hush.

Have you bought any Christmas presents yet? Have you started planning for Christmas? Christmas…

A Good Friday

OMG! Hi guys. So I don't know if you have read yesterdays post but I am going to update it because I forgot to write some things. I was kind of in a hurry last night when I wrote. Well, not in a hurry as I was going somewhere, in a hurry as in it was late and I needed to go to bed to get some sleep because I had to get up at 6 AM this morning because I had a Høllefjord shoot today. In a that kind of way. LOL. But I won't update last night's post tonight, I'll do it tomorrow instead. And why updated it and not make a new post? Because I was going to tell you about some other things about the expo but I got distracted about something on twitter and I was just trying to make sense of it all. Which I did. If you know me you can pretty much guess what it was or if you know what happened on twitter last night.

Today was a really good day on set. Not that any day had been exceptionally bad, it's just that today felt good. Everything went smoothly. You know what, I thought…

Food Expo

Well, I had a good day today! I went to Mitt Kök which is the biggest food expo in Scandinavia. I have been waiting for this since last November because I couldn't go then because I lived in California then. Well well! I got to got today and I bought some delicious things! Yum, yum, yum!

olive oil
sun dried tomatoes
pear glögg
chocolate/ oat squares
They had glögg that tasted like delicatobollar (it's a kind of chocolate balls or whatever you call them in english) and like the raspberry and licorice candy skulls. No, just no to those to. It was fun to taste but nothing I'll actually buy. Ewww, kind of, almost. Hahaha. Novello, the olive oil, that I bought tasted kind of like grass. It was so delicious. The sun dried tomatoes were delicious, a little sweet and just perfect because they were just a little sun dried. Yum, yum. I can't wait to eat all of this.

your writer, Erika

Deep & Personal

Yeah! Hi guys, how are you? Um, the yeah is because I thought of something to write. That was my instant thought so I decided to type it. I do that sometimes, type my thoughts that will be, it's more fun/ alive or whatever. it brings you closer to me. Right? I mean isn't it more personal that way? Hahaha, that's funny, I mean because this blog is just SO deep and personal that every single word I write brings you to tears. I don't know maybe it does, I can say that I am for sure not sitting here crying. I am just sitting here with an emotional less face most of the time, unless I get distracted and read something in SWD. 'Cause those people crack me up. Mohaha.

Anyways, I picked up my shoes at the shoemaker today. Finally I can use them with out the heel on the left shoe wiggling. That was annoying. I mean I should have gone back with them to the store where I bough them from when I noticed that the shoe was broken, but I don't know, I just kept on procrastinat…

Instawishing Fabolous

Hi guys! How are you? I am sitting all curled up in a blanket with my Mac in my lap. It's freaking cold! Oh, so cold. Sometimes I think that this country is too cold for me. Hahaha, and when I lived in California I thought that I was going to die sometimes because of the heat. Hihihi. Nothing is ever good enough. Nah, I mean, I don't know what I mean actually. I just don't know. LOL. Weird.

So I was looking through my instagram pictures earlier and I saw these three pictures, kind of wishes for this year or something like that. Just looking at them I am realizing that they have all kind come true. I mean that's the exact same Michael Kors watch that I got for my birthday, Starbucks opened on Arlanda this spring and is now opening it's second coffee shop in Stockholm next month and I feel like I have had a pretty good year so far (I feel like it's too soon to really sum up the year, a lot of things can still happen). I mean, weird. These last few years has been …


So, hi guys! What's up in the hizzle mi dizzles? Hahaha. So, fashion, um yeah. Like I am obsessed with this red lace dress from Kardshian Kollection For Lipsy. It's like "OH MY GOD". I just completely love it! But unfortunately I live in Sweden and unfourtunetly they don't sell those clothes here so I have been like obsessing/ trying to find a similar dress or something that is kind of like it. I mean they are not like super similar but kind of. I don't know but I still love them both. I want a red dress for Christmas but the problem is if I buy a cute dress for Christmas now, I won't wear it until Christmas. I mean I will kind of save it for Christmas since I bought it for Christmas you know. Hahaha.

Kardashian Kollection For Lipsy dress
(picture source:

BikBok dress
(picture source:…


So, Partaj… who watched it? Or are you too involved with watching SOML? I say watch SOML because that is way more important. Please watch SOML! I have already posted the video here on Erika's World but incase you missed the click here and watch over and over again and tell all your friends about! Please! It's important.

Over to Partaj. Hahaha. Who watched tonight's episode? I did, I mean I watch every episode because, yeah you know (I don't feel like that reason has to be repeated). I am going to left you in on a little Partaj secret. It's not really a secret more a fun fact. Mohahaha, that's how funny it is. Anyway. If you watched tonight's episode of Partaj and saw the latest Høllefjord High sketch you saw that they had a halloween party at the school. All of the extras were dressed as ghost's, just the characters dressed up as something. Anyway, yeah so that sketch was shot on two different days like two weeks apart. Mohahaha. LOL. I was the ghost al…