Midnight Memories Ice-Skating Release Party

So I am home after a cold but very awesome night (I have been home for a while, I didn't just come home). Where have I been you ask? I went to the Midnight Memories ice-skating release party in Kungsträdgården. It was so much fun! Cold but fun. Have you seen my keeks and my instagrams? Well, anyway follow me on keek at (wait, just have to check what my username is, hihihi oooops) erikaworld and instagram @erikaworld. The release party was between 6 PM and 9 PM but I didn't stay there until 9 PM because it was cold and the ice got really rough so you couldn't skate smoothly anymore. You could buy the album for only 99 kr and you got a poster. Plus they had free hot chocolate. It was the new choco latte from Marabou. Yum! You got a goodie bag from Marabou.

They had cardboard cut out of the boys. It was so weird because they had the new cut outs of the boys except Liam. It was the old Liam cut out. Though agree with his mom, his hair looks amazing but why was he the only "old" one? It's like with aftonbladet and their obsession with Harry Styles (nigga please learn that they are called One Direction and not Harry Styles and the boys, weirdos).

I am the one in the red jacket at the end on the right side
(photo credit to @titolina74 on instagram)

your writer, Erika


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