1D Day Live - Best Moments

Anyone else? I mean anyone else besides me who is like almost dead right now?  I am so tired right. Well, I am not really tired right now. At like 7:30 PM earlier tonight I felt like going to bed. 1D Day really took all of my energy. No but it was fun! I really loved it. I mean (get ready for caps lock) I MEAN OH MY FREAKING MOTHER LOVING GOD I CAN'T GET OVER HOW FREAKING HOT LIAM LOOKED! I mean he is always hot, but I mean if there was a risk that my computer would have been moisture damaged, I would have licked the screen as soon as Liam appeared on the screen. Like I am dead serious over her! Oh my damn lord he is unbelievable. Like I can't handle this anymore, I am crying myself to sleep over his perfection. Hahaha. I loved it when Piers Morgan asked them questions from the fans and the question to Liam was something about why he was so sexy. Hahaha. I mean 'cause lord.

My favorite parts from the live stream was probably the google hangout with the two girls who didn't realize that they were live with Niall and Harry and the Talk Dirty video. The Talk Dirty with at 1st place and the google hangout at 2nd place. Did you see the video when Harry was working out? It looked like he was working out in jeans. I asked my friends in SWD and they thought so too. Only Harry. Hahaha. But the big talk was about Louis. Hahaha. Louis was just being Louis. Hahaha, hilarious Louis. I loved the Jerry Springer thing when they brought out his mom, like WTF?! Hahaha.

Cudos to everyone who watched the whole thing! Especially to the European and Asian Directioners! I mean because for the Europeans it started late at night and ended really in the morning and for the Asians it started early in the morning and ended sometime in the before noon I guess. I mean the North Americans, c'mon 1D Day so no challenge for them. They just got to enjoy a good day. The Asians and the Europeans stayed up all night got some amazing midnight memories because we danced all night to the best song ever. We really did it! Oh I just thought of top three best thing from the live stream, hahaha. Okay at 3rd place, *drum roll*, when Liam used a fork instead of a spoon! Loved it, priceless! Only Liam!

Yeah, so there was this thing. I mean it was seven hour long live stream. Um yeah. So about an hour and half into it I had to pee and I was like "what am I going to do?" because I didn't want to miss anything. So IDK but made post in SWD and one girl said to bring my phone with me to the toilet and then she linked the link to live stream in a comment. First, I was like "no I can't bring my phone, like ewww" but then, I just really had top pee so I brought my phone into the bathroom so that I could watch the live stream while I peed. I just laughed the whole time because it was so ridicules. I mean I brought my phone with me to the bathroom to watch the live stream while I peed. Oh, just thought of top 4 best thing from the live stream. At 4th place, *drum roll*, Louis and his Louisness. Hihihi.

Talk Dirty video

Oh, just thought of top 5 moment from the live stream. At 5th place, *drum roll*, Harry Pottery. You know when Harry made some pottery and he and Niall had kind of a ghost moment. Hahahaha. It kind of looked liked Niall's hand was having sex with Harry's face or something.

The google hangout gone wrong

Harry Pottery

I just keep thinking of awesome moments from the live stream. The truth is that the whole thing was awesome! But okay then, so at 6th place, *drum roll*, the Guinness World Record attempt at the balloon busting. Hahaha!

The Guiness World Record attempt at busting balloons

There was a bunch of good things that happened during the live stream. Sadly I can't find all the things on my top 6 list. But here are some other funny things.

The fashion show with the t-shirts made by Swedish Directioners

1D On The Spot - working out at the gym

The whole live stream was a fantastic experience! I hope that it comes out on Blu-ray. I loved how it was longer than those seven hours it was supposed to be. I mean the births guy from BBC (?) joked about it being a 24 hour thing so when the live stream went over seven hours I thought that maybe he wasn't joking. Anyway I loved it and would love if they did it again! When did you all go to bed? I went to bed at like 4 AM. Hahaha. Then I went up at like 9:40 AM. My beauty sleep was disturb. Hahaha. When did you go to bed and did you sleep all day?

your writer, Erika


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