Hi hi hi! How are you? I am good. I have had a good day. I bought a dress for Christmas today. Yeah, early I know but I couldn't just pass on the opportunity of buying it when BIKBOK had 40% off in the entire store. I mean right?! A sale! Only a dummy would ignore that. Hahaha. No, but y'all know that I have been wanting this dress for a while (yeah it's the red dress that kind of looks like the red lace dress from the Kardashian Kollection that I blogged about about two weeks ago). I mean I wasn't sure if I was going to get it or not but when I saw the sale today I thought why not, I mean 40% off, right?! Hahaha.

So anyway the rest of my day has been good too. I bought delicatobollar because there was this cafe where we shot Høllefjord yesterday and they sold delicatobollar and I was so tempted to buy one there but I thought why not buy a six pack at the grocery store instead. I got six for the same price as two at cafe. Hahaha, I am smart cookie. Ah, so I watched the finale of America's Next Top Model and yeah though I am sad the Martin didn't win I am so happy for Jourdan. That girl really deserves it! I wanted Martin to win so so so bad, I mean just look at him - DAYUM! Cory, OMG, he is just a beautiful human. I really think so. But when Jourdan stepped out on that catwalk, my jaw just dropped! That girl was on fire! DAMN! She owned that catwalk. It was so fabulous! Like amazing, I got chills. She was that good. Like, her second outfit (the one with the cape and head piece), that was just incredible the way she walked. She was really born to do this! This is her destiny. They were all amazing, and yes I would have liked that one of the boys would had won but I am not disappointed that Jourdan won 'cause, it was anyone's price between of them. They are all winners.

After last nights' cravings/ trip down memory lane I just had to watch a HSM movie tonight. Hahaha. It has been too long since last so I chose High School Musical 3: Senior Year. It is so good! Do you know that went to the premiere of HSM3 in Stockholm? Yep, September 28th 2008. I probably blogged about it so if you look in the archive you will most likely find a post about the HSM3 premiere. That was so much fun! I waited outside the theater for like 8 hours. In the cold I like to add. Yeah, I could have had worn a warmer jacket, plus I didn't have any gloves on so my hands were like super cold but I made it through and it was so worth it! That's the only movie premiere that I have ever been too.

your writer, Erika


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