Awkwardly Funny

So yeah weekend after a long day, afternoon/ evening. Whatever you like too call it. I shot some sense for Høllefjord High today. It was fun and it fun that there were some familiar faces there too. I mean the people that have been in every Hølle sketch this season. OMG, I am such a dork. Now but it was just awkward (well, it felt so anyway from my perspective) when I say bye to the crew after the shoot today (okay so I am going to say this in swedish, you are free to use google translate but it probably won't make much sense). So yeah I thanked them for today and then I was like "God helg" (I was wishing them a good weekend, you don't say "god helg" it's "trevlig helg") so yeah then Kristin answered, "Trevlig helg" and I was like "a juste, trevlig helg" (a juste = oh yeah). It wasn't like an awkward situation just that, IDK, I just, I mean as soon as I said "god helg" I knew it wasn't right. Oh my God, my bran keeps mixing swedish and english, like please stop and keep them separate ('cause that would be nice).

Oh my God *just imagine me burying my face in my hand*. So, I did something today. Like today on Roslagsbanan there was this really cute guy sitting behind my friend. I mean he was so cute that I just had to take a picture of him and show my fellow Directioners. It was so weird because I was trying to casually taking a picture of him without him noticing and yeah. Like when I took the first picture, my friend was saying something and her friend noticed that I was taking a picture of this guy. So we both started laughing and my friend who was telling her story didn't get what were laughing about. I just felt like I had to tell her that we were not laughing at her. 'Cause it was kind of rude to to start laugh while she was talking. When we got off the train and the cute guy was out of sight I told her why we started laughing. I mean this guy was really cute so I just felt like I needed to capture that, not that the picture showed any justice. Someone in SWD said it kind of looked like he was taking a picture of me in one of the pictures. Hahaha (I don't think that he was). I am not going to post the pictures here, so if you are lucky enough to be in SWD, well congratulations.

your writer, Erika


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