Today is a joyous day! Today really is thanksgiving! So much to be happy and thankful for. Today JJ Hamblett from Union J became a dad to a beautiful 6 lb baby boy named Princeton J. Alexander. Today I got my copy of Midnight Memories in the mail. Plus, like this year I have done so many things that I never thought that I would never be able to do. I mean I have got the chance to be on TV. I mean, yeah just as an extra but you got to start somewhere.

Look at those adorable little feet! So cute!

When I was looking at my camera roll that I haven't posted any pictures from Sunday's episode of Partaj! Sorry but I thought that I would do that now. Did anyone watch Partaj last Sunday? Hahaha. Sorry about the pictures, I mean if you were expecting more than just selfless. I know, I know I take an incredible lot of selfies. Like, I mean this is true, I even have file on my computer called selfless. Hahaha! The last picture is taken inside the bus. We didn't shoot any scenes there but while some of the actors were shooting a scene we got to sit in side the bus and warm us because it was kind of cold outside.

This sketch was actually shot at Häggviksskolan, not far from where I live. I actually used to live in Häggvik when I was in fourth grade but I went to a school in Rotebro. Hahaha. Anyway. Have you seen that Høllefjord sketch where Preben gets busted for "wacky tobaccy" in his locker and the sketch where we have sex ed? Anyway, this two sketches are also shot at Häggviksskolan.

your writer, Erika


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