Big Fat Close Up

Oh my God, hi guys! Sorry that I didn't post anything last night but I was really tired plus I didn't feel well. So I went to bed early. Hahaha, early um yeah I went to bed at 10:30 PM. That's early to me because I usually go to bed somewhere between 12 AM and 1 AM. Hahaha. Yeah yeah! Like I was so tired that I forgot that there was a new episode of Solsidan, so I had to watch it on TV4 Play today and I fell asleep during Partaj! I saw parts of it but I missed most of it. Hmmm, well thank God I guess for Kanal5 Play. Hahaha, I mean so that I could watch it today so that I could see Høllefjord.

Hmm, so I am looking picture from the Høllefjord sketch that aired in last nights' episode of Partaj but I can't find any. Hmmm, weird! I don't know why, maybe I didn't take any. I mean there were just hallway scenes so, um yeah nothing special except for the fact that the cops looked really funny. I mean how normal is it for a a cop to wear skis? Hahaha. And those hats and the flashing sirens! What was that! Hahaha. It was pretty hard not to laugh during set that day (I think I told you guys about that! Yeah, a couple of weeks ago that we shot something really funny and that it was hard not to laugh? I did, right?). That is the funniest episode that we have shot so far and the most fun that I have had on the set of Høllefjord High.

Anyway, I might not have found any pictures from set that day but I too screen print when I watched the episode on Kanal5 Play. I mean there was a pretty big fat close up of me. Hahahaha, not a big fat close up but you could see that is was me. I think that that was pretty cool! If I find any pictures I promise that I'll post them, okay?

your writer, Erika


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