So, Partaj… who watched it? Or are you too involved with watching SOML? I say watch SOML because that is way more important. Please watch SOML! I have already posted the video here on Erika's World but incase you missed the click here and watch over and over again and tell all your friends about! Please! It's important.

Over to Partaj. Hahaha. Who watched tonight's episode? I did, I mean I watch every episode because, yeah you know (I don't feel like that reason has to be repeated). I am going to left you in on a little Partaj secret. It's not really a secret more a fun fact. Mohahaha, that's how funny it is. Anyway. If you watched tonight's episode of Partaj and saw the latest Høllefjord High sketch you saw that they had a halloween party at the school. All of the extras were dressed as ghost's, just the characters dressed up as something. Anyway, yeah so that sketch was shot on two different days like two weeks apart. Mohahaha. LOL. I was the ghost all in white (in case you were wondering).

Me as a ghost

Oh my God! You should have been there that day when we shot this sketch! Christina (another extra) and I laughed so hard when we put the candy teeth in our mouths' so it looked like the ghost's had mouth's! For some reason it was fucking hilarious!

What I wore on tonight's episode

Seriously it was impossible to do anything with those nails!

A selfie while getting my makeup done

Before getting halloween pretty

Now I am halloween pretty

your writer, Erika


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