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I Am Ugly

I know it is stupid but it how I feel sometimes. That I am ugly.

Today at school I changed my profile picture on facebook. I have been meaning to/ wanting to for a week now. I took two pictures of myself with the webcam. They were good. I like them. Then I look at the pictures I have on my USB (or Kingston as I call it - It has "kingston" written on one side). I looked at a few pictures from last Thursday. They are also good. I asked Linda which picture I should choose. One of the pictures that I took today or a picture from last Thursday. Linda thought a picture from last Thursday was better. So I chose that picture even tough I like the pictures that I took today better. She is my friend and if she says the other picture is better I believe her. I value her opinion.

But seriously, sometimes I feel like I am ugly. Like "Why can't be I be pretty?" or "Why can't I be prettIER?". Those moments I just want to get into a foetus position a cry. Like I …


I faceraped Linda today in school. Mohaha! I wrote that she loves me and some other things.

Today was along day in school. I started at 9:10 AM and ended at 4:30 PM. The weird thing is that it didn't feel like five hours and 20 minutes. I had "fun", no not fun there was just always something to do. So I guess it was ok.

After lunch there was fire drill. First we just sat there and then our teacher came and told us that there was a fire drill. She was like "Hurry up! They are timing us.". Lame (about the timing part), but I guess it is necessary.

In the afternoon (somewhere around 3:15 PM) I made Linda site with me in the cafeteria. It is just boring sitting ifront of the computers all day long. You need a break from it. So we just sat there and talked for ten minutes.

your writer, Erika

Who's That Boy?

Damn! I love that song. Everytime I hear it I can't help but smile. 1) It is a great song. 2) It makes me think of someone. "You could say that I'm distracted. But ah you got me so attracted." I just love that song so much. DAMN, Demi you've got skills!

Ok, when I first heard Skyscraper I thought it was a good song. Not good enough that I wanted to buy Unbroken. But now, yeah, I definitly want Unbroken. I mean DAMN. I don't have Don't Forget. So, I have to get that too. I want the deluxe version. I only have Here We Go Again. I love those songs so much. Catch Me is my favorite. The best! Which is your favorite Demi Lovato song?

You know those original song that she sings in As The Bell Rings? Maybe it is just one song... Anyway, that song (it is a good song), in the Swedish version of As The Bell Rings (När Klockan Ringer. Did you know the Italian version is the original version?) Wendela Palmgren covers it. Lame. No, don't get me wrong. Wendela has a…

Life Right Now

I am sitting here blogging (Have It Hollywood and my new blog), watching Pretty Little Liars and cooking dinner (salom lasagna). Later I have to study for a test I have on Friday. It is about the history of the Swedish langue. It is a small test. Well, that is what my teacher told me.

I am persuasive. Yep, I am. I have been nagging Linda to watch 90210 for months and she has finally caved in. Mohaha! You never know when you will be the vitcim of my persuasiveness. Hehehe.

your writer, Erika

Facerape Master

That's me. Hahaha!

Today in school I faceraped a guy in my class. So much fun. OMG! I changed his profile picture to a picture of Rebecca Black, I liked her and Miley Cyrus facebook pages, I commented on a few of his friends statuses, I like all of his friends statuses, I changed his relationship status from single to in a relationship with someone he is friends with, I friend requested a few people and.... what more did I do (Linda?).

The whole thing started with that Linda, Hera and I was in one of the computer rooms in school because we were going to edit a video for an assigment in our religion class. I sat down at one of the computers. Linda wanted to sit at the one on my left side but someone was logged in. I shook the mouse so the the screen would light up so that I could she who was logged in. I saw that it was a guy in my class.

At first I thought nothing about it. But the the thought hit me "Lets see if he is logged in on facebook", which he was. Mohahaha! Then…

Times Like These

Today before I went for lunch I had to go and leave the psycology assigment in my teacher box. I went throught the cafeteria. There was this guy sitting in the sofa, playing giutar and singing this song. I recognized the song. I had it stuck in my head all day until I could figure out which song it was.

I kept repeting the lyrics in my mind to jog my memory. I rememberd that it is a Foo Fighters song. So, later when I got home I googled "Foo Fighters it's times like these that [---]" and googled helped me. The song he sang was Times Like These by the Foo Fighters.

I love the acoustic version. You should listen to it.

your writer, Erika

Assignments, But No School

Where should I start? OMG!

So, I got to school on time (as always) and sat in the sofa in cafeteria before my first class started. I got to the class room like one minute before class started and my teacher wasn't there. The woman whos incharge of the lunch cupongs was there. When I saw her I looked at Catherine and Linnea (who also has psycology with me) and asked if our teacher wasn't there. She wasn't.

I staid in school and did the assignment that I had to do so that I wouldn't get invalidabsences. That took about an hout and 15 minutes. Something like, considering I was on facebook and blogging on HIH. After that there was 55 minutes left of the lesson so I did the english homework and now I have to do some swedish homework that is supposed to be done on Wednesday.

On my way home I met Grecia at the train station. She said that she was goint to eat cookies when she came home. When she said that I was like "I wanna bake", which I did. I grabbed all the cook…

Page 340

I have this soup cookbook called Stora Soppboken. I have had it for about, I don't know - since January I think. Who cares. Anyway. I noticed a few days ago that at the end of the cook book there is a chapter with recipes for bread. LOL.

So I thought since there is a few recipes for bread that would make one. Which I did. I made the recipe on page 340.

your writer, Erika

I Changed My Hair

Just in case you were wondering, I did change my hair this morning. Voila! Before and after.

your writer, Erika

Saturday Morning

Hi everyone who reads my blog. Hi.


I am sitting here and thinking wheater I should change my hair or not. I have embeddedbraidson the side. I am thinking if maybe I should put my hair in a ponytail. Maybe a pony tail on the side. I don't know.

So what are you all doing today? I have nothing planned yet, except that I have to study a bit for that SAT's that is in two weeks. I should probably do some homework too. There is a lot of things that I should do.
It is Bolt on TV tonight I think I might watch it. I have seen it before but it s a good movie plus Miley Cyrus lends her voice to Penny. Well, I think I might watch if it is not that Swedish version. the version dubbed into Swedish. I hate dubbed movies. I also hate subtitles. They are just in the way. Plus I know English like I know Swedish (I hope, I guess I will find out that when I take the SAT's).

Ooo, yesterday in school during english we had to write a personal narrative about a musical experience. It is suppose…

At Home

Now I am at home trying to get some blogging done before I have to do some more homework and have to help mom with dinner. I probably don't have to help my mom with dinner but I like cooking and the recepie is from a cook in my room. Hehe.

Anyway. I am writing a analysis on H&M and some english grammar exercises (SAT). After dinner I am going to study for the history test I have on Friday. Thoughthe testisonlytheancient times. So it is not much. Well, it depends on who you ask. I think Linda agrees with me that it is not so much.

your writer, Erika.

Little Miss Busy

Yep, that's me. Little miss busy. Why? You ask, well let me tell you. I am homework, a test on friday and I have to study for the SAT's. It's much. Too Much. Plus my mind is (like) somewhere else, so it is even harder to stay focused on what I am supposed to do. Yeah life is hard (the people usally say "Well, think about the poor children in africa." and I say "I am partcial from Africa. Yeah, so what about me?!").

Oh, I forgot. I have TO blog. Yeah beacuse otherwise I will loose readers and I don't want that. Espacially on HIH.

your writer, Erika

Another Sunday

And tomorrow it is another Monday. Hum, Monday. Monday = School. School =!/erikaworld/status/108456721697091584.!/erikaworld/status/108456721697091584 = School more enjoyable.

Tomorrow I have phsycology a and english c. I know that we are going to watch A Clockwork Orange during the phsycology lesson. I hope will do something fun at english. The last two english c lesson's we have watched Secrets and Lies. Not a good movie. Well, I didn't like it. The scenes were two long.

I have seen A Clockwork Orange before during social studies in freshman year in high school. It's ok but I am not excited to see it. We are going to analyze it. Have you seen the movie before? Have you seen Secrets and Lies before?

your writer, Erika

American Apparel & Cubus

I tried on some clothes today at American Apparel and Cubus :)

your writer, Erika


At today's last lesson Agnes and Elin (they go in the b class and I go in the a class) asked my class if we wanted to have a studentskiva (senior party) with their class. It seemed like no one wanted to. I think that most of my classmates want to go to the c class senior party because they know more people in that class. I know that Katja (a girl in my class), her boyfriend goes in the c class. I don't really know anyone in the c class. Grecia and Towe whom I went to school with before high school goes in the c class. That's it. I am not really friends with them now. I say hi to Grecia when I see her in the hallway just to be civial.

It would be sad if we didn't have studentskiva but life doen't always go the way you planned or want to. It would to a total epic faliure without a studentskiva. It is what you are supposed to have when you graduate from high school in Sweden.

I don't want to go to their studentskiva to be honest. If my class will, then I guess I w…

New Tradera Account

I have a new tradera account. My new username is haveithollywood (I couldn't come up with anything better). So far I have put up a dress and a hoddie.

your writer, Erika

Pixie Lott - Broken Arrow

your writer, Erika

The Soundtrack Of My Life

I just wanted to share with you the current tracklist to the soundtrack of my life.

1. Dirty Little Secret - The All American Rejects
2. I Know You Know - Big Time Rush ft. Symphonie
3. Obsessed - Miley Cyrus
4. (There is a fourth song, I just can't remember it right now.)

your writer, Erika

The Weekend In Pictures

Yesterday I got new headphones for my iPod and today I got a new bag for school. What do you think?

A picture from yesterday :)

your writer, Erika

Fun In The Sun

Today I enjoyed the sunshine in Stockholm with my mom and a cup of chai latte. Yummy! I love chai lattes. I discovered them in December last year. Before that I had only had regular chai te (at home). For me it is either lattte macchiato or chai latte. Yum, yum, yum!

What do you order when you go to Wayne's Coffe, Espresso House or Starbucks (or whatever coffe place you usually go to)? I prefer Wayne's or Espresso House.

your writer, Erika

High School Morale

I have been a good girl this week. A very very good girl. Why? Beacuse FIVE (yep, 5) days on a row now I have gone to school sick. Monday: Felt like I was about to drop dead (goregous). Tuseday: Cold. Wednesday: Stuffynose. Thursday: Still a stuffynose. Friday (today): Still a stuffynose + I don't sound like myself because I have too much phlegm in throat.

Life is hard sometimes. That is why I have not been blogging so much latley. Plus I have been studying for the SAT (while I have been sick). I think I am going to watch a movie in a while. I just have to update some more on HIH.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. Aside frommy "high"schoolmorale there is two other reason why I went to school this week...