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Best of 2007 and hopes for 2008

First I just want to say something quick, Mikas video Love Today is top 58 on the top 100 2007. So, congrats to him for that! I have made a promise that won´t eat candy for a whole year. It´s probably going to be hard, but yeah I´ll make it. There will be a reward at the end. Yummy!
And now to the main things:
Best of 2007
If we start with me life and things I´ve done this year, things I think count as a "Best of 2007", we´ll probably start with Mika. You all know that that I am a total Mika freak. That´s kind of obvious. But now I am going to tell you something that may chock you: I HAVEN´T ALWAYS BEEN A MIKA FREAK! I know it chocks me to. Here´s the story: What first got me into Mika was his song Grace Kelly. I loved that song (and I do love it now as well). But the as the song/video got more and more popular the the radio stations played it all the time and so did MTV. So you know, I got kind of bored and tired of the whole Mika thing. So every time one if his videos got pla…

Hollywood Hills

Now I am going to tell you what I got for christmas, I got a iPod (the new one), 3 CD:s (Britney Spears new CD Blackout and best of Sugababes and Nelly Furtado), clothes (2 skirts, one from Thailand, a pair of shoes and "vest"), 3 different shower gels and some other thing and some other stuff. I haven´t got my christmas present from dad yet. I hope he got me an computer. Well I just have to wait and see.
Well, on "mellandagsrean" I have bought a black t-shirt that it stand Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles and a pink hoddie with a tiger on the back and with the text WILDCATS on the front. Just like that High School Musical team! Today I bought a pair of earrings that looks like two "tigers". They are really cool. I really love them and they match the pink hoddie (the earrings a silver).
Miley Cyrus made her first real music video Start All Over. It´s really good, so I thought I post it here and I also thought I post Ashlee Simpsons new video Outta My Head (Ay Y…

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody, so:

Love, your writer, Erika <3

Coming Soon.....It´s Christmas

Only a few day to go now and then it´s christmas!! Yeah!! I wonder what Santa will give me this year!! Hope he gives me Arvikafestivalen 2008 tickets!! What do you want from Santa this year? There is so much that I want, I don´t know where to begin. So I wont (begin).
Soon I have to take on this best of 2007 and write about it. I remember that I started this blog in March. But in May and June , I think, I didn´t write at all or post anything. So that´s two whole months in my life that you´ll never get to know what I did. I don´t think you care but ,yeah, anyway.
So what am I going to do today? I don´t know. Well I am going to tidy up my room a little bit or yeah the whole way. I get to see how it goes. Well, I am not going to stay home all day. That´s just boring, so I got to come up with something to do.
I know it´s friday and friday is a school day but I have winter break (or whatever you guy call it) for two weeks!! Yeah!!

So much love from your writer, Erika
I wish all my readers a Mer…

Arvikafestivalen 2008

I so want to go to Arvvikafestivalen 2008!!! The tickets are really cheap, they only cost 695 kr + camping ground! That´s not much. Even my mom thinks so! So that´s a plus sign. I really really really really really really really really really want to go! The Foo Fighters may play there. They haven´t booked them yet. They are on the TOP 50 list (you can vote on Arvikafestivalens homepage for the artist you want to play there). If you want to vote ( I command you to vote for Mika, then you are free to go) go to this wedsite and vote! I´ve voted fo Mika (x2), Justin Timberlake, Foo Fighters (x2), Lily Allen, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Alice in Videoland (x2). I hope one of them plays there. If Mika plays, then I really really really have to go! I love Mika.
Mikey in Mikas band is so cool. At Mikas concert here in Sweden he had blond hair! A chinese with blond hair, how cool isn´t that!!! I think it is really cool or yeah Mikey is a cool …

Eric Stark Maskin

Today I´ve met Eric S. Maskin. He is one of the Nobel prize winners in economics (there were three of them)! It´s me my friend Agnes and Eric behind us! I was so fun to meet him and in the church he talk about his life as a teenager. It was fun listen to that. I hope I get to meet him again! He seemed very polite or he was very polite! `Cause he was. I hope that I´ve get the chance to meet him again! If I get the chance to meet him again I hope he remembers me then!!!! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, my friend Agnes (the short girl on the picture) and me gave him a christmas card! I hope he enjoys it! Don´t you?! Outside one of the science rooms in my school they have put up a poster of Eric and the other economics winners (of the work that they have done). I am going to remember this for the rest of my life and I am going to print that picture and some other pictures of him :)! Eric said that (in the church when you could asked Eric some questions a guy asked him a question and Eric a…


A month ago today I went to Mikas concert here in Sweden. Wow, I loved it!!!!
Now it´s december and it´s soon christmas!! Can´t wait!! Oh, i got to call UMG tomorrow and ask is they will let me"praoa" there. Hope they will. If they wont let me, I just have to call someone else.
I have updated both my MySpace profiles! Check them out:
I´ve used lovemyflash on both of them!!!! I love lovemyflash!
Oh, search for Måns Zermerlöw on MySpace and YouTube!! His songs are great (he is swedish). He is one of the best artist here in Sweden!!

Something I wrote a week ago:
I so much to tell you guys! Nobel,..........that´s kind of it! The Nobel prom was we had in my school was on thursday (30/11). I had so much fun! I loved it. There were two guys in my class that won. Alex and Erik. So congratulations to them!!! You should have been there at the prom after the dinner. The school band played and then after they played a "DJ" play…