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Easier said then done

Seriously tortillas! When you read the recipe you think it is the easiest thing in the world to make. So I ask myself how the star can I fail? They don't even look like on the picture in the book. I have three that's ok and one that passed (it still don't even look like the picture in book).
I am chocked! Really I am! I don't know what happened! I am supposed to be good at this. It's my thing! Buh-huh!
Last night I tried to make foccacia and I faild. Well, I realized this morning what I did wrong so I am make new one now. I hope everything goes better this time. Prey with me that it will. When you read this the foccacia is probably done, but anyway prey. Please! Prey that I did well.
I have to go soon so I am ending this post now. I may post something later.

your writer, Erika.

Can you believe this?


I know I got to write more! I am so bad at that! It is just that I don't know what to write about. That is why I only post videos sometimes. What do you wanna hear?
Right now I am trying to decide what kind of bread I am going to bake. Maybe Bake! Ok, bake is delicious but is not something you'd normally eat for breakfast. It gotta be that kind of bread. But I bake bake too! I am going to bet my cookbook with eighty bread recipes! It is called ´Världen runt på 80 degar´.

your writer, Erika.

He Could Be The One

HP6 trailer

Visit the new website for harry Potter and the half-blood prince here.


Yesterday was midsummer's eve. I went to Skansen with my mom with Annika, Kaj, Sara and Micke and their son Caesar and Åsa and Alex. It was ok. After that everybody went to Gröna Lund (an amusement park) except my mom and I because I was cold and I really don't like Gröna Lund so much any more. It is not as much fun as when I was a kid.
When they came back from Gröna Lund my mom and I went over to Annika and Kaj's place to eat dinner. Which was around 6:20 pm. Well, we didn't exactly eat then. The dinner had to be prepared. So the dinner was done at about I don't know, somewhere between 7 pm and 7:30 pm. It is way to late to eat dinner at that time. I think that dinner shouldn't be served later then 6 pm.
When everybody prepared the dinner I tried and succeed to entertain Ceasar. He is so cute! But when he started crying I panicked. I didn't know who to handle the situation. He started crying because he got frustrated about something.

your writer, Erika.

A poem

When you are all alone
and have nowhere to go
It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel
But if you just open your eyes
you will see that it is right in front of you

your writer, Erika.

The In Crowd

New week, new challenge

First I just want to say that since was taken I am going to change the URL to within 24 hours. So I have probably change the URL by tomorrow morning.
Since I love reading I am going to reed out this book I am reading called Who are you and an other book and start on a book that is going to be a challenge. Maybe not a challenge but the book has a few more pages that I am used to.
You know what I stept into heaven today. Akademibokhandeln at Mäster Samuelsgatan in Stockholm is the biggest bookstore I have every sat my foot in. It is huge! HUGE! The store, wow, it was incredible! It looked like a library and it smelled so nice from the coffee place. I got so hungry!
Across the street there was an other bookstore that sold books to a low price. The paperback books cast 10 kr less compared to other bookstores.

your writer, Erika.

May I have your attention, please?

OMG, the rain is just falling falling falling down on my fucking window pad! Is summer the sun is supposed to be out! What has happened?! Is this summer going to be just like the two years ago, when it rained all the 24/7!
Everything looked to bright at first. The sun was out (ok, everything is kind of bright then - even the smile on your face) and is was so warm outside. I was laying down, almost dead, on the couch. And now?! I am sitting in front of the computer writing something for you guys to read. I am afraid to go outside now! But in like an hour I kind of have to.
Alex is truing six tomorrow but we are going to celebrate him today. Talking about celebrating Alex, yesterday he had a birthday party for his friends. I was there. I was not invited (thanks alot Alex!), no I just helped his mom. There was thirteen children (all from his daycare). Imagine thirteen kids high on sugar. Yeah, not funny! Theme (there wasn't really a clear theme) was disco. So the song playing the kids …

Erika's food

My first thing to do this summer is going to be........wait for it................Open a bakery! Well this week I am going to finish a brochure that I started on a few days ago (and hand it out to people I know) and open a blog. On the blog I am am going to write on swedish. The name for my bakery is going to be Erika's mat but the official name is going to be Erika's food. I'll hope someone will order something.
I got the idea (well I have thought about it before I read it) from a magazine called Julia. I mentioned it yesterday when I ate lunch with mom, Annika, Sara and her son Caesar (who's just a baby - he is three months old) and Annika thought was a great idea. She said that I absolutely should do it because I am such a great cook.
I graduated ninth grade yesterday! That's why I had lunch with mom, Annika, Sara and her son. I also got presents! So thanks for the presents once again! I loved them so much. I am really thankful for it!

your writer, Erika.

The announcement

June 6th

On saturday it is Sweden's national day. I don't know anyone that celebrates it. Maybe that's why it became a holiday a few years ago. But any way, I am going to make a strawberry cake then. I am going to use swedish strawberry's then - they are the best kind. If you ever come to Sweden during the swedish strawberry season you should buy some. They are delicious!
I love baking. It is kind of my secret passion........................... or something like that.
Do you ever celebrate you countrys national day? What do you do? Anything special?

your writer, Erika.