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Looking Forward To

So hi guys. Let's just start with a simple, how are you? I am fine, thanks for asking (not that you did ask me, but yeah yeah). So tomorrow it's Novemeber, which Imma be cranking that Christmas music. Yo yo, Erika in the hizzle, wazzup? No one says that anymore so I just made a fool of myself. Hehehehe. No but seriously though! It is not socially acceptable to listening to before November and you stop listening to it when Christmas ends. I mean it's just weird! What? I mean screaming the words to Let It Snow or Winter Wonderland in the middle of the summer? I am just saying, be carful what you wish for. Hmmmm. No, it's just weird. Just, I don't get those people. No but it is just plain weird that's all I am saying. Hehehe, so if you hear someone cranking Justin Bieber's Under The Mistletoe tomorrow I will take full responsibility.

Tomorrow, it's Friday which means that I am working. Høllefjord High. Yeah. I don't really know what else to write about…

Zara Larsson - Bad Boys (Official Video)

CODY SIMPSON - The Acoustic Sessions: All Day


Wow! I just can't believe that we shot the fifth episode of Partaj today! Five episodes! That's like half the season. It's really funny and I really love doing this. I mean, yes I am only an extra so it's not like it's a big thing our whatever. But also, yeah it kind of is. Though I have only done TV jobs as an extra, Partaj is the biggest thing that I have done. I mean I have done stuff for SVT and that's, I mean it wasn't good at all or whatever. I just feel like I have been treated the best as an extra at Partaj. Yesterday I was an extra on this new web series called Vikingshill and it will premiere in March (I was told) on SVT Play and all of the extra's got the information to be on set at 4 PM and that it would over at 7 PM. It was also really important for us to be there on time because otherwise might not get to be on participate or whatever you say. So then, we got to wait, which is very usual and something you should expect but I mean three hou…


OMG, hi guys! I feel stressed. A lot of things going on this week. First I had a shoot today, then an other tomorrow (two totally different things) and then I have Partaj on Wednesday as usual and then we are shooting another sketch for Høllefjord High on Friday. I really hope that tomorrow shoot won't go on longer then it's supposed to because I have to be on set earlier than usual on Wednesday for Partaj. So I have to get up earlier and, yeah. I mean that's really don't only thing making me stressed. The time. That there isn't enough time. Well, it's just that I want to make sure that I get enough sleep so that I have energy for Partaj. Since I have been working with the Partaj people a while now and that's a regular thing that I do, I feel like I am more loyal to that than anything else that I do. I mean, yeah, that's how it is.

On set today I met one of the extras from Partaj. I was like (in my own world) "Yes! One familiar face!". She is …

The Party People

So did you watch Partaj? I always watch it now that I am on it. Hahaha. But it is just more fun. There is no shame in watching a TV show just because you're on it. Hahaha. No, but I watch it. Høllefjord was interesting this week. LOL. We had so much fun on set that day! Especially when we shot the music class scene. Everyone was trying so hard not to laugh! It was hysterical!!!

All of the party people :)
My wardrobe for this weeks' episode :)
I was taking a few selfie's and one of the guys got annoyed so he asked me if I wanted him to take a picture of....
.... which was cool 'cause I was kind of about to ask him anyway :)
LOL, without really thinking about my make-up ended up matching my skirt :)


your writer, Erika


Ooooo, already 11 PM. Well, well! Don't forget to set back the watch tomorrow. The best thing about setting back your watch is that you get to sleep one extra hour tomorrow! Yeah! Cheers today!! One extra hour of sleep, I am so excited about that!

You know what I have kind of always liked Little Mix. I means since I found out about them. I liked there music but I wasn't like a Mixer or anything. I didn't become a Mixer until I went and saw One Direction at Friends Arena in Stockholm earlier this year. I mean they were showing music videos (over and over and over again) on the big screens before Camryn (who opened for One Direction on the European tour) and when you have heard the same song about 6-7 times in hour it kind of starts to grow on you. So yeah now I am a complete Mixer. Hehehehe.

You know (if you are a Mixer), LM's new single Move. So, um, yeah when I first heard it I didn't like. I didn't dislike it exactly. I mean I liked it but I wasn't in-lov…

Holy Ground

Yo guys! How are you? It's Friday and weekend. Yup, finally (or whatever I don't know why I say finally). I really don't have any plans. I might go shopping. Probably, just to pass time. Hahaha. OMG! You absolutely can't miss Partaj on Sunday (at 9 PM on Kanal 5) because they are going to show the funniest sketch of Høllefjord High. Like you just can't miss it! I'll post pictures on Sunday from the day we shoot that episode. We shot a bunch of things that day for a lot of different episodes. I mean, now that I am thinking about it, isn't it confusing for the actors? Hmmm, I mean whenever we are shooting something in one day I always assume it's for the same episode. Well, apparently not. Hahahaha.

I feel like I want to continue my Christmas wish list. I mean I know that I said that there are like a bunch of million little things that I want. But if I really think about it there are a few things that I really do want. I know that I am never going to get …

One Direction - Story of My Life (Audio)

Little Mix - Move

The Key To My Heart

Hi boys and girls? How ya doin', LM style. I am fine. Just perfectly fine. Hihihi. Goodie good good. Hahaha. Listening to Paramore and feeling 14 again. Hahaha. Weird. No bit I used to listen to them more back then. I actually am happy today because my The Key perfume finally came in the mail today! Oh my God! Yes! Pure perfection in a box! I was so excited when I opened the package. 'Cause finally I have it in my possession. Yeah! There was pair of smart phone gloves in the box. It's weird because I didn't order them but they were in the box. I didn't notice it at first. I was so focused on the gift box. I took a punch of pictures of it and instagramed it and of course posted my happiness in SB.

These gloves are like, oh my God, so soft and comfortable!

I made a video of me opening the package and posted it in SB. I really didn't think about it but it's funny when you think about, though I really don't care. I mean I am wearing a 1D sweatshirt in a Jus…

Agents of Shield

Wadup my peeps? So I just finished watching Marvel's Agents of Shield earlier. I mean I kind of had to. I really don't like the show that much and my prediction for the show is three seasons, tops. I may be wrong. It's not that I hate the show and think that it's well done it's just something that I can't put my finger on that is missing. Just something. I actually like how it's done, it's very neat (I don't really know how to put it, I mean describe it) but something about it is just not captivating enough for me.

Anyway, so yeah I was watching the fourth episode, "Eye Spy", because they have been running the TV spot for it all week on Kanal5 and in the TV spot you can clearly see that they are in Stockholm. They were in Stockholm and shot some scenes over a month ago and I have been wondering when that episode was going to air. Now when I saw the TV spot I was like I can't wait until Thursday to see what they were doing here! I just …

Practice What You Preach

Hi guys, so tomorrow there I am shooting Partaj again. Yeah. Plus I just realized that I haven't posted any pictures from Sunday's episode but I'll do that tomorrow. I don't even know which pictures I have from Sunday's episode. I probably took some pictures. LOL, last Wednesday I was the second one out of the extras to arrive. LOL (I don't even know I did type that, weird), it was so weird because first the call time was 10:30 AM but then it got changed to 10:15 AM because wanted to like fix us or something. Like, I don't know our hair and maybe the makeup. But when we got there, nada. LOL, I mean I am not complaining. Just weird. Whatever or maybe some of us didn't need some fixing up. Well, I guess that's just, I don't now. Anyway I posted a picture on instagram of my wardrobe for this weeks episode. Check it out, @eriikaworld on instagram.

I bought my first Christmas present today. Woop, woop. One down whole lot more to go. People need to st…


Hi guys! You know what?! Today I have been a good girl! I scored a lot of points. Hehehe. I vacuumed and mopped the floor in my room. I cleared two shelves in my book shelve so that I could put books on those two shelves. Yeah, I went and got three boxes from the basement. Two boxes with books and one box mixed with like winter clothes and two carpets. I carried them all by myself so now I have a bruise on my left thigh and my arms are kind of sore. Yeah, because the boxes with my books were heavy! The other box was just big and clumsy which made it annoying to carry. But I did it all by myself, applauds to me! Yeah!

You know what?! Like the scariest thing happened in the basement. Not that I am really afraid of the dark or anything but when the light go off and it's pitch black and you're all alone in a basement, not not a situation where you laugh out joy. Nope plus it doesn't hear some weird sound because someone is carrying in their tires for the car to put them in the…

Mr. Wifi & I

Hi! How are you? I am okay except for the fact the wifi signal is just as useless as shit right now. OMG, nothing annoys me as much as a crappy wifi signal (I know I know, first world problem). I don't know why but I just feel this huge kind of rage like feeling building up inside of me. Like oh my God can you just work for at least 30 minutes straight so that I can finish this blog post. But now way, you decided that it is more fun to fucking mess with me and only work for about 30 seconds and then not work for the next five minutes or so and then you continue like that, over and over. Like motherfucker please STOP, you little piece if shit!!!! If I had more 3G in my phone, OH BELIEVE ME, that you and I would have no relationship at all. So I feel like now that you and I are stuck in this fucking horrible situation that you could be a little bit more reasonable and mother fucking work with me! Ha, well at least any normal human being would think so. Oh, that's right, my bad -…

Selfie Overload

One picture says over a thousand words. Here are 21 slefies.

your writer, Erika


Hi guys! How are you? I am just finishing up my day by watching Modern Family on TV. So what have you all been doing today? I have been working. I shot a scene for Høllefjord High, that sketch on Partaj that I am an extra in. It was so weird today because we, the extras, got the information that we were supposed to be on location at 1:15 PM but apparently we were supposed to be there when the crew got there in the morning for some scenes. Weird. Anyway, because I saw a that I had got a text saying that they needed a few people to come to set a little bit earlier than we were told. When I saw the text I had just got out of the shower and put some laundry in the washer. Plus this washer takes like a million years for one load so, I couldn't just leave. Plus, I hadn't even brushed my teeth, done my, hair or my makeup, so I was like no where near ready. If the washer didn't take like a million years I would have been able to leave earlier. Well, well. I really don't think …

Erika's Secret

Hi guys! How ya doin' (Little Mix style)? OMG, hahahaha. Tomorrow it's Friday! Yeah, wazup bitches! Hahaha. Do you have any special plans for tomorrow? I mean or this weekend?  I am working tomorrow, Partaj ya know. We are going to shoot the sketch, HøllefjordHigh ya know. Hahaha. That will be fine. It is so much fun to actually be on the show because I know what will happen before everyone else does. Hihihi. You learn a lot too, about TV production and such.

Like the past few days I have become slightly obsessed with watching Victoria's Secret fashion show videos on youtube. Every time I see Elsa Hosk or Caroline Winberg I like freak out because they are both from Stockholm, just like me. Plus Caroline is from the same part of Stockholm as I! How cool isn't that?! I wonder if I have ever seen Caroline around town when I was younger before she started modeling. I mean she is born in 1985 and started modeling when she was 15 which was 2000 and I am born 1993. OMG! What …


Hi guys! How are you? Hmm, I really don't know what to say to you today. Hmm. I mean I went and partied. LOL, I shot some scenes for this weeks episode of Partaj. I mean that didn't take long and then I went home again. Like that is my day. Hehehe. I think that we are shooting some scenes for the sketch, HøllefjordHigh on Friday. I haven't got the schedule get but we usually get it like the they before. So that will be fun. I like this job. I wonder which episode of Høllefjord they are going to show this week. We just shoot stuff at random. I mean not in a chronological order, so I really have no idea which episode they are airing this Sunday, I can ask on Friday.

Christmas is soon. Hahaha, it's like two and a half months left, but I think that is pretty soon since it's November soon and then it is December and before you know it it is Christmas. Yeah! Christmas is my favorite holiday! Which is your favorite holiday? What I am most excited about this year is the Be…


Wow, 1500th posts! That's something right! 1500th. How many of you have been here since the beginning? Probably not a lot you but how long have you been following my blog? You know what, confession time here. I rarely proofread any of my posts before I post them. I do afterwards. Days, months, years afterwards that they have been published. I don't know why. Hahaha, if I seem illiterate this is the explanation. I just rely on autocorrect to tell my if I have missed spelled anything. Maybe that is not such a good idea. Well, well.

My five most read mosts are (in order) Kevin & Danielle Jonas,1D BraceletsThe Veronica's covering JB's Burning UpA Weekends with Anton and Aspiring. LOL, I think that it so funny to read old posts. I just laugh at myself, because I am so damn funny and because I used to be so ridiculous. I didn't think so then but people grow up and you start to like new things. I think that there was like one month back in 2008, spring or summer i…

Cute Looks For Fall

Hi you guys! So what's up? Hahaha. So these cute fall looks that I think I mentioned yesterday is just like outfits that I have worn with the last week and just thinking that they were really cute and just really like fall like (if you get what I am saying because I am like the worst explainer ever, like ever and I mean it). And these are not new stuff that I have bough, okay yeah the faux fur vest and the place fleece jacket that I am wearing underneath it are quite new. I bought the like two or three weeks ago. It all depends on what you think of as new. But nothing else is new.

I choose like nine different pictures, but the outfits aren't that different from each other. Some are just different shoes or different sunglasses. Anyway, I still like them all and maybe you'll get some inspiration. Maybe. Hahaha. I think I have a really good fashion sense but that is just me. LOL.

You know that I have instagram, twitter, tumblr and all of that shit, right?! You should follow m…

Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus & The Roots Sing "We Can't Stop"

Høllefjord High: Skololympiaden

Hi hi! So did you watch tonight's episode of Partaj? I did and I thought that it was kind of awkward because there were some shots of me where I rubbed my wrist against my nose. It just looked a little weird. Hehehe. I remember last Wednesday during the shot when I did it. Immediatly I thouhgt to myself "Oh, crap we're shooting!" But I guess everyone has those moments. Hehehe.

I just thought to myself that like okay I have told them about Partaj, lets move on and blog about cute looks for fall but then I remembered that I told you that I would post some pictures from Partaj. So yeah, lets do that and I'll just blog about fashion some other day when I feel like it. I mean sometimes I am like, I mean I have an idea about what I want to blog about but then I start the post with something and it ends up being the whole post because I have so much to say about that topic.

Oversized clothes, hehehehe

Do you see the woman to the left all dressed on a black plastic bag? …