Practice What You Preach

Hi guys, so tomorrow there I am shooting Partaj again. Yeah. Plus I just realized that I haven't posted any pictures from Sunday's episode but I'll do that tomorrow. I don't even know which pictures I have from Sunday's episode. I probably took some pictures. LOL, last Wednesday I was the second one out of the extras to arrive. LOL (I don't even know I did type that, weird), it was so weird because first the call time was 10:30 AM but then it got changed to 10:15 AM because wanted to like fix us or something. Like, I don't know our hair and maybe the makeup. But when we got there, nada. LOL, I mean I am not complaining. Just weird. Whatever or maybe some of us didn't need some fixing up. Well, I guess that's just, I don't now. Anyway I posted a picture on instagram of my wardrobe for this weeks episode. Check it out, @eriikaworld on instagram.

I bought my first Christmas present today. Woop, woop. One down whole lot more to go. People need to stop having kids or my wallet needs to expand. Hahahaha, funny but I am voting for the wallet. No, I actually enjoy buying Christmas presents. I think it's fun. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Hahaha, I was talking to Alex earlier. I asked him if he was excited for Christmas since it's like two months away. He said that he wasn't really that excited about, which I thought was weird because which normal 10 year old kid doesn't like Christmas presents. So I asked him if he didn't want any Christmas presents, his answer was that Christmas is not about that. He said it's about spending time with your family and having a great time with them. So then I asked if he then would be okay with not getting any Christmas presents at all. Then he just looked at me like with this weird expression like of course he wants presents, duh! He added that he would get mad otherwise and smash something (which seems to be his go to reaction to most things and any emotion). He's so funny, so then I simply just said "Alex didn't you just say that Christmas it not about all of the glam and the glitz and all the presents? That it's about spending an awesome time your family?". He didn't have a response to that, other than a facial expression saying "Oooops!" like he just got caught in his own trap. It was well said, but you have to be able to practice what you preach! If you talk the talk you have to walk the walk.

your writer, Erika


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