Lill Lördag

I am tired. Today has been a long day at the Partaj studio. First we shot this little sketch and the we shot Sunday's episode (I think). Hahaha. It was fun but it is always a lot of waiting, a lot of sitting around, which is kind of annoying. But but it I like this job. We are going shoot at least once a week for 10 weeks forward (that's including today). What we are shooting now is the studio scenes, which just totally shattered my illusion because I thought that is was live for some reason but it not and the studio is way smaller in reality. Hahaha, the studio is always smaller then it seems. I really can't wait to watch the premiere on Sunday.

The sketch on Partaj that I am an extra in is called Høllefjord High. It's a weird funny. It's weird and funny at the same time. One of the other extra's showed me the first episode of Høllefjord High today. It has been uploaded on Partaj's official facebook page as a preview for the new season. I have totally missed that, I mean I have liked that page, eh, anyway I saw the sketch today and it is good. Watch it below.

your writer, Erika


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