A Blast From The Past

YOLO everyone, YOLO. How are y'all feeling this fine fine Saturday? LOL, nah I am good. I am just sitting here and watching a movie. Nothing special. Tomorrow there it's Sunday and after that there is another week and that means back to Partaj again. Well on Wednesday anyway since we shoot on Wednesday's. But tomorrow, what am I going to do tomorrow? Hmm, anyone who has any ideas? Hahaha maybe you are just as bored as I am or maybe it is just me. Hahaha I am weird but you still got to love me right. I am adorable.

I am going to leave you with an old video from when I lived in Santa Barbara, what's in my purse. (Oooo, might do another video like that tomorrow, well I am going to video blog since I have kind of had a writers block the last few days).

your writer, Erika


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