The Key To My Heart

Hi boys and girls? How ya doin', LM style. I am fine. Just perfectly fine. Hihihi. Goodie good good. Hahaha. Listening to Paramore and feeling 14 again. Hahaha. Weird. No bit I used to listen to them more back then. I actually am happy today because my The Key perfume finally came in the mail today! Oh my God! Yes! Pure perfection in a box! I was so excited when I opened the package. 'Cause finally I have it in my possession. Yeah! There was pair of smart phone gloves in the box. It's weird because I didn't order them but they were in the box. I didn't notice it at first. I was so focused on the gift box. I took a punch of pictures of it and instagramed it and of course posted my happiness in SB.

These gloves are like, oh my God, so soft and comfortable!

I made a video of me opening the package and posted it in SB. I really didn't think about it but it's funny when you think about, though I really don't care. I mean I am wearing a 1D sweatshirt in a Justin Bieber support video. Well, well. Someone in SB commented that in the video. Not like complaining about how could I, and this is such a betrayal. No, she just thought that it was funny, well it's what she commented anyway. I get it, it's funny. More like haha funny not actually, laughing so hard that you cry until your stomach hurts. No, just a simple haha.

your writer, Erika


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