To Do, Today

Hi hi. Yeah so I shot some scenes and sketches for Partaj. It was fun. It always fun shooting Partaj, oh yeah of course I took some pictures today but I'll post them on Sunday or whenever (saying whenever since I didn't post the pictures that I was going to post last weekend until yesterday. Oooops, sorry I didn't mean to. I swear, I promise. Hahaha, I mean it just happened since I didn't feel like writing.

Seriously I don't know what to do tomorrow. Yeah, yeah I have a few appointments but other than that I have no clue. Like my mind is so under stimulated it is not even fun. I just need to do something that is me but that is a little difficult right now. Maybe difficult is not the right word to explain it but "not do-able" is a better way. OMG.

I really don't know what more to say. So I am just going to end this post by wishing you all goodnight and hope that you sleep good tonight because, yeah, I am going to bed now. See ye, well talk you tomorrow. Love you all. Thank you taking time out of your day and reading my blog.

your writer, Erika


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