Agents of Shield

Wadup my peeps? So I just finished watching Marvel's Agents of Shield earlier. I mean I kind of had to. I really don't like the show that much and my prediction for the show is three seasons, tops. I may be wrong. It's not that I hate the show and think that it's well done it's just something that I can't put my finger on that is missing. Just something. I actually like how it's done, it's very neat (I don't really know how to put it, I mean describe it) but something about it is just not captivating enough for me.

Anyway, so yeah I was watching the fourth episode, "Eye Spy", because they have been running the TV spot for it all week on Kanal5 and in the TV spot you can clearly see that they are in Stockholm. They were in Stockholm and shot some scenes over a month ago and I have been wondering when that episode was going to air. Now when I saw the TV spot I was like I can't wait until Thursday to see what they were doing here! I just had to find out. Hihihihihi. OMG, I laughed so hard! I mean first of all "Sergel's Square"? Laughing my ass off! I mean it's just that I have never heard it in English before, it's just that.  It's also funny that you can see people in the background filming and taking photos with smart phones of weird men in red masks that were all carrying bags containing diamond (well only one bag contained diamonds). It's looks weird like it wasn't part of it but it was pretty obvious that people were doing it so I guess that it was supposed to because they showed pictures from instagram that people had taken of the weird men in red masks. It was also funny that when they were down on the subway station at t-centralen (the central station) you could hear a speaker voice in the background announcing the trains. I mean it was in Swedish, which funny in a way because it's not that often that you hear Swedish on a American TV show. Oh, when Agent Coulson singed some papers for the Swedish police and after he had singed it he said "Tack" (which means "thank you" in Swedish). First I was like "WHAT did he just say?!". Then I was like, it had to have been "Tack" because it kind of sounded like it. Plus it seemed like an appropriate response to what just happened. Hahaha. BTW, this episode airs in Sweden tomorrow night at 9 PM on Kanal5.

your writer, Erika


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