Hi, hi, hi. You know what, I saw Michael Nyqvist today. He's a really famous Swedish actor. He's in (just to name a few) Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girls with The Dragon Tattoo), Mission Impossible: Ghost Patrol, Abduction and Zero Hour. It was so weird when I because he was just causally out and about. I recognized him but I couldn't remember his name, which was really irritating and then when he had passed me I remembered the his first name has to be Michael but that I just thought it was too awkward to just ran towards him and ask for a picture. I mean, especially awkward when I really wasn't sure of his name. I mean what was I going to say? Just be like "Um, hey you! Yeah, um what's your name? I recognize you from a bunch of movies but I can't remember which ones but is it okay if I take your picture?" Hahaha, lame and awkward.

OMG! I downloaded the funniest app today called SING. OMG, it is so funny that I had to delete it. I mean you can take it seriously. It's a karaoke app where you can sing karaoke with people from all around the world. OMG, it's so funny because, I mean some people can't sing so I was really trying my hardest not to laugh and just focus on the singing. But that is why karaoke is so great because it allows everyone to live out there rockstar dreams. I sang like three songs then I deleted it. Well, kind of because I need more space on me phone. I have an 32 GB iPhone5 and I have like a less then a 100 MB left. Hmm, maybe it is time to delete some those pictures and videos that you have on your phone, like because I have over 2000 of them. Hehehehe.

your writer, Erika


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