Goodie Good Good

Hi people my day has been good because I have been feeling good. No special reason, just that life is good right now, it's goodie good good. Plus it's kanelbullensdag (the cinnamon bun day) and I mean everyone loves cinnamon buns so how can you not be happy about that. Yeah yeah!

On Sunday Partaj premiere's on Kanal 5! Are you going to watch? I will, I mean I like the show but now that I am on it, just as an extra but still, it's way more fun to watch. I am going keep an extra eye out for myself. Might sound a little, like I am full of it but I have never, yeah I have been on TV before but that doesn't happen that often so I am going to keep an extra eye out for myself. Doing it YOLO style you know. Hahaha. I can't wait for Wednesday when we are going to shoot an other episode.

I am feel like my mind is empty because I don't really feel like I have anything to write tonight. I mean I do but not anything that is intereseting. Tomorrow or on Sunday I'll post some pictures from this Wednesday when we shot Partaj. Some weird things happened, well it was one weird thing. It's was weird and awkward. Maybe just plain awkward. I'll explain it along with the pictures. YOLO, so long I am going to bed now. Sleep tight my darlings!

your writer, Erika


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