Hi guys! How are you? Hmm, I really don't know what to say to you today. Hmm. I mean I went and partied. LOL, I shot some scenes for this weeks episode of Partaj. I mean that didn't take long and then I went home again. Like that is my day. Hehehe. I think that we are shooting some scenes for the sketch, Høllefjord High on Friday. I haven't got the schedule get but we usually get it like the they before. So that will be fun. I like this job. I wonder which episode of Høllefjord they are going to show this week. We just shoot stuff at random. I mean not in a chronological order, so I really have no idea which episode they are airing this Sunday, I can ask on Friday.

Christmas is soon. Hahaha, it's like two and a half months left, but I think that is pretty soon since it's November soon and then it is December and before you know it it is Christmas. Yeah! Christmas is my favorite holiday! Which is your favorite holiday? What I am most excited about this year is the Believe Movie! I mean come on! Like Justin just keeps on giving, he's like Santa himself! I am really excited about that. I love Never Say Never! It's such an inspirational movie. It filled me with so much inspiration when I saw it the first time! Love it, L-O-V-E is all I have for the movie!

I really don't know what I want for Christmas. Hmmm. Okay, yeah there are a few things that I can say here and now that I want. I mean like the box set of Our Moment. I know that Harmoniq sells it and SEPHORA also does it because I saw it the other day at their store at Biblioteksgatan. I for sure want that. I also would like some Victoria's Secret body mists (Harmoniq also sell those), my faves are Love Spell, Mango Temptation and Pure Seduction (I think, I mean I am not sure about the last one but definitely the first two). What do I want more? Hmmmm. I like SEPHORA's makeup so a gift card there would be nice. I would like some new books so a gift card to Akademibokhandeln. Ooooo, and/ or a gift card to cdon, that would be nice because then I can buy books, movies, cd's and a bunch or other things. I deffo want a gift card to SF. I guess that's my wish list for 2013, plus like a million other things. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Well, well, until next time - love you all. Hugs and kisses!

your writer, Erika


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