A Party

Hello to all of the dear people out there taking time out their day to read my blog. Hello and thank you. How are y'all doing? I am fine. I babysat Charlie today. Cutest kid. It was easy. I mean we watched TV, then he wanted to watch a movie so we did that and then he wanted to play with his toys so we did that. He was kind of sad at first when his dad left, so he cried for a while. I thought that he was going to cry forever because he seemed pretty inconsolable but he calmed down when I tucked him in with a blanket while we were watching TV. The he started crying again because he didn't want me to change his diper. Either of mommy or daddy had to do it. But first when I asked him what that smell was he said that it was him. It was his brother, who wasn't even there but he kept insisting that it was his brother. LOL, adorable little kid.

Tomorrow I am shooting with Partaj again. Yeah! I am looking forward to tomorrow because, I don't know but it just way more fun now that you know everyone a little bit better. I mean recognizable faces or whatever you should say. Hahaha. We are shooting two thing tomorrow. I don't know what we are going to shoot first though. I guess I'll find out when I get there. The afternoon is going to be funny. Hopefully the day won't be too long. Hahaha, with Partaj you never know, with any TV show/ movie you never know. I never know the schedule until I get there but really my days are free for Partaj, so I don't care. Partaj is a party. I love it.

your writer, Erika


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