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OneRepublic - Good Life

your writer, Erika

To The Beach

Yo, boys and girls! Guess what I did today? I went to the beach, each, lets so get away. They say what they gonna say. LOL, but I actually went to the beach. It was fun. I swam in the ocean. It wasn't that bad. I mean it wasn't cold or anything. Well it could be that I didn't went that far out because I was alone (all my friends had school today) so I wanted to keep sight of my things. I swam in the pacific! That is cool! Okay, okay. A lot of people might not think that but I do. It's not often that you get this kind of opportunity that I have been given (more or less given to myself/ made happen).

This guy waved at me while I was taking pictures of myself and so I waved back just to be polite. Then all of the sudden he comes up and ask if it's okay to sit down next to me. I just looked at him. The he started taking to me. He took out this miniature vodka bottle. Then he tried to make me taste it. I was eating an apple, so asked if I didn't want some on my appl…

Tips To Future Professors

So. I don't know I thought I owed you a post today. I feel like people at home are going to leave me angry voicemail's otherwise (you know who you are, feel threatened).

So, that bitch of a FS 101 professor that I have seems to be less and less of a bitch after all. He was more laid back today. Here wore a t-shirt (yes, I know bitches can wear t-shirts too but you had to be there on Monday and today to know what I am talking about or maybe you just had to be me). LOL. Anyway, that thing that made him slightly less bitchier/ took away his bitch label was that he let us leave earlier, at about 3:50 PM instead of 5:05 PM. Haha, that is so me. If you are a professor who are reading this and you know that you might have me as a student in the future and you want to get on my good side here are some easy tips for you:
Let me leave early everyday (Don't ever make me feel like I came to your class for nothing. So when I say "early" don't let me leave after 5 minutes. …

The Day Off

Fruit loops!

Hi guys! Isn't it hot outside? Well, it's really hot here in Santa Barbara. Gosh, I think I'll die soon. Nah, if you live in Santa Barbara you have to admit that it is freaking hot. You have to!

Today I have been shopping. I bought a new perfume (I got Selena Gomez), makeup at Victorias Secret and some groceries. When the lady that I am staying with comes home from work we are going to go and buy some more food. I only got a few stuff earlier since I don't have a car here, I don't even have a drivers license. So, yeah. Hahaha.

Tomorrow I have school again from 8 AM to 5:05 PM. Introduction to film is my last class of the day and we are going to watch a movie. That is kind of soft.

your writer, Erika

First Day of College

OMG! I survived my first day of college. Not that it was particularly hard or anything, I just made it through my first day. I made it in time (YEAH!), to every class. I didn't have any problem finding any of the classrooms. Good for me!

LOL. OMG, you know what? Of course you don't unless you actually where there when it happened. Hahaha. I have a bitch of a professor in Introduction to Film. Double u tee eff?! Yeah, I am like what yo' problem old dude. Nah, he's actually not that bad. It's just that he doesn't allow computers in his class. I had to turn mine off. I am like what? Ever heard about a year called 2012? Let us enjoy it before  the world ends on December 21st. Okay?! So we're on the same page now?! Aha, thought so.
As I was turning mine off I flipped it so that screen was just a little bit open because the computer wasn't really turned off yet. Just because of that he looked at me and said (but he was talking to the entire class or at least …

A Sunday In Santa Barbara

Today the woman that I am staying with took me to see UCSB. It was cool. The campus was closed because their classes doesn't start until the end of September but the library was open so I got to see part of that. I mean it's a library, they have book we all know that. What? Is One Direction sitting in a quiet room writing song because they know that no one will look for them their? Hmm, maybe I should go back and check. I mean just to be safe. Who know I might just find Biebs their too. Oh, and maybe I'll find Codes with 'em. OMG! Okay, um, I think I'll better hurry up and go back to that library.

Hahaha, nah. I think I'll skip that trip out to UCSB, I mean it's 8:40. I mean I am not gonna go out there unless I know for sure that they are there. There's a bigger chance I'l find them in LA. Probably.

After UCSB we went to a farmers market and then to kmart because I wanted to check out Selena Gomez's Dream Out Loud. I bought a cute little top. I …

Megan and Liz: "Bad For Me" Lyric Video

your writer, Erika

Saturday Shopping

YOLO! Hi, guys. What's up? Everything's okay? I hope so. How was your Saturday? Mine was okay. I went shopping. I bought a jacket, tights, a headband and leggings. All at FOREVER21. Hahaha, lol. I never really go shopping, true. Yeah, I know. Well, clothes anyway. I mostly buy books, cd's and movies. And that's online, 'cause the prices are better and I usually get a student discount then. (Always looking for the best price possible ;p).

Hahaha. Gosh, I need to buy some new shoes. True story. I NEED new shoes. I only have three pairs of shoes with me and they are not the best pairs. My black ballerina, a pair with wedges (kilklackar - excuse me if the translation is incorrect, I used google translate) and my black glitter pumps that I bought for christmas last year. Yeah, so I need a new pair of shoes. I am thinking of buying a pair of converse. Hmm, I am going to to check out the Ladies Footlocker at the mall and then Marshall's again. Then my mom said that I …

New Look

As you might have noticed the blog has new fonts and a new background. What do you think? Comment!



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When You Are Bored

This is what most teenage girls do when they get bored. They take pictures of themselves, and yeah I am like most teenage girls in that way. So, you're welcome.

your writer, Erika

Dream Date: Cody Simpson

My dream date would have to be with Cody Simpson. Were we go or what we do doesn't really matter, just to spend tim with Cody. I know that the dude is 15, so call me a pedophile (please don't) or whatever but the dude is H-O-T! But you know he's an Aussie so, yeah there's our answer. I mean look Hugh Jackman (okay, not the biggest Hugh fan, don't wanna be Mrs. Hugh Jackman or anything just trying to make a point - get it?). Oh, and there's the crocodile dundee dude. He's not ugly, don't want to be his wife either just sating the obvious here.

I have always liked Cody, his music and his looks. Even two years ago when he was 13 (OMG, I was 17 then.... is that a pedophile warning). Okay, so sue me for liking him and thinking he was hot but you should probably sue my friend Linda (yes girl, I am dragging you into this!) as well. Why? Because the fall of 2010 when I started listening to Cody's music I made him "Today's Hottie" on HIH. I fou…


So, I guess that I owe it to the world (my readers) to blog today too. So, what do you want to hear about? Okay, I am just going to make a random post, just a little bit of everything you know.

@ the moment:

Favorite song: Give Your Heart a Break (The Alias Club Mix) - Demi Lovato

Favorite TV-show: Hmm, hard question 'cause there are too many shows that I like but I am not obsessed with any particular at the moment but the new season hasn't started yet so I will probably get hooked on something soon.

Idol: Miley Cyrus (I lover her to death, whatever she does)

Hahaha, that was some random weirdness that really wasn't that necessary or what do you say. I mean I love the GYHAB Alias Club Mix, such an awesome party song. I listen to it on my iPod all the time. I also love Aftershock from the GYHAB EP. Seriously, buy the Give Your Heart a Break - EP if iTunes Store has it in your country! Swedes, buy it! LOL. Lucky randomness.

your writer, Erika

International People In Santa Barbara

Hi, so apparently there are some demands of me blogging about the people that I've met. Well, most of the people that I've met are Swedish so, I mean they're Swedish. Not much different from other swedes. So that's it. It's like one girl said today (I don't remember her name, but I met her at the hostel) that one good thing came out of staying at that hostel, meeting a lot of new friends. Yeah.

Okay, I have met people from other countries too. Today in my PD 101B class (don't remember the exact name of the class) I met a girl from China and an other girl from Saudi Arabia. We had to team up in class so I teamed up with them. The girl from Saudi is here with her husband who also goes to college here in Santa Barbara but at UCSB. She said that in Saudi women can't drive and instead they have drives to take them everywhere. Her family apparently has only two drivers which is a problem because everyone want do go different places all of the time.
The girl f…


Hi lovesters! How ya'll doing? I am fine, thanks for asking.

Nice it's only about 11:50 AM I haven't done much today. I talked to my mom on skype and she told me about Cornelia's first birthday party. She ate so much cake that her parents had to change her clothes. LOL. I told my mom that I thought that it would be fun to go to a Julbord (Christmas buffe) when I come home. We talk about it every year but I don't know why it seems to be the only thing that we do, talk about it. Well, she said that she would keep an eye out for ads in about a month when they start popping up everywhere.

Today I am going to check out some sight here in Santa Barbara. I have already seen the Stern Wharf (the pier) so I thought that take my Southern California travel guide to use. One of the places that I thinking about visiting is in one of my favorite movies, It's Complicated. How cool isn't that! Right! Good thing that I have my camera so that I can take alot of pictures.


Today Has Brought

Yolops (hmm, did I write that yesterday or was it this morning)? LOL.

Today has brought a visit to a hair salon - I didn't get my hair done just asked what it would cost -, a trip to the post office, and some necessary shopping. I bought a folder, mac and cheese and granola bars. I just want something to snack on sometimes and I thought that that would be better than cookies or candy. Maybe I should have bought fruit instead 'cause I don't have any but Karin and Camilla (two girls that I met at the hostel have plenty and they said that I can eat some fruit if I want to). Gosh, I want to buy eggs so that I can make scrambled eggs or something. Oooo, I bought chickpeas the other day (yesterday?) so I am going to make my own hummus. Gosh, I love hummus. I love it on a sandwhich. Oooo, talking about food you HAVE TO try avocado on toast.

your writer, Erika

A Friday Night In Santa Barbara

Yolops! LOL.

I just finished watching an episode of Hart of Dixie. The second episode and please don't tell me what happens after the second episode because I haven't seen more than that. I know, I know that the show premiered like a year ago or so here in America but it premiered about three weeks or so in Sweden. I don't like to watch TV-shows on my computer. I prefer being crawled up in the couch watching TV. Bu yeah, yeah. That's why I haven't seen further than the second episode, I just thought that some channel in Sweden (Kanal5, TV4 or TV11) would have aired it earlier then about three weeks ago. No,  they did not. Now it airs on Kanal5 on Tuesdays at 8 PM (I think), if you're Swedish and didn't know that.

I have also painted my nails with a glow in the dark nail polish that I bought at FOREVER21 last weekend. It doesn't really "glow" in the dark, I don't know maybe I haven't put on enough nail polish. Hmm, I mean I can "se…

Life Goes On

So, so, so people. Hahaha. So today I have registered for classes. 14,5 credits. I wanted 15 but no. There was a couple of 0.5 credit classes that seemed interesting but I couldn't register for them because it would be a time crash with another course that is mandatory. That's to bad. I just have to take that extra 0.5 credit next semester then.

Tomorrow I am moving out of this hostel to two girls from Sweden that I met at the hostel. I am just going to stay there for a couple of days until I get a host family to stay with. I applied for a host familiar today and the woman gave me her number and that she would get back to me within the next few days but I am going to call her tomorrow. To she if she has find anything.

your writer, Erika

Before The End of The Day

Just a quick posy before I I have to go to bed! Yo, peeps - everything's fine? Me? I am just sitting in the lobby (or whatever you call it of the hostel that I am staying at. The internet sucks here, it is taking me forever to upload pictures on facebook. Urgh!

Tomorrow I have to be in school at 9 AM. So I am going to bed now.

Oh, earlier this evening when I walked down State Street there was a farmers market! Aaaa, I got so happy. The girl from South Korea in our room told me that she went to it and I got so excited and when I saw it I just smiled. A guy who sold something there asked if I was a movie star. He was surprised that I wasn't, because I recognized me. Hmmm. Then he said that I looked like his cousins and that that was a compliment. Hahaha, people are so sweet here! He also thought that I was from Brazil.

your writer, Erika

2nd Post of The Day

Okay, I am a little bit more positive right now. I am not at a Starbucks, I'm at the hostel. My friends and I are here because we went to check out the campus and it's so freaking hot outside so now we just sit here. I am in the reception area because the wifi works better there then in the rooms.

Oh, I guess that you want to see some pictures? If you're mi friend on facebook then you have seen them already but I will be nice to you who don't have me on facebook and post some pictures here.

Lunch on the plane and watching The Hunger Games

Jai and I

From earlier today, while shopping at a 99 cent store

your writer, Erika


OMG! Well, I don't know? Hmm, I like Santa Barbara, it's beautiful and all but...... it just feel like it's too much of vacation here. I don't maybe I will feel better about this whole situation once I have found an apartment. Yeah.

Plus this shitty hostel doesn't make me feel better (it just makes me want to go home), because the internet is soooooooo super duper slow. WTF! Yeah. Hmm. My friends - Jai and Isabella (a girl who came last night to the hostel) and I are thinking about going to a Starbucks tonight. Damn, 'cause I need a good internet connection.

You know what? I just miss the comfort of being at home. A home cooked meal (sure you can cook your own food here at the hostel but it's the smallest kitchen ever), watching TV, my bed. I, I just miss the comfort, the realness of it all. That's why I feel like I want to go to New York. I have never been there so I don't know how "real" it is, but I know it's kind of "real"…

California Girl

Yo, yo, yo! I am in Santa Barbara now! It is CRAZY!

The flight over here was okay. There was a bit of turbulence but I guess that's normal. The nine hour flight from Chicago was kind of boring. I looked at the screen where is said for how long we had been flying and it said three hours, which meant six more hours of just sitting in the same seat doing basicly nothing. Well, well, I watched two movies, and some TV- shows. The Hunger Games (I really don't get the fuss about that movie, it's like with Twilight), Friend with Kids, Modern Family and just small parts of movies and other comedy shows.
Oh, just because I had ordered a vegetarian meal I got my lunch like an hour before everyone else. I got   it the same time as the people in business class (yeah, I am just that special - LOL, not really 'cause I am dead serious over here).

Oh my gosh, I was SO tired on the flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. I slept and then I woke up and looked at the screen and they were appa…

RT By Jaden Smith

OMG, the coolest thing happened last night! I almost didn't believe it, Jaden Smith RT me. That is so cool. I took a screen dump to show you guys! Oh and just because he RT me I got 12 more followers and a bunch of other people RT that tweet! Aaaaa, I think I'll die (not really but it's still pretty cool).

your writer, Erika

Ed Westwick

So, ahum, I had this dream last night. Ed Westwick was in it. Hahaha, it was nothing like that. It was just an innocent dream involving an innocent crush. Also, he was jewish. Him and his father was having a seder in their home and I walked in. In my had hand I had a bag of candy (for some reason). Ed's father said something to him and I playfully threw the bag of candy at Ed. Ed's father said "you know that means that she like you." Ed, playfully threw the bag of candy back at me. I giggled, took the bag of candy and walked in an other room. LOL. That was all, all I remember anyway.

Okay so you know that Ed's british right? Yeah, but on Gossip Girl he talks with an american accent. So, I saw this interview a few months back where he spoke with his normal accent. OMG, I was chocked. It was still hot but I had never heard him talk with that accent before. As I said I was chocked. He does a really good job playing Chuck Bass.

LOL, while I was youtubeing for a video…

All The Way From Stockholm to California

Oh em gee! can you guys believe it, in less than a week I'll be in the United States of America. the land of the free. Hahaha, okay I barely not as excited as I sound. I am not sitting here on the couch watching Solsidan and laughing from excitement. If I'm laughing it's because the show is so damn darn funny. Solsidan, I recommend it.

Gosh, the packing is, yeah, going the way it is. I have started over a few times. Hmm, you will see more of it in my new web series. So far I have just shoot scenes of me packing. Okay, so I haven't edited anything so the web series idea is still just in my head but yeah. I am going to try to take a lot of pictures during the trip from start to finish. All the way from Stockholm to California.

your writer, Erika

Make It In America - Victoria Justice

your writer, Erika

Thanks For The Cooperation

Argh! I am so f****** mad! I just want to punch somebody (preferably someone who works for and Posten).

Okay, I am going to explain so that you won't get confused and then feel like punching me. The problem is, about two weeks ago I ordered two books from I choose a cheaper shipping because it was better for the environment and it was cheaper. Always when I order something I write down my cellphone number with the information so that if the package is delivered to a post office I'll just get a text instead of a note in the mail - that takes longer. Okay, we've established that. So last Wednesday I got an email from that my books where in the mail. Great, I think and I thought by that I thought that I would get my books the next day or on Friday by the latest. Do you think that I got my books? No!

So, since I haven't got my books I called earlier. I called them twice. The first woman I talked to said that I my package can't b…