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Hello everyone! Gosh it does not feel like Tuesday. Or maybe it's more that I wish that it was Thursday so that tomorrow would be Friday. Well well. I actually had a really fun weekend and I also have some fun things planned this weekend. My mom and I are going to julbord on Saturday that and that is going to be fun. Julbord is a smörgåsbord but with Christmas food. Jul = christmas. So I am really looking forward to that.

Talk to you late boos!

your writer, Erika


I know I know I know! Sorry for being so absent. I don't know why really? My life is boring and empty without the blog. Hmmm, but I just trying to figure out what to do with it. Urgh! This blog is my second job (that I don't get paid for). Which is also why it's so annoying putting so much time into this when it doesn't give me any thing. But that's not entirely true! What motivates me is you guys - my readers. So thank you!

I tried this new butt and thigh routine from Fitness Blender (you know that I LOVE them) and it is really good. My ass is a little bit sore from it but that's good because that means that I have really used the muscles in my butt. I love the routine because it's only 20 minutes so the time just flies by. It's a great workout for your thighs and butt and none of the exercises are boring. Just when you feel like you ca't take it any more you move on to the next exercise. Try it out for yourself!

your writer, Erika


Hello! You know what, I am actually thinking about changing a blog platform. I am not sure about it and I am not sure which one. But I'll keep thinking about it. I want to do some changes to the blog and I am not sure this platform is the best. First of all I am not really sure what changes I want to do. But I'll keep thinking about it and we'll see what I'll do.

your writer, Erika

STHLM Food & Wine

Hello! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday but I was busy living my life. Hahaha. My mom was here over the weekend so we went to STHLM Food & Wine yesterday and after that we went shopping. I bought a new pair of pant because I really need new pants. But I didn't just buy any pants I bought jeans! I never wear jeans so we'll see how much I'll actually use these. Nah I am kidding because I look great in them and the feel great.

I had really fun at the convention. I bought a cookbook, and a couple of kitchen cleaning products. I am sorry that I didn't take more pictures but I was trying to stay in the moment. Idk, but like went I saw Justin Bieber last month I didn't take a lot of pictures because it was way more fun being there that experiencing the concert through the camera lens on my phone. The same with with STHLM Food & Wine. Just that particularly in life. I think that it's way more fun to experience the moment right then and there than just t…


Hello! Sorry for such a late post but I didn't know what to blog about earlier and I also have just been feeling off all day. Like I am about to get sick or something. Not like I am going puke or anything, but just that I am about to get sick. That is a strange feeling for me because I am very healthy and I never get sick. One or twice a year, but I have already been sick this year so nope.

Other than that I actually feel good. But since I have been feel off all day I skipped my cardio and did yoga instead. I don't really don't like skipping a workout and since I didn't actually feel sick I decided to workout anyway but keep it simple. If you workout a lot it is actually better for you to continue to do some type of excise when you're sick because it will help you recover faster. But it's always important to listen to your body

your writer, Erika

#TBT To My High School Graduation

I thought that I would to a little tbt and share some pictures from my high school graduation. Look how awkward I look but I was just a little teenager back then and aren't all teenagers awkward? Hehehe :)

My hat is sitting so weird because I couldn't pull it over my braids without ruining them. I for sure was not goung to ruin my hair on my graduation day :)

your writer, Erika

Winter Fun

This snow chaos has inspired me to make a post about fun winter activities. Because snow does not have to mean the end of the world even if it's not your favorite weather. When I was younger I actually took ice-skating lessons. Sadly I never stuck with it so I never learned any cool figure-skating tricks. I do remember that I got a diploma at the end of the year.

Picking up a sport is a really good thing because you're working out without really thinking about. The most important thing is to pick a sport that you have fun while doing it. Otherwise what's the point, right?

1) ICE-SKATING I think that I was around 5 or 6 when I started taking ice-skating lessons. I was really excited about because I had begged my parents about it. Then it wasn't was fun as thought. It was something I "had to do". So instead of going every week I started going every other week. I really wish that I would have had stuck with it. Ice-skating is a very good cardio exercise. 

Ett film…

Orange Is The New Black

Hello! You know what I am utterly choked! I really am. Well well this is your future now America, just make sure he doesn't hurt the rest of us. Actually, TV4's Marcus Oscarsson said a couple of days ago that he believed that if Trump would get elected that he would actually step up and calm down. That everything Trump has up and til now has just been for show. Let's just hope that he does a good job and not ruin the country. I mean 'cause I really want to move back there some day.

I mean Trump is now the president of the United States and that's something that we cannot escape. I just hope that he can learn to include everyone and provide an amazing future. I really hope that he steps up. He has to.

your writer, Erika

The Day Has Finally Come...

Good morning my darlings! How are you today? It's election day! I think that the whole world is on the edge of their seats right now. My cousin told me that she just wanted this day to be over and wished that it was Wednesday. Me too honey boo boo, me too. Well well, as painful as this day might be we just have to get through it together. Alright?

Urgh! Another doomsday has come, yesterday was the first day that I had to use my winter coat! No! I don't like winter coats because they just make you look big and fluffy. You know, Gabriel Iglesias style. I like my winter coat though, it's from Tommy Hilfiger. A couple of years ago I got my sisters old winter coat but I used like maximum five times because it's like a tent on me. Not that she is big she is just taller than me. I don't think that I ever used it last year because it wasn't that cold so I could use my black coat from ZARA. This year I decided to invest in a real winter coat because it's just good t…

A Miracle Worker

Hello and good morning everyone! How are you this Monday morning? The US presidential election is tomorrow, exciting! Any of you Europeans that are staying up to see who wins? I don't know I might. It's just that I need my sleep and I have work the next day. Well well. Either way this election is very exciting.

So a couple of weeks ago I blogged about the benefits of turmeric (you can read about it here). One of the things that I mentioned was that turmeric is very good for your skin. How it can increase your skins elasticity and whiten scars. I have tried putting turmeric on my face to see if it really works and IT DOES! I used to have wrinkles under my eyes and they're gone now. Not kidding! My colleague even said the my skin looks more even. I am so happy that it works! This is so amazing. I have nor before and after pictures (which is really bad of me) so you are just going to have to take my word for it. One thing though about turmeric is that it yellow and often used…

Kelli's Before and After Story


Erika's World

Hello so today I am going to to a lot of work for the blog. All of it, most of it won't even be shown here. It's just a bunch of behind the scenes things, but in time you will know. Have a great day everyone and don't forget to follow me on social media!

Twitter: @erikaworld
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your writer, Erika

No Excuses

Hello! How are you? I am good except from that I felt like I was going to die when I worked out this morning. My body was dead! But I kept pushing through. I never  give up when it comes to working out. I am trying to have the "no excuses" Kevin Hart mentality when it comes to working out. Hopefully it pays off and shows. Now that I have started doing cardio three times a week I feel so much better. I mean I don't really do that much cardio but I do it. Plus the videos that I do from Fitness Blender are amazing! I love that I have found them. Check them out here!

I went shopping after work yesterday and I got recognized from Espresso House. Hahahaha but I recognized the woman too. This spring she used to come by regularly. I am glad that she recognized me because otherwise I would never have had remember from where I knew here. Hahaha.

your writer, Erika

Kim Cesarion - Therapy


It's Fri-YAY!

It's Friday! Or better know as Fri-Yay! Hahaha. Now that I work office hours I so do appriciate weekends way way more than I did when I worked at Espresso House. Side note: I have lost me staff discount at EH. I knew that this day would come, I just in reality never thought that it actually would happen. Well well. Okay back to the post, it's Friday and I appriciate weekends way more now because I always have weekends off from work. I hated working weekends and I used to always tell my boss at EH not to schedule me on weeekends. But she did so anyway because for some reason she hated my. I don't know why I mean I am such a lovely person.

I am excited for this weekend because I am hopefully going to meet my cousin tomorrow. We'll see. We had plans to do something tonight but then we realised that it was better to meet up tomorrow. I am also going to try and do some work for my blog. This blog is starting to take up more and more time of my life. I love it though and tha…

Do What Makes You Feel Good

Hello! Thankfully most of the snow is gone It's too warm outisde for it to stay. Moahaha! Okay that is not good because global warming is not good. But I don't like snow and yeah yeah. Snow is only nice on Christmas and maybe New Years Eve. Then I want it gone. Urgh!

You know what I just wanted to say something about having a healthy lifestyle. I feel like this is important. Having a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercising and eating right it is also about doing things that makes you feel good in your soul. You have to take care of yourself psychically as much as you take care of yourself physically. Mental health is just as important as physical health. How to reach a good mental health is different for everyone. For me, I try to surround myself with people who inspire me to do better and to be better. It's important to do stuff that make you feel good. Whether that is shopping, haveing a social life, working on cars, reading or partying. Whatever it is make sure y…

An Update

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I woke up to a nightmare this morning. A freaking nightmare - it was snowing! Like no? Like Why? I don't get it. I don't like snow. I really do question why I live in this country. But it is really good to be Swedish. There are so many great things about Sweden. The only thing is that there is one bad thing that over weighs all of the good ones. The weather! I don't like winter weather. I want Cali weather! Well well, I am not moving anywhere anytime soon I guess that I have to try and cope with it.


I have been in a really good mood the past few days. I feel like I am starting to understand some things and just letting go of what I can't do. It's not really that I am letting go because I don't think that I'll ever will but I am moving forward. It feels so healthy. Plus I also have a couple of things in the works for the blog. Maybe not exactly for the blog but in general. Something that I have been wanting to do for a l…

Benefits with The Plank

Hello my darlings! How are you? I am good. Last month was a really good month for Erika's World. That is mostly because of you! I mean of course I produce all of the content but without you my fantastic readers I wouldn't really have much. So thank you! It means a lot!

I told you guys that I switched from doing back-lifts and sit-ups to doing the plank. I do it for one minute at a time, rest for 15 seconds and repeat it five times. Yesterday I wasn't really sure if it was substitute but it really seems like it is. There are plenty of health benefits from doing the plank every single day. I thought that I would tell you about three of the benefits from doing the plank every day.

1. TONED TUMMY. When you do the plank every day you'll strengthen your core and your adbominal muscles. Doing the plank is actually way more efficient than doing crunches! Who could have guessed that? Not me anyway. The plank provides 100% activation of your six pack muscles whereas doing crunche…