Do What Makes You Feel Good

Hello! Thankfully most of the snow is gone It's too warm outisde for it to stay. Moahaha! Okay that is not good because global warming is not good. But I don't like snow and yeah yeah. Snow is only nice on Christmas and maybe New Years Eve. Then I want it gone. Urgh!

You know what I just wanted to say something about having a healthy lifestyle. I feel like this is important. Having a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercising and eating right it is also about doing things that makes you feel good in your soul. You have to take care of yourself psychically as much as you take care of yourself physically. Mental health is just as important as physical health. How to reach a good mental health is different for everyone. For me, I try to surround myself with people who inspire me to do better and to be better. It's important to do stuff that make you feel good. Whether that is shopping, haveing a social life, working on cars, reading or partying. Whatever it is make sure you feel good doing it!

your writer, Erika


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