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The Time Of Our Lives

Right now I am listeng to Miley Cyrus new song Party In The USA. It is awesome! The song is going to be on her new EP, The Time Of Our Lives. The EP is just a promotion for her clothing line, MileyMax. Listen to the song at youtube. The picture that is on the video is a pictures of Miley in clothes from her clothing line. The shirt with black and yellow squares on it looks like a shirt from H&M divided.
Don't forget to watch Mikas new music video We Are Golden.

your writer, Erika.

Movie trailers

Miley Live

Free falling

OMG I was just searching for a song called Free Falling (it's on the radio all the time) and came a cross a song called Free Falling (DUH) by the Jonas Brothers. Why is that song not on the cd (Lines, Vines and Trying Times)? It is really good.
Ok so now (two minutes later) found out that is a John Mayer cover. I like the JB version much better.
Right now I am just listening to some songs on youtube. Mostly Erik Hassle (one song - Hurtful) and Kings of Leon.

your writer, Erika.

Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again - Music Video (HQ)


I am going away today and I won't be back until wednesday or thursday.
Have a great summer until then.

your writer, Erika



Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. What is there to say about that movie. To choose just one word wouldn't give the movie justice. Dark, hard, emotions (I am kind of bad with words so you have to excuse me - three words is not enough). Of course there is alot of things the is different from the book. But the movie is really good, even tough the changes. It's fun to see Draco show a little emotions. See him be scared. That havane't happend before. I would recomend it to anyone who haven't seen it an want to see a good movie.

your writer, Erika.


I got four new books today! Three on swedish and one on english. Three books by Meg Cabot. Missing When Lightning Strikes, Teen Idol (on swedish) and The Princess Diaries (on swedish). The other book that I chose is Marley and Me: Life and love with the worlds worst dog by John Grogan (on swedish). I chose one book on english because I need to read more english books to inprove my english. I really do. Not that I am bad or anything (or at leat I don't think so), it is just that there is always room for improvement. I am only sixteen years young (why write old when I am not old, I am young and that is the why I am keeping it) so I got alot to learn.
A few people that I know borrow books from the library. I used to do that (have have done it a few times and I have a librarycard). The reason that I don't do it anymore is because I want to have alot of books in my bookshelfs (it isn't callled a bookshelf for no reason you know. It's meant to have books in it. Otherwise it w…


I have it, I finally have it! Yes! Two days ago, this fridays, I bought the new Hannah Montana 3 soundtrack. It's amazing! The whole cd is amazing, every single song! I still have a favorite song though, Don't Wanna Be Torn. I also like Supergirl alot. I love the episode of Hannah Montana when Robbie Ray is writing Supergirl and asks the mailman what he thinks about it. "I think you're super super weird", LOL!
Only two more days until the premiere of Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince. I can't wait to see the movie beacuse I have read the book and the book is amazing! If the book is amazing the the movie has to be amazing too. Well, that is what I thought about the fifth movie too until I saw it. The book is amazing but the movie is not so good. It is ok and probably verry good if you haven't read the book. There is alot of things in the book that is important that is not even in the movie. The only part of Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix that I …

A day on the town

Today I spent the whole day with Åsa, Alex, Sara and Caesar. It was meant that we were going to go to the beach but when Åsa, Alex and I were on the train we saw some suspicious clouds in the sky. So we went to a park so Alex could play around for a while. But then as I knew it would it started raining. But that stopped as soon as it started.So then we went for, Martina joined us then.
On the way home Martina told me a story about when she and a friend went to the USA. Her friends husband is from Las Vegas. The were in LA and Las Vegas for three days. During those three days her friends husband rented a hummer limousine with a chauffeur. Those three days they didn't even had to get out of the car if the wanted something, the chauffeur would just do it for them.

your writer, Erika.


Something new

There is going to be a new Disney Channel Original Movie. Gues which one - if don't already know? WOWPTM! That's right Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie! In one way it's kind of sad that it is premering on TV but in one way it's not. Because then I don't have to spend any money on movie tickets. Movie tickets cost alot these days. I just bought tickets to HP6 and one ticket cost 110 kr. That's alot of money for just one ticket.

your writer, Erika.

New DC Movie

There is going to be a new DC movie! Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie! Yeah! I love that show. Unfortuntly it is going to be on Tv. But thats good because then I don't have to spend any money on movie tickets. I just bought tickets to Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince and one ticket cost 110 kr! That's insane! 110 kr, I remember when 75 kr was alot of money for a movie ticket. And when the price went up to 85 kr you tought the roobed you off.


OMG, I have alot of secret crushes! Too many. LOL, is there something as too many crushes? I just wonder. Personally I don't think so. Crush on anything you want and be happy! That's what I do. Make those feelings rush through your body and feel like nothing else in the world matter but you and your crush. Nothing can go wrong!
Just you and your crush. In the whole world!
I got body language!
Bye, I'll write late today 'cause right now I am in seventh heaven!

your writer, Erika.