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Ariana Grande

So tonight we're gonna tribute Ariana Grande. Say what you wanna say about Ariana but she is an incredibly talented woman. I love how se always wear super cute outfits and looks like a lady at all times.

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Birthday Party

Oh hi guys! I thought that it was time for me to say hello. I mean I have been away for three days. I have been working so much that I just have not  had time for you. I am sorry. really not that way that I want it to be, but a sister got to work. LOL. Thankfully I have a nice boss that changed my schedule so that I didn't have to work late on Sunday. Yeah! Thank you. I made it thought these so called "hell days". Well that's what I called them in my head. I mean 'cause that's the truth. That's what they were. Hell hell hell. But soon it's weekend and that mean Justin Bieber's birthday, which also means BIRTHDAY PARTY! That's just something you can't miss. LOL. I know a feel people that is going to  the party. LOL.

I feel like I sometimes mess up at work but the someone else does something bad or mess up and whoever's in charge doesn't seem to mad about so I beat myself up so bad about whatever happened. LOL. I just have to ask you…

Off To Work

I am still annoyed that I have to work tonight. Hmmm. It is what it is now. Whatever. I probably won't say that tonight. Hopefully I will sleep good tonight because I will be so exhausted. Well well. I am also annoyed by that I have to work on Monday from 12 PM to 9 PM. Hmmm. I am going to ask whoever is in-charge then if there is a possibility that I can get off work earlier. I have Tuesday off. Probably going to sleep all day long. LOL. No I can't wait until these three hell days are over. But my boss said that she won't give me any closing shifts anymore. That's good. If she does then that her problem to solve.

I feel like I haven't done anything today. Since like I was doing laundry all morning soon I have to get read to go to work since it takes me an hour to get there. Hmmm. My life. Maybe I should be bald that I have a job while a lot of people struggle got find one and live in the insecurity of not knowing if they'll get paid this month or not. I mean l…

A Poor Situation

You know what I am just so freaking annoyed by this situation at work. Just like so annoyed. So this weekend I have to close the restaurant. Well, just not me, two other people but still. On Saturday technically Sunday I get off work at 1:30 AM and technically (Sunday) Monday I get off work at 0:30 AM. But like no. Heeeeeeell no! Like the problem is the inconvenience with the time. Plus surprisingly it's easier to get home Sunday morning than Monday morning. Like WTF?! Plus on Monday I am scheduled to work between 12 PM and 9 PM. Huh?! NO. I mean like I will get home so late and then I will only get a few hours of sleep only to get up and go to work again. Yes I know like this is normal for a lot of people. Hmmm, I mean I would never have taken this job is I know about this in the first place. Like I don't want to quit I am jus annoyed but this situation. My boss said that she won't give me shifts like that in the future. That's nice but like that doesn't help me n…

We Got Work To Do

Yolo motherlovers! How are you today? I had a day off today and I feel like it was well needed and well deserved. Like yesterday I worked until 9 PM, hahaha though like I was told that I could leave early. Like 20 minutes but whatever I felt at that point so I stayed until 9 PM. LOL. Tomorrow I start at 4 PM and work until 9 PM again and on Friday I only work between 1 PM and 5 PM. Nice! Which means I get to sleep in and got to work and basically do nothing. There is often not that many people that come in at like 1 PM. Well those who eat late lunch and I guess kids who just got off school and just want an ice cream or just want a little snack. So hopefully they won't put me in charge of the fires, 'cause that place my friend, is hell on earth. Me not likey. LOL.

So fangirls we got a lot on our plate are the moment. Well, I guess it all depends on which fandoms you're a part of. This for the Belieber fandom, Mahomie fandom and Simpsonizer fandom. Beliebers first, okay so w…


Hi guys! So just a little quick post again. I mean I start work at 1 PM and don't get off until 9 PM so I am doing this now. Plus I have a few things to do before work. Well, I need to go shopping. I need a new face mask and pore strips. Pore strips are amazing. LOL. There is also this peel off face mask that kind of works like a pore strip for your whole face. I have tried it a before. It's kind of fun when you have peel off the whole face mask in one piece. Looks kind of creepy, but it's cool. LOL. I mostly use this active purifying face mask from Nivea. I mostly use Nivea. I use Nivea's pore strips. Those are the only good ones. Well, at least in Sweden anyway. When I lived in the US I used some other brand just because I couldn't find Nivea. I don't remember the name though. I think it was Bioré, not 100% sure.

your writer, Erika

Good Moments

Hi guys! Monday, another week. Hahaha. It was a really mellow day at work today. Not much happened and not many guests. I mea, yeah there was guests at like all the time but there wasn't like a lot of guests at the time. I had time to run out with orders for guest who had made like a special order or something that wasn't ready when they ordered it. More days like this please! Pleeeeease. LOL. Tomorrow I'll work between 1 PM and 9 PM. 9 PM ain't that bad. Last Thursday I worked until 9 PM and at like that time there is not so many people so it is quite easy and not a lot to do. I like that. I mean I still get paid as much. LOL, last Thursday there was this girl who who told me that she had worked extra at twice at this other McDonalds in Stockholm and that it was so mellow there. It was like basically getting paid to so nothing. She and this other girl at this other McDonalds turned two trash cans upside-down and sat on time. LOL. Damn why can't I work there. I mea…

Just Today

Happy Sunday every one! Is there such a thing as a happy Sunday? LOL, I am saying it so it is such a thing. Anyway today has been kind of an easy day. I mean like I haven't done much, I did some laundry, cleaned, went to ÖoB because I need a few things but like that's it. LOL. Yeah, sop um okay. Mom and I were supposed to eat pancakes for dinner but like the first batch was just messed up. I have no idea what was wrong with that. So my mom did a new batch, but like the two pancakes I did (before I gave up) turned out alright but they took forever. IDK. Plus like they took forever. Yeah, IDK what happened so my mom was like "Lets go and get some pizza instead". LOL so we did.

Look what I go yesterday! This really cool beach dress or whatever you can call it. OMG, it will look so hot with a bright colored bikini underneath or like a pair of light jeans short shorts and a with top. Oh em gee, I want it to be summer now! I want to go to the beach (hahahaha, only I unders…

Austin Mahone - "U" Girl Mashup

The Ultimate Dream

Isn't like the ultimate fangirl dream to be pulled up on stage by your idol and having them serenade you one of their songs? Okay maybe that is not the ultimate dream but it's pretty close, it's at least in the top 5. A few things can top that. LOL. Hmm. Seriously one of my biggest dreams is to be Justin's OLLG. Yeah. Like, I love him and I love that song so much! I mean I remember the day the music video for One Less Lonely Girl came out, like I had it on repeat. I was addicted! It would be so special to be the OLLG. Hmm, I wonder if he will still do that on future tours? Hmm. OMG! I also like top be Austin's U girl. I really hope the opens from Miley on the European leg of the Bangerz Tour and that he sings that song and pull a girl up on stage, aka me! Though I am going with a friend but she will have to survive those that little time alone, no way I am passing on an opportunity like that. I wonder who pics the U girl for Austin? I mean like if I knew who it was…


Hi evryone! How are you? Everyone seems to be celebration Valentines Day in full gear. Me? I had to work today and then I stuffed myself with apple pie. LOL, but it's cute though. I mean I know it's such a commercial holiday, but still. Christmas is also very commercial, it's still such a nice holiday that means a lot to people. I mean commercial or not, like who the fuck cares?! Celebrate the crap out of it. Hahaha.

OMG, hmmm this so not going anywhere and I am tired and want to go to sleep so I command you all to listen to Austin Mahone new single U. Plus don't forget to buy it iTunes. Toodles!

iTunes link:

your writer, Erika

A Quick Hello

Oh, hi guys! Yes it's me Erika stopping by for a quick hello now. LOL. I know this is way earlier that I usually blog but like today I start work at 2 PM and I don't get off until 9 PM and so I will get home late which means I don't have time to blog then. So I am saying hi now instead of not at all since I like to blog at least once a day. So, Hi everyone! LOL.

It sounds a lot to work between 2 and 9 PM. I mean it sounds a lot because it's inconvenient hours and out of the comfort zone. But it's only six hours and 15 minutes, I have a 45 minute break. It's just that it's at inconvenient hours, plus I have nothing better to do so like why not, right? LOL. I'd rather start a little bit earlier and get off a little bit earlier, do you get what I am saying? Well well. It is what it is now and I am not really complaining.

your writer, Erika


Am I he only one that like see a a piece of clothing and just because I want it so much I imagine how much better my life will be if I have it? Is it just me or does any of you do it too? LOL. I do that, sometimes. Not all of the time. Anyway, you know that jacket I posted a picture of last week? You know one from the JC (check it out here incase you don't remember). Like I want that jacket so much and IDK but I have this made up scenario in my head about how much better my life will be because of it and how better I will look and how much more confident it will make me. Yep. No way of really knowing if all of that is true until I actually have the jacket. LOL but I am so getting this jacket. Either way, if I have a better life or not because of this jacket I will sure as hell look amazing in it. One weird thing about it though, it's cheeper online including the shipping than it is in store. Okay maybe the jacket I looked at was miss marked but still. I am getting it.

Do you h…


IDK what wrong but my computer is getting really slow. Hmm. IDK why because I don't have a lot on my computer. I mean like I think I have around 500 GB and I have only used up about maybe 120 GB. I mean that's not a lot I mean, is it? I mean thinking of the total GB that I have. Is it? Hahaha. I need to pay the Genius Bar a visit. There is more things going on than the computer just being slow. Yup. Plus the iPhone, I think. I mean why not when I am already there. LOL.

Hmm. Has anyone out there seen Scandal? I have never watched Scandal. Until this weekend. IDK but there was this, I guess that it was a recap of what has happened until now and it was like really interesting. Drama. LOL. Drama is not fun to live in but it a sure as hell is fun to watch. I mean, why else has The Real Housewives series become so popular? It's not for the educational purpose. I don't like the shows but I watch them because of the drama. Anyhow I think that I might start to watch Scandal. Th…

We Are All Winners

Hi you guys! So I just finished watching the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian's. Just! Like OMG the video is like 40 minutes long put like after 23 minutes it just kept lagging and  lagging. So annoying! So like that 40 minute episode took me over an hour to watch. So annoying! I am so annoyed by it, kinda stressed out by it too. The modern age people. Mhmmm. Any how, I got my Isac Elliot prize (from the facebook competion on his facebook page) today. The prize was two posters, the official poster for his movie Isac Elliot - Dream Big The Movie and a "Dream Big" poster, and the physical cd for his single New Way Home. That is pretty cool! I think that it's pretty awesome that I won because I never win anything like this. LOL.

your writer, Erika

The Typical Me

Hi guys! How was your sunday? I went to the movies with my mom. She kind of made me take her. LOL. Like I have (had is the correct term) almost 1000 kr in gift certificate. LOL. We went and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was really good. You should go and see it if you haven't seen it. Hmm, like there is not a lot movies playing at the moment that I actually want to see. I mean I have lot of gift certificates so like, um yeah. Hahaha. I got so bummed out yesterday because I really want to see The Awkward Moment with Zac Efron but it won't premiere in the theaters here in Sweden, it will go straight to DVD. Like WTF! I have been wanting too see that movie since October! Plus it comes out on DVD on June 18th! June 18th OMG! Like I want to see that now. Americans are so lucky because they get to see it now!

I don't have to work tomorrow! Yeah! So therefor I am going to stay home all day long. LOL. I just want to stay home and watch TV, like Ellen. I have missed so mu…


Hi guys! How are you? You know what suddenly people are like following me on twitter. I mean yeah I have a twitter account so they are kind of supposed to follow me. Maybe not supposed to follow me but they can if they want to. But like what I am saying is that today I have gotten 11 new followers and I have never gotten that many new followers in one day. Whaaat?! Don't touch me I am famous, LOL I am just kidding but yeah don't touch me or I'll punch you. Hahahahah.

If you don't follow me on twitter already you need to do so ASAP! @erikaworld, press that button and make it blue. I know that you want to. LOL. Be a cool kid and do this. LOL. Have a fun Saturday!

your writer, Erika

I am Erika

What's crackalakin motherlovers?! Finally some well deserved rest. And three whole days of is! That's not too shabby. Plus I got to leave work early today. Half an hour so it wasn't that much, I mean if I would have had to work that extra half hour I wouldn't have had mind. Really didn't care, since I was supposed to anyway but since I was a Friday it felt nice to leave a little bit earlier. You know what, today was my third day and I thought that I never would get board with his job but today at like 4:50 PM I just had they feeling like "WTF?! It's only ten to five! Kill me now! I have two hours left of this shit!" but then the customers started poring in and it got really busy and before I knew it was an hour and half later. Whoops! Just like that. Hahahaha. There is never really a boring moment because you don't have time to think about anything, you're too busy taking care of customers. Oh, maybe I should explain, I work at McDonalds. Yes,…

Conor Maynard

Hahahaha, I have started this post a few times now and like I donut know what to write so instead I'll post pictures of one of my biggest idols that I also have been fortunate to meet. The one and only Conor Maynard.

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your writer, Erika

A New Beginning

Hi guys. So I started my new job today and I can say that I have had more fun. There is just so much to think about and you just always have to alert. But like everyone who works there says that ones I get used to everything it won't be as hard. IDK, hopefully. I mean this so not up my ally. Hahahaha. But I am not planning on make a career there. Hmm, but like my boss said that she started there 13 years ago when she moved to Stockholm because she needed a job and after two weeks she wanted to quit but she didn't and now 13 years have past. I don't think that will be me. You never know, but I don't think so.

On my break today I went to JC because I saw this jacket in their window display. I just wanted to try it on. I love it. It's really me. I can't wear it now, well I can wear an other jack over it because this is more of a spring jacket. I really love it. Maybe it they still have it when I'll get my first salary I'll buy it. Hahahaha because then I h…

Nail It

Hi guys! How are you? You know what I have been inside all day too. I have nowhere to be so why be anywhere, right? Hahahaha but tomorrow though, that I have somewhere to be. I wonder what the day is going to be like. Fortunately I don't start until 10 AM but it takes about an hour to get there. Since I am not allowed to wear nail polish I kind of did a mini manicure on the today. Hahahaha. I removed all the nail polish, sharpened my nails and cut my cuticles. I mean if I can't wear nail polish I at least want to look a little bit stylish. Sometimes no bail polish is very fresh. I mean it looks good. Mine, well, they look okay. My dry hands are ruining everything. Hahaha.

OMG, guess what?! Justin Bieber's trainer followed me on twitter this morning! Whaat!? I mean, he just got twitter so I just welcomed him to twitter so he tweeted me back, favorited my tweet and followed me! Yeah! He's always so nice to Beliebers. Justin needs more swedes in his crew. Maybe he can bri…

Something New, Something Old

So basically I haven't done much today. I mean like I haven't left the apartment, except for opening the door to reach the mail box so that I could get the mail but like that doesn't count. Hahaha. I did bake some more bread tough and I did do the dishes. So, um, yeah. At least that's something. Tomorrow I am not going to do much either, except for studying. You see I am starting this new job on Wednesday and they gave me a introduction book that I have to read but like it's mostly obvious things. I mean to always be nice to the customer and always have a smile on your face etc etc. But like the book is (I think it was) 137 pages but there is not a lot on every page so I will probably finish it in like half an hour or so. You also had to write down things in the book. Like OMG, I thought that I was done with school. Homework, I meant homework. Hahahaha.

Hmmm. Don't know what else to write here so I prompt you all to check out my tumblr, http://eriikaworld.tumbl…

Super Bowl

Hi guys! What's happening? Hahahaha. Watching Super Bowl I guess? Hmm, I am well it's just some pre-talk pre-studio thingy where they are discussing different things related to American football. Hahaha. It's crazy because it started at 11:30 PM (remember that I live in Sweden and not in the United States) and it ends at 8:30 AM tomorrow. Like whaaat? I mean I am not going to watch the whole thing. Like yes, I want to see the performances but I'll just watch it on youtube tomorrow. But like i am going to watch a bit now before I'll go to bed and then some tomorrow while I am eating breakfast. Like I am not interested in American football. Yes, if I lived in the states I would be watching Super Bowl on TV right now and you'd may not hear from me. Hahaha. Like I am not into American football but like if I live in a new country I want to experience their culture and what makes them them and for America, American football is a big part of that (or seems to be anywa…